Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Allergy-Friendly Lotion

Having chronic urticaria is very hard. I used to regard allergies as something trivial, something that one shouldn't worry about. It was only after I went through a horrible life-threatening experience with this condition that I understood the magnitude of it. I didn't realize how hard it is for people who have allergies to look for allergy-friendly food and toiletries until my doctor told me to change my lifestyle and use only allergy-friendly products. I am so glad I found most of them in Healthy Options. I already told you about the shampoo and conditioner I got. Today, let's talk about this wonderful lotion that has helped me through that ordeal.

This is the Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion. This is the original variant and is unscented, perfect for anyone with allergies. It has no harsh chemicals. I have very dry skin to start with and with the addition of steroids, my skin turned flaky. Even my hands were so rough and dry because of the steroids. I badly needed moisture.

I'm not going to lie. This lotion helped me a lot but it didn't stop the steroids from wreaking havoc on my skin. It did calm my skin down for a a few hours. I didn't want to reapply as it has a thick consistency. Would I buy this lotion again? Definitely. I am currently using the Cetaphil lotion as prescribed by my doctor but I think I will go back to this lotion once I finish up the Cetaphil. I want to see how good it is without the steroids competing against it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Health and Beauty Finds at Landers

We were finally able to visit Landers over the weekend. It's soooo far from us so I don't think we will be able to go there as often as we'd like. If you're near the store, you are so lucky!

I took a lot of photos and so I am spreading them over my three blogs. I'll put the links after this post so you can see all of them.

Check out my health and beauty finds.

This is a brand of makeup remover that I'm not familiar with. If I remember correctly, this is an organic product. 

They have Biore there as well. I think these are cheaper here than at Watsons or PCX. I stopped using Biore because my skin was reacting to it but if you have normal skin, this is a good makeup remover.

These Swisspers cotton rounds look pretty on the outside. The actual cotton rounds look thick but they are more expensive than what I usually buy at S&R so I passed.

For those who have a tub, this will make for a luxurious bath. 

No more dirty hands with Softsoap! Love this brand. 

I so wanted to get this set but I'm not sure if my skin can handle it. I'm only allowed to use Oilatum or Dove Sensitive. 

Finally, these non-slip hangers will make your closet look soo purty. Don't you just love a uniformed look to your closet?

Have you been to Landers? What did you get?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Made the Change

As many of you may very well know, I suffered from depression for a while when my urticaria was active. That's why I didn't blog for a long time.  I couldn't eat well and I certainly couldn't use my regular products. I flared up with every little thing. One of the dermatologists I saw told me to change all my toiletries. So I did. Starting with these three.

I tried organic shampoos before but they made my hair stiff and gave me dandruff so I stopped using them. I was really hesitant to use these products from Jason but I had no choice. 

First time I used them, I was, wow! It's as if I was still using my regular shampoo and conditioner but without the rashes and itchiness after getting out of the shower. These are fragrance free and gluten free, perfect for someone who suffers from chronic allergies. 

I've also made a discovery. I never thought that I was allergic to regular hair care products until I used these two. As far as I can remember, I would always get small, itchy bumps on my neck, back and chest after I took a bath. I didn't give it too much thought as it would eventually go away. When I used the Jason products, it hit me. I was really getting allergic reactions to my usual products. All these years they've gone undetected. 

If you have specific concerns about your hair, these will probably won't do the job. They're just for normal hair. I have to admit that when I was on steroids, these two couldn't keep my hair in place. They just couldn't defeat the mighty steroids. But, I was alright with that for I know this too shall pass. 

I've been using these for months now and I'm pretty happy. I'll talk about the lotion next. 

If you're experiencing some itching after taking a bath, you might want to try going organic or changing your products. You won't lose anything and you'd be doing your body some good. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Toys Giveaway

Hi, everyone! My son's toy channel is hosting a giveaway. If you have kids, you might want to watch the video for the details. We are giving away two sets of toys - one for boys and one for girls. It's open to both local and international subscribers. Watch the video here.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Faith Candies

Hello, friends! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. It's a super long story. I got sick and I needed some time to recover physically, emotionally and mentally. Today, I'd like to ask for your help. Most of you know my best friend, Ahne. We have been friends for many years. She is my son's 'Mama'. Her aunt was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and everyone knows how expensive the treatments are. So, we are asking for your help. They have recently opened an online store called Faith Candies which sells, well, Faith Candies or rosary bracelets.

Here are some of them.

They are very affordable, starting at only Php150, depending on the beads. All proceeds will go towards tita's treatment. So, please buy!

This is my favorite, right here:

You can read more about the family's story here. Check out more products here. These are great to give as gifts to yourself or for a loved one. If you or someone you know is currently undergoing sickness, just keep the faith. God is the ultimate healer and He hears your prayers. God bless you all for giving and sharing your time and money with this family!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

10 Mom-Friendly Summer Looks

Today is a scorcher! But no matter how hot summer days are, they are still beautiful to me. No other season gives me beautiful, bright days as summer.

I've been in a fashion rut. Before I got pregnant, I told myself that I will never fall in a fashion rut but that's exactly where I found myself after giving birth. I couldn't wear my usual fashionable clothes anymore because I had to breastfeed or the buttons might get loose and my son might end up swallowing them or the print might give my son rashes and the list just goes on and on. I had to settle with a regular shirt and jeans/skirt uniform which is not normal for me. I like dressing up and wearing accessories but all those things took a backseat when my son was born. His safety and comfort are now my priorities.

Today, as my son is getting older and more mature, I am transitioning my wardrobe back to where it was before...maybe even better. I'm much older now so a lot of my older getup wouldn't work anymore. I was browsing through my email archives and found a few photos that have given me inspiration to build my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. Yes, the capsule wardrobe bug has bit me. I've started doing it last year. It just makes more sense to me in terms of money and practicality but we will delve into that soon.

For now, here are the photos. All photos are from Female These are old photos, by the way. They are from 2011 but a lot of them involve classic pieces that you can still find today. I'm not necessarily after the exact pieces but the way they are mixed together and presented. When I look for clothes, I consider comfort, flexibility and the materials used as well as the make. I buy investment pieces because I cannot be bothered to shop leisurely anymore. My clothes need to last a long time and I need to be able to run in them, do errands, carry my son without flashing strangers and just move around comfortably with a 2-year old and not worry about anything coming loose or showing out.

I know brown is usually meant for fall but we don't have fall in the Philippines so a light brown is okay with me during summer especially for office/indoor wear. For this one, I like the cut of the dress. 

This one looks super super cool and refreshing to wear. It's a simple dress that can be accessorized however you like. For a busy mom like me, it's either a necklace or a belt or both depending on how the dress fits my waist and hips. But this cut is always present in my wardrobe. 

I haven't tried these puff (correct me if I'm wrong as I'm debating whether this was a puff or a bishop) sleeves yet. I think they might be too much for my petite frame but I guess it's all in the cut. I think this is a very mommy-friendly dress especially if you are meeting friends for coffee but meeting the kids and husband later. 

If dresses are not your thing, this shorts-long blouse combo is a great alternative. I probably wouldn't wear that top because the neckline is not right for me but the whole idea is good. Fashion and comfort in one outfit. 

This is probably my no-brainer attire. I just grab a classic dress and cardi and go. The dress is great for walks with my son and husband. The cardi can be used when it gets cold in restaurants or in the mall. I wouldn't wear those heels though. I won't be able to chase my son in them. 

I like solid colors and clothes because I can just add some extras like that cuff or a knock-em-dead shoe (but not this one, again hello sprained ankles!) . Speaking of shoes, I've been having a lot of trouble finding shoes. 

This outfit is one for the mall as I know I won't last in this heat in that sweater. Great to wear if you have a car or riding a cab but not when you plan to ride the jeep.

Love these long, thin blouses. They just look so put-together for me. They don't even need accessories. 

This outfit works for me because I don't like wearing shorts often but when I do, I want to look my age so I need to find the right top to go with the shorts. I think a 3/4 sleeved blouse and some pearls will be appropriate for a mom like me. 

Who doesn't like a nice, cool summer dress? When in doubt, just go with a dress. I wouldn't wear this on a windy day though. = )

And finally (number 11), I couldn't resist! I had this exact skirt when I was in my 20's. I still like floral skirts but I look for prints that are age-appropriate. This one for me is too juvenile. 

So, that's it! I hope I helped you moms get in touch with your fashionista side again. 


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