Friday, September 18, 2009

I Want Nobody, Nobody But You

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Barba Eco Tote

I got my Barba eco tote last Sunday! Have you bought yours yet?

With all that room and durability, P400 is well worth it!

I'll buy the Claparols bag next time when I'm in the mood.

Ilog Maria Spearmint Soap

This is the last soap that I bought from Ilog Maria. Now what's so wrong about this soap? As if the lavender soap wasn't bad enough, this soap gave me even bigger rashes! And it affected me all over! The lavender soap only gave me rashes on my neck, chest and arms. This soap gave me rashes up to my legs and feet!

I also couldn't find any major differences in smell among the 3 soaps. I guess this was mintier than the other two for obvious reasons. Other than that, they're almost all the same to me.

Don't get me wrong here. My sensitivity might have been caused by all those meds over the years so if you have normal skin, I suggest that you give this a try. After all, these products are well received by many and it wouldn't hurt to support our local farms and entrepreneurs.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stellar Stella?

I snub all other magazines because for me, Cosmo is the best. I think Stella magazine has been around for some time now but it's only last Monday that I was able to see it - at Waltermart nonetheless! I bought this copy at Bibliarch for P120. What drew me to the magazine is the cover's texture. It's matte laminated. I'm forever a Cosmo chick but I said what the heck, a little peek wouldn't hurt, right?
I think the photography was excellent. I don't like Heart but her pictures here spoke to me. Never mind the blank or awkward stares at times. I just liked how the pictures came out. They were simple but artistically done. I'm not a photographer and I don't claim to be an expert on pictures. I am simply stating how I feel about the photography in Stella.

Here are some of the sections that caught my eye:
How to transform clothes from day to night.

Style guide for every shape.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Believe me, they featured a lot of clothes in this issue. What's also great about this is, they featured affordable clothes - mostly from SM. You don't have to break the bank to look fasyon.

Makeup tutorials.

I like the fact that they showed exactly what make up brands to use for a particular face. Plus points also for making a step-by-step guide on applying make up with a matching drawing. I would like to learn more make up techniques and this easy to follow guide was a big help. I mean, doesn't it bother you when magazines show the model's whole face on a page then just put a little write up in the corner? How the heck would regular people understand that? What Stella did was fantastic.

I give Stella 3 stars out of 5. I think it's too expensive for a 2-month issue. It's too thin compared to Cosmo. But on the other hand, Cosmo has more advertisements. I like the first half of Stella. I was getting bored towards the end. I just looked at the pictures most of the time, occasionally reading paragraphs that catch my eye. Will I repurchase? I don't know. It depends on who's going to be the cover and the topics they will feature.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler

Has anybody tried this product? I bought this during the weekend but only used it this morning. I don't like it! It's too hard to squeeze and it didn't curl my lashes at all. I spent 20 seconds "curling" the part closest to my lids and nothing. The handles also hurt my finger bones (or maybe I just have really sensitive bones because of my illness?). I kept squeezing and squeezing but nothing happened whereas with my Face Shop curler, I only need a few seconds and the job gets done. I don't even need to apply mascara. This costs around P120, the Face Shop curler ,I think, costs P199. I'd rather shell out P199 more than to try and use this again.

But, oh, the other crimper got an award from Cosmo. It's the flat one. I think I'll try that next time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savvy Tips on Surviving The Rain

*Photo is from

Doesn't it bother you when it rains in the morning and you're on your way to work? Yes, I'm talking to girls who commute. Girls who ride the jeepney, bus, tricycle, what have you to work. It's soooooo frustrating especially when you've already chosen and ironed your outfit the night before. All of a sudden you have to change your entire look because it's not weather (and commuting in the rain) appropriate.

Now why did I type this on all caps? Because I still see women on the streets running to safety because they don't have an umbrella even when it already started to rain at 5 am! So what's your excuse? The umbrella's too heavy, it clashes with my outfit, it's too tacky to bring an umbrella, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well guess what, you'll look tackier when you step inside your office looking like a drenched cat. There are a lot of light weight, foldable umbrellas out there and they're cheap too. I bought one at Mini Stop. It's a pink foldable umbrella and costs only P100. It served its purpose for a few months. It finally broke yesterday. But not bad for an emergency umbrella that costs a hundred bucks right? Oh, and no. I didn't forget to bring an umbrella that time. The one I had also broke because of strong winds thus I had to buy a new one at Mini Stop.

There are also a lot of designs and colors to choose from. Remember that P99 clear umbrella from Mini Stop that was so Sex and the City? Bringing an umbrella can be so fasyon you know. Take for example the umbrellas from The pagoda umbrellas are really beautiful. They're just a bit pricy though. And no, this isn't a paid advertisement for them.

So please, first rule of thumb, avoid looking like you just stepped out of the showers in your office attire.

2. Wear a skirt
I know that sounds crazy but it works for me. Whenever it's raining, I wear a skirt to work. Not the flowy ones otherwise you might end up flashing somebody. Wear a denim skirt or an office skirt. You'll only get your feet and legs wet which you can wipe easily. Pants on the other hand take a long time to dry up.

Because of the cold, I can't stand wearing a skirt in the office. It makes my knees and legs hurt. So what I do is I bring a pair of pants. That's not too bad. Put it in an eco tote or a bag that you can sling on your shoulder so that you'll still have one free hand. (Remember, you should always have a free hand. That's what my mom tells us. You can use it during emergencies. )Don't use a plastic bag or a paper bag. Now that's tacky. When you get to the office, wipe the water off your legs or wash your feet if you can. If not, use antibacterial wipes to clean your feet, legs and shoes. Then just change into your pants. You'll feel so much better knowing you look fabulous while your office mates are trying to get a hold of the dryer.

If you're worried about wrinkling your pants, just make sure to bring light weight pants that are not easily wrinkled, wash and wear types are the best, jeans if you're permitted to wear them. Try to fold them as neatly as you can. If it's something small, you can roll it up and put it in your bag. Just make sure that your skirt is small enough to fit inside your bag should you decide not to bring an eco tote.

Don't wear jeans in the rain. They soak up water real fast and dry up too slow. They're also heavy plus the wet fabric on your legs the whole day plus the aircon won't be good for you. Trust me, you don't want to have arthritis or rheuma. Just change into them when you get to work.

3. Wear appropriate shoes
I wear sandals all the time. I only have one pair of closed shoes and I rarely wear them. Sandals dry faster than closed shoes. Don't wear very high heels and make sure the heels are stable. You don't want to slip on the flooded streets do you? I also refrain from wearing flats because the water will just seep in. A little height is good especially in our puddle muddled streets. I hate getting my feet wet. I immediately wash my feet and dry them when I get in the office.

I also recommend Chesca shoes. They're pretty durable in the rain. I always have mine wet and they're still in good condition. Again, no, this isn't a paid ad for Chesca. I just happen to like that brand.

Change into your office slippers while drying out your shoes. Just make sure to wear the slippers under your table only. Don't let the boss see unless your boss wears slippers in the office too.

4. Wear fab jewelry
The weather's already glum as it is. You should look fab in spite of the dreary streets. Wear your favorite necklace or pile them on to cheer you up. Or wear a statement ring. Anything that will make you radiate. Nothing beats the feeling you get from admiring glances of men (and envious stares from the women). Knowing that you look good in the rain gives you an instant boost of confidence.

5. Smile
Don't be grumpy so early in the morning. I know it's hard to keep your cool when you're battling the rain and the commuting crowd but starting your day right makes a whole lot of difference. Try to be cheerful and answer those good mornings you get from people in the streets. You look great, remember? That's why they're trying to get your attention! Just be wary of perverts. You'll know a sincere greeting when you get one, right?

Number 5 is particularly hard for me to do but I try. I try my very best. I try to smile in spite of the pain that's killing me. I get sick when it's cold.

I hope these simple and practical tips will help you get motivated to go to work in spite of the crazy weather that we're experiencing nowadays. Ciao!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ilog Maria Lavender Honey Soap

I am very fond of lavender products. They help me relax and sleep better. This soap did the exact opposite. I'm allergic to this soap. Makes me wonder why when this is all natural. I developed big, map like rashes after bathing. I didn't have any adverse reactions to the milk and honey soap. Hmmm... Maybe it's the oatmeal? Or maybe it's the fragrance? The smell is too potent. MB doesn't like it either. He likes the milk and honey soap better.

If you have sensitive skin, watch out for this product.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monea Curl Defining Milk

I've been using mousse since I had my hair permed about a couple of years ago. I use VO5 but their new packaging sucks big time. I find Sunsilk a good alternative. It's more affordable plus I don't have to injure my fingers getting the mousse out.

I've been seeing Monea in Watson's for some time already. I wasn't just sure if I wanted to try it until I saw it included in the Cosmo awards. I got me a bottle last Saturday. I've been using this product for 3 days now and here's what I can say so far.

The lotion is very thick. It's like the lotions from 10 years ago - thick and sticky but not greasy. You apply this the same way you apply mousse. Just put a small amount and scrunch into your hair from the tips up. It works really well! My curls are more defined with this. Even my bangs got curled! And they're straight! The only problem is, my hair doesn't feel natural. It feels heavy and a bit sticky. Maybe it's just the humidity? I'm not sure. It also feels like you have conditioner in your hair but not the leave on type. The type you have to rinse off. I also don't like the smell. It kinda reminds me of salon products used to treat hair.

I use it with Vitress hair shine. These two products, used separately are so-so but when used together, totally rock my hair! Just refrain from touching. It feels weird. Would I repurchase? Hmmmm.. Maybe yes, maybe no. I'll wait until I finish the whole bottle. If it doesn't work out, there's always Sunsilk to come home to.

Update: 2009-10-13
I finished one bottle yesterday and YES, I am pledging my allegiance to Monea! After a few straight weeks of using this milk, I used Sunsilk mousse one day and really saw and felt the difference! I ain't going back. So if you have curly hair, buy this product. Now!

You can find this at Beauty by SM or Watsons and retails for P95 (approx $2.1)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Must-Haves In My Bag

Here are some things that are essential in my weekday bag:

Bench Alcogel with Vitamin E
A (H1N1) scare! Of course this is a must-have! Just make sure that your hand sanitizer has vitamin E otherwise your hands will dry up.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes
I used to have the regular wet wipes until I saw this. I gave it a try. It's unscented. It dries up fast. It has 30 sheets so I guess that will pose a problem. Sayang! But this only comes in a 30-sheet pack plus it's cheap at P59.75. It's also handy when your boyfriend sometimes eats like a 2-year old...

The Face Shop Hand Lotion
I love this lotion! My hands are rough because I'm OC. I keep washing my hands every now and then so the lotion is really a "hand saver". This is P300+. I've been using this for a year now I think, but I've only used half. Sulit! I will definitely repurchase!

My regular mints are Mentos. I just ran out that's why I have Halls in the picture. So important for me. I always have a pack of mints in my bag. It also helps alleviate my craving for chocolate after lunch. Instead of munching on chocolate, I chew 2 mentos balls.

Charmee Feminine Wipes
My gynecologist says that using panty liners causes infections. This works like a "charm" for me. It comes in 2 variants - the pink one which is the regular and the green one which has eucalyptus (?) for a minty clean feel. I alternate between the two.

Oil Control Paper
Because of Celeteque, I no longer have to retouch as often as before. I only use this for the oily spots on my face. It's great because I am able to let my skin breathe while in the office. Bought this at Watson's.

The Face Shop Lipstick
I can only use a few make up brands and The Face Shop make up makes it to my list. You should always have a pucker pick me up just in case you're not able to retouch your make up. Lipstick goes a long way. Blot oily spots on your face then swipe some lipstick then you're all set. My cousin, when she was 10, used to say, "my teacher says not to put make up in public places." Having these two help you prettify discreetly.

Tissue - not in the pic
Every girl should have this in her purse. My gay college bio professor gets grossed out whenever he asks my classmates for tissue and they say they don't have any. He says every girl should always have tissue! You know what I mean right?

How about you? What are your bag essentials?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to Back Product Review: Celeteque Facial Wash and Garnier Spot Dark Spot Corrector Pen

I know Celeteque Facial Wash has been around for some time now but forgive me for doing a personal review on this. As you all know, I've just been converted to being a Celeteque user. I had no problems using Pond's Antibacterial Facial Wash. I used Pond's for more than 10 years, probably around 14 years. I never had acne problems when I was a teenager. I would get occasional pimples when my period is due but that's it. No problem spots whatsoever... Until the steroids came.

I only noticed this morning that my face isn't oily. I have combination skin. Every morning when I wake up, my nose and cheeks would be shiny because of the oil. I just noticed this morning that my face actually looked brighter. I also have acidic skin and all those who share the same fate know that some products actually make your skin look darker. There was no oil whatsoever. My face was as smooth as after I washed it last night. I've also noticed that I do lesser touch ups in the office. I only apply powder after lunch and before I go home whereas before I would apply powder every now and then. I also noticed that my skin feels softer.

Now that the zit invasion has been put to a halt, I am left with the dark spots on my cheeks. I gave Garnier a shot. I was skeptical when Garnier first came out. You know, loyalty to Pond's and all. But I was desperate. I needed to get rid of these dark spots. Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Pen works. As simple as that. I've noticed a difference on my 3rd night of using it. I've been using it for less than a month now, unfortunately not religiously as sometimes I forget. I absolutely recommend this product if you have nasty marks left by pimples. I'm so sorry I forgot the price. It's around P199 I think. You only need a small amount and try to zero in on the dark spots so that you'll have a nice even skin tone. And one last thing, try to use it everyday to get faster results. Don't be a slacker like me. = )

Sale Alert: Forever21

Don't miss out on Forever21's Labor Day Sale! Free shipping on orders over $40 for US and Canada only. For Pinays who have relatives in the States and Canada, time to get those credit cards! Featured items are tops, shorts and dresses. Promo ends on 09/07/09 11:59 Pacific Standard Time. Visit Forever21 to shop! Now na!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sale Alert: SM Makati!

SM Makati will be on sale starting tomorrow, Friday, September 4 until Sunday, September 6. Time to hoard those little treats that make our daily grind worth it. Go, go, go!


I got a free sample of Vitress Hair Shine (??) in my September issue of Cosmo. That's not it. That's the August ish. I've seen this many times at Watson's. Also wanting to try it many times already but kept procrastinating to buy. I was finally able to try it yesterday thanks to the free sample. The liquid is thick. It's not like oil at all. Oh! It's like the Ilog Maria massage oil! I made the mistake of putting so much on my palm. I thought it was thin like Loreal's. The amount was as big as a P5 coin. I have long curly hair.I massaged it into my curly locks and left the house. A few hours in the office, I checked out my hair. Hmmm.. Not too shiny but not dull either. So, overall it's ok. I am pretty certain that this is cheaper than a bottle of Loreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss. That's what I used for a month. Free sample too! Man, I love samples! Also from Cosmo. Did I mention that I love Cosmo?

Vitress also kept my rebel strands in place but I think my hair was not as soft as usual. Maybe I put too much.

I will buy a bottle of Vitress and try it out for a few weeks more. If it doesn't convince me then I'll buy Elseve. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My VS Package Has Arrived!

My VS package was supposed to arrive last August 20. I don't know what happened but Victoria's Secret was kind enough to replace the package without charge! I wanted to request a replacement but this time I wanted it to be delivered to Johnny Air Cargo in New York. Then JAC will be the one to bring it here. I got these two on a free shipping offer. If I would ask for a replacement then I'd have to pay shipping to JAC. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma... So, I decided to wait for payday but lo and behold! A card from the local post office was sitting on my desk when I got home yesterday. So now I have my package free of any extra charges!

That's a basic crewneck shirt in plum. only $10. The other one is an olive sleeveless top with eyelet details, $9.99. I don't like the olive top so much as it's too wide for a size small. Or maybe it's supposed to look like that. Anyway, I'll get to fit it tonight and see.

It feels so good to be (like) shopping on a weekday while you're stuck in the office right?

The picture is taken with my Nokia phone. Only 2 MP. To buy Victoria's Secret or to just simply 'browse shop', visit their site at

They have excellent customer service, very friendly and helpful customer support staff.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Loot

Look what arrived last Monday...

These are the things inside...

Teehee! Of course the cookbooks and the laptop are not included. I finally got my orders from Ilog Maria! I love to cook. I have a food blog at that's why I have those cookbooks. I order them from a man who sells books in the office. We fondly call him "manong books". We also have a "manong lunch" and a "manong merienda". The books are P75 each. The recipes are quite simple and easy to cook. The only problem is the list of ingredients. There are ingredients that are hard to find/not available here so the key is substitution. Trust me, these books will squeeze out your creativity.

In the box are lavender, spearmint and milk & honey soaps, lip balm and a bottle of massage oil. I've only used the milk & honey soap, lip balm and the oil.

Let's talk about the soap first. It smells too manly for me. MB loved it. I noticed that my skin was softer on my third night of using it. And no, I wasn't observing my skin. I just happened to rub my arm and it felt really soft compared to a few nights before. I only use Ilog Maria soaps at night. We use Radox in the morning. The scent was minty, not like milk and honey at all. Too bad MB accidentally dropped the soap into the toilet bowl only after 9 days of use. There was still half of the soap left. Oh, well...

The lip balm is not bad. It's not too great either. It also has a minty taste to it. I have to put a lot as I find that it wipes off easily. Will I repurchase? Maybe not.

MB didn't like the massage oil. He said that it was too "thick". He uses J&J lavender oil to massage my back. He said that with J&J the strokes are much smoother and his hands glide easier. It was the opposite with IM. I have yet to try this myself. Will keep you posted. I will do more reviews for the remaining soaps. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Ilog Maria products, visit their site at Be patient. Sometimes it takes forever for the site to load. Inside you will find a treasure trove of goodies. Good things come to those who wait.

Let's support proudly Pinoy products!


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