Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stellar Stella?

I snub all other magazines because for me, Cosmo is the best. I think Stella magazine has been around for some time now but it's only last Monday that I was able to see it - at Waltermart nonetheless! I bought this copy at Bibliarch for P120. What drew me to the magazine is the cover's texture. It's matte laminated. I'm forever a Cosmo chick but I said what the heck, a little peek wouldn't hurt, right?
I think the photography was excellent. I don't like Heart but her pictures here spoke to me. Never mind the blank or awkward stares at times. I just liked how the pictures came out. They were simple but artistically done. I'm not a photographer and I don't claim to be an expert on pictures. I am simply stating how I feel about the photography in Stella.

Here are some of the sections that caught my eye:
How to transform clothes from day to night.

Style guide for every shape.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Believe me, they featured a lot of clothes in this issue. What's also great about this is, they featured affordable clothes - mostly from SM. You don't have to break the bank to look fasyon.

Makeup tutorials.

I like the fact that they showed exactly what make up brands to use for a particular face. Plus points also for making a step-by-step guide on applying make up with a matching drawing. I would like to learn more make up techniques and this easy to follow guide was a big help. I mean, doesn't it bother you when magazines show the model's whole face on a page then just put a little write up in the corner? How the heck would regular people understand that? What Stella did was fantastic.

I give Stella 3 stars out of 5. I think it's too expensive for a 2-month issue. It's too thin compared to Cosmo. But on the other hand, Cosmo has more advertisements. I like the first half of Stella. I was getting bored towards the end. I just looked at the pictures most of the time, occasionally reading paragraphs that catch my eye. Will I repurchase? I don't know. It depends on who's going to be the cover and the topics they will feature.

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