Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Loot

Look what arrived last Monday...

These are the things inside...

Teehee! Of course the cookbooks and the laptop are not included. I finally got my orders from Ilog Maria! I love to cook. I have a food blog at http://www.240baon.blogspot.com/ that's why I have those cookbooks. I order them from a man who sells books in the office. We fondly call him "manong books". We also have a "manong lunch" and a "manong merienda". The books are P75 each. The recipes are quite simple and easy to cook. The only problem is the list of ingredients. There are ingredients that are hard to find/not available here so the key is substitution. Trust me, these books will squeeze out your creativity.

In the box are lavender, spearmint and milk & honey soaps, lip balm and a bottle of massage oil. I've only used the milk & honey soap, lip balm and the oil.

Let's talk about the soap first. It smells too manly for me. MB loved it. I noticed that my skin was softer on my third night of using it. And no, I wasn't observing my skin. I just happened to rub my arm and it felt really soft compared to a few nights before. I only use Ilog Maria soaps at night. We use Radox in the morning. The scent was minty, not like milk and honey at all. Too bad MB accidentally dropped the soap into the toilet bowl only after 9 days of use. There was still half of the soap left. Oh, well...

The lip balm is not bad. It's not too great either. It also has a minty taste to it. I have to put a lot as I find that it wipes off easily. Will I repurchase? Maybe not.

MB didn't like the massage oil. He said that it was too "thick". He uses J&J lavender oil to massage my back. He said that with J&J the strokes are much smoother and his hands glide easier. It was the opposite with IM. I have yet to try this myself. Will keep you posted. I will do more reviews for the remaining soaps. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Ilog Maria products, visit their site at http://www.ilogmaria.com/. Be patient. Sometimes it takes forever for the site to load. Inside you will find a treasure trove of goodies. Good things come to those who wait.

Let's support proudly Pinoy products!

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