Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 26

Today's product is another one from Nivea. This is the Extra White Repair. I got this facial wash because it has pore-reducing properties. It says on the tube that it's also good for people who always wear makeup. I don't always wear makeup but there are times when I wear makeup for several days in a row. I use this facial wash during those days. At night, after I remove my makeup, I use this to wash my face. In the morning, I use this facial wash to get rid of any deep seated dirt. Four more products to go!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 25

Today's product is something for the hair and scalp. This is Celeteque's Clarifying Shampoo. I use clarifying shampoos regularly to prevent buildup. My scalp was feeling very itchy one day and so I decided to try this shampoo. I just used a small amount (as big as a 5-peso coin) and massaged it onto my scalp then rinsed it out. It was instant relief! I couldn't be happier. Celeteque is a brand I trust as I used it a lot when I was a teenager. I also like the fact that their products are dermatologist tested. 

Five more days to go!

Monday, September 28, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 24

Welcome to Day 24 and today's product is this Extra Hold Hair Spray from Dove. 

I miss my curly hair that's why I got a couple of hair sprays to use whenever I feel like curling my hair. My hair is very stubborn and it needs a good product to make the curls last. This is an okay product. It doesn't hold the curls as much as I want to but it will suffice. I'm a bit scared to use mega hold products as my scalp and hair are still healing. Dove is a brand I trust so I went ahead and bought this. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 23

Day 23 brings us another product from Himalaya Herbals. A lot of people are actually raving about this Purifying Neem Face Wash from the brand and for good reason. It cleanses my face well. I am not very prone to pimples (except when it's that time of the month) so I can't really say how effective it is on that area. 

This is a good every day facial wash. I am not a huge fan of the scent though. It smells like a medicated product but I'm willing to bypass that. I've been using this for several weeks now and I can say that I have very few breakouts like rashes and annoying spots. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 22

As you may already know, Watsons is an almost complete shop when it comes to beauty items. My cousin and I love the hair products of the brand Nouveau. I normally use Goody hair accessories but for small things that will easily get misplaced, I turn to Nouveau because they are considerably less expensive than Goody. 

These are some of the clips I own. The black one at the bottom was a stocking stuffer from my husband last Christmas. It came in a set. I think I only have this one left. I absolutely don't know where my hair clips go!

The ones above are new. I got them over the weekend. I've already tried one and I like how the teeth grip my hair. I used it when I couldn't find my hair ties when I did Yoga the other day. It didn't budge even after so many poses!

Friday, September 25, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 21

Day 21 brings us another product from Himalaya Herbals. Oh, yes. I have been really loving this brand! 

At first I was hesitant to try this product because of the wheatgerm oil and carrot see oil ingredients. I was thinking that it would taste funky. I was wrong! It doesn't taste weird at all. The product itself is a light, colorless liquid. It comes in this tube applicator which I'm very happy about. 

The carrot seed oil is a natural sunscreen while the wheatgerm oil is a rich source of vitamin E, perfect to soften my very dry lips. 

This product works like a dream. I have no complaints about it. In fact, I am trying to finish up my Nivea Lip Butters  so that I can go ahead and enjoy this product more. (I have a FIFO rule in my stash). 

9 more days to go!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 20

Only 10 more posts to go and this series is over! Today's product is

This is a great alternative if you don't like the thick texture of the Nivea Creme. It's light and is easily absorbed by my skin. I apply this before going to bed. My skin has improved a lot since using this product. I often wake up with dry, itchy skin but not anymore. I love, love this product. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 19

I am really loving these Cutex nail polish. First, they are inexpensive compared to OPI, China Glaze, etc. Second, they don't contain those harmful ingredients that you normally find in nail polish. Third, the colors are really vibrant! I can "dress up/down" my nails depending on my mood. 

These colors are from the Gel-lified Collection. The turquoise one is GEL-ly Bean and the other one is Jam & GEL-ly. Here it is on my nails. 

Really love this lavender color. It lasted about 2 days on my nails before it chipped. I do a lot of chores so that probably affects the staying power of the nail polish. I still love them though. I hope they can have more colors at Watsons. Do you know if this brand is available in Landmark? I haven't checked yet. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 18

Today's product is this gentle exfoliating daily face wash from Himalaya Herbals. I'm really loving this brand. It's a shame, I didn't try it the first time I saw it. This is an organic brand that is safe to use on sensitive skin. I don't use this scrub daily. I only use it every once in a while. If I use makeup today, I will use this scrub tomorrow morning to get rid of any deep-seated dirt. 

This is a gentler apricot scrub than St. Ives but I don't totally dig the smell. I also like the gel-like consistency. This will also be a staple in my beauty ritual. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 17

I'm sorry I've been in and out of this blog. I'm having a hard time finding a regular writing schedule as my son keeps me sooooo busy. I will finish this series though, so don't worry.

Today's products are these Nivea Lip Butters

I really like these lip butters. I swore never to buy these tinned lip balms again as I don't find them hygienic. However, I couldn't resist these Nivea ones. I use a Q-tip to get the product and apply it on my lips. 

Another great use for this product is as a lip scrub. I apply a generous amount on my lips and wait for about 30 seconds and scrub the dry skin off with a tissue. I then apply another layer before applying lipstick. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 16

Today's products are the L'Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks in Pop Up Pink and Fairy Touch.

Pop Up Pink on the Left, Fairy Touch on the Right

This is the first time that I've tried L'Oreal lipsticks and it was love at first swipe! They are moisturizing, they don't have a nasty smell or taste and they are highly pigmented. Did I mention that they last a looooong time too?

Here they are in all their pinkish glory. 

On my lips is Pop Up Pink, 5 hours after I applied it and rubbed it off with a tissue. Oh, yeah! It's like a balm stain even after I wiped it off! These are beautiful shades. The other one is a nude, every day lip color. I should have gotten more! Well, maybe this Christmas!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 15

Today, I will share with you this product:

As you may already know, Nivea is one of my favorite brands. I used their whitening lotion before. I think this one is better because it's a serum. It gets easily absorbed by my skin. The scent is like the whitening lotion in this line. I like that it has UV protection and extra cell repair and protect properties. The consistency is runny as it is a serum so be careful when you squeeze the tube as you might end up with a lot of product.

We are half way done with this series! Check out tomorrow's pick.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 14

Welcome to Day 14! Today I will share with you these two products from the brand Purederm.

These are makeup remover wipes. At first I didn't like them because they feel so different from the Nivea makeup remover wipes which I'm used to. Then my Nivea wipes ran out and I had no choice. They are actually pretty good. I need two wipes to remove my makeup. They don't work so well on the eye area though especially when I use the Urban Decay liner. They just can't remove waterproof makeup. I'm not sure about the difference between the Collagen and Argan Oil variants as they feel the same to me. 

These are inexpensive at around 75 pesos a pack. If you don't use waterproof makeup, these are good products. They will be staples in my vanity.. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 13

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while. My SIL's sister was in the city and I had to attend to her. Come Friday, I was already super exhausted that I needed to take a break from everything I do.

Anyways, today I will share with you this product from Cutex.

This is a Cuticle Softener. I know it's such a simple product but I DIY my mani-ped so it is a must-have for me. I tried many cuticle softeners from different brands but this is hands down the best for me. It doesn't have a strong scent. I can also wash it out from my hands quickly unlike the last brand that I tried which needed a ton of soap and scrubbing. This also does not leave my fingers sticky and/or slimy. As we have limited brands here, I will be sticking to this one for a long time. 

Stay tuned for Day 14 tomorrow!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Master the No Makeup Look with L'Oreal

We interrupt regular programming with the latest from L'Oreal.

Yesterday, my cousin and I had the privilege of being invited to L'Oreal's No Makeup Look Workshop. 

This is Ms. Verna Marin, Chief MUA of L'Oreal Philippines. We learned a lot from her. I really enjoy attending these kinds of workshops to further my craft. 

Joining her is Tere, our model for the day. Hi Tere if you are reading this!

Ms. Verna did all the works on Tere but in the end, she looked effortless and pretty, the perfect no makeup look.

Of course we all know that we need to cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin. The next step is priming. She used this new product from L'Oreal, which I will discuss more in another post, to prep Tere's face. She then followed it up with a foundation and concealer. L'Oreal's foundation is number 1 in the world and for good reason. I tried their True Match foundation and it was love at first try. I will discuss this product more in another post too. 

She showed us how easy it is to fix our kilay (eyebrows). You don't need to stress about it and you certainly don't need to spend an hour fixing your brows. First, brush your eyebrows. Then follow your natural shape and fill in the sparse areas. Brush with an eyebrow comb or spoolie again and you are ready to go. L'Oreal offers excellent eyebrow products. My cousin even got one. 

When you are doing the no makeup look, contouring is a no-no. You only need a good highlighter. Just dab on the areas where the light naturally hits your face such as your cheekbones and the tops of your brows. L'Oreal concealers are very versatile. If you get the lighter shades, they can double as highlighters. 

For the eyes, just one color of  eyeshadow will do. I know many women are intimidated by eyeshadows. With this look, you only need one.  You can choose from different eyeshadow palettes from any L'Oreal counter. You can easily go from day to night with these babies. 

For the blush, just apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Don't put any across your nose as this looks fake/trying hard. 

According to Ms. Verna, for the lips, just go 2 shades darker than your lip color if you are ever unsure of what to use/buy. These are the most flattering for you. If you are using shades that can bleed out, use the new L'Oreal crayon concealer to prevent this. Apply a small amount on the areas where lipstick usually bleeds out. 

I learned a lot from Ms. Verna. She even gave tips about makeup brushes, types of concealers and more. 

I fell in love with L'Oreal makeup just a few months ago starting with the True Match foundation. This is my favorite drugstore brand, hands down. I am excited to explore more of their products in the coming days. 

The No Makeup Look is easy. You don't need to be an expert. If you need some help and tips, just approach any of the beauty experts at L'Oreal in Beauty by SM Makati and they will be happy to give you a free makeover or give you tips that you can use for your everyday makeup. 

Thank you Ms. Verna for this wonderful workshop and thank you L'Oreal PH for making us part of this event! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 12

Today's beauty product is this Himalaya Herbals Peel-Off Mask in Almond and Cucumber. I like masks but I stopped using them when I got pregnant. I was concerned about the ingredients. When I became a mom, it was so hard to find time for myself. Now I understand that I need to take care of myself better so I started using masks again. I'm really not a huge fan of the traditional masks you see on the background. I use them but in a different way. More on that soon.  I like peel-off masks better.

This mask has a strong cucumber scent. If you hate cucumbers, stay away from this product. It reeks. I use this twice a week. The first time I used it, I left it on too long and had a hard time peeling it. After that, I make sure to check on the mask every once in a while. When it's dry, I remove it immediately.

My skin is noticeably softer and smoother. My skin has improved a lot by using this product. This tube will last me a long time. After that, I will try the other variants.

Friday, September 4, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 11

Today is Day 11! I hope you stick with me until the end of this series.

Today's beauty product are these Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes from Nivea. Nivea is one of my favorite brands. They just work so well with my sensitive skin. These are my favorite makeup removing wipes. It removes waterproof makeup like my Urban Decay eye liner effortlessly. It also does not make my eyes hurt nor my face itch. I always follow up with baby wipes after I use this to get rid of the oily residue. These are always out of stock in my local Watsons so I pick one up whenever I see it.

If you use cleansing wipes, be sure not to skip on cleaning your face with your regular facial wash and water. This is not a substitute for your regular skin care routine.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 10

Welcome to Day 10! Wow, I can't believe that we are on our tenth day already! Time sure flies by quickly.

Today, I will share with you this Keratin Oil from the OGX brand. OGX is my current favorite brand of hair care products. I had my hair keratin-treated last year. It was great but I experienced some major allergies. Anyway, I bought this oil together with the keratin shampoo and conditioner combo to make my keratin treatment last. These products helped a lot. After showering, I would apply this keratin oil to the tips of my hair and then just leave it to air dry. Sometimes I blow dry my hair. My stylist said that the treatment will last around 3-4 months but these products extended it to 6 months. They are a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 9

 Today is Day 9 of my series about my favorite beauty finds at Watsons.

This is the body sponge from Aqua Massage. My son loves this sponge. It's not too harsh that it hurts his skin but not too soft that it doesn't cleanse. It's just the right texture. My son is tickled by this sponge every time he uses it. He keeps laughing when I scrub him.

The first time we used this, the body wash turned orange. It's probably the dye. I just rinsed the sponge in running water for about a minute or two. No more orange water. This is the kids version of the sponge. Watsons carries several varieties. I will definitely buy more of these sponges.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of this series! Today, I will share with you my new favorite body moisturizer.

I used to ignore this brand because it doesn't ring a bell! I thought that it was just another drugstore product. Little did I know that it is one of the best selling brands in India. I've read great reviews about this brand from many Asian bloggers so I decided to give it a try. 

It was a good decision! I am loving this nourishing skin cream. It's a bit too thick for day wear so I apply it before going to bed. It also makes my skin a bit sticky for a few hours. 

Now that it's getting cooler, my skin really needs the extra nourishment. My skin rarely itches after a week of using this product daily. The smell is nice and not overpowering so it's great for bed time. I don't want to wake up with a stuffy nose because of a strong smelling product. 

This comes in two sizes. I got the small one to try out. I will continue buying the small jar so that I can just stuff it in my travel bag when we decide to go on a staycation. I am also lacking some real estate in my vanity as my son has taken over the house. I love this product and I'm sure it will be a permanent resident in my vanity. 


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