Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Gentle Face Scrub For My Sensitive Skin

You all know how much I like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Well, that is until I used this product:

st. ives moisturizing olive scrub, by bitsandtreats St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub

Let’s start with the packaging. I love how the tube has a tiny opening so that I can control the amount of product I squeeze out. The hole is smaller than the Apricot Scrub’s tube.

I love the green shade of the product (well, of course, it’s an olive scrub after all!). The beads are bigger than the Apricot Scrub but they are smoother and gentler. They don’t hurt at all. Well, that is if you don’t rub them in.

I’m not a big fan of the scent though. I like the smell of olives but this smells weird. I can forgive that because this is such a great product! It leaves my face soft and moisturized. The scent is still better than HHN’s face scrub so that’s a plus.

Sometimes I get too lazy to apply moisturizer after I use this scrub. Not to worry though. I still have soft skin in the morning when I wake up. But I don’t make that a habit. I still try to ‘remember’ to apply moisturizer after every scrub.

It successfully removes deep seated dirt in my face and also scrubs off blemishes. The pimples from my Pond’s breakout are almost healed thanks to this olive scrub and a few other products. If you have sensitive skin like I do, just apply this carefully all over your face then gently scrub. Do not, and I mean, DO NOT scrub hard and deep and DO NOT let this product linger on your face. It will cause your skin to become itchy and eventually break out. I don’t let it exceed 1 minute on my face.

As you can see from the Preview issue above, I bought this product on the first week of August. I usually wait until a month before I write about a product but this olive scrub exceeded my expectations.

I use this scrub about 2-3x per week depending on my skin’s condition. If you have oily skin, this might probably not be good for you because of the after effects. It has olive oil and it might cause you to oil up even more. It’s great for normal to dry skin.

This is also easier to rinse off than the apricot scrub, probably because of the bigger beads. I hated it when the apricot beads got stuck in my hair and behind my ears.

The St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub costs Php250 and is available at The Landmark and Beauty by SM.

Right now, this is my HG Face Scrub.

Monday, August 30, 2010

For the Men: Nivea Active 3

Nivea is fast becoming a staple in my vanity, makeup kit and bathroom. Now, it’s slowly invading MB’s space too!

nivea for men active 3 showerl gel shower, shampoo, shave, by bitandtreats Nivea For Men Active 3
Shower. Shampoo. Shave

Like most guys, MB just uses whatever is in the bathroom – soap, shampoo, facial wash. But not anymore. Ever since I bought him his very own facial wash, he has been conscious about the products that he uses. He became vain.

I saw this Nivea For Men 3-in-1 product at Watsons Greenbelt during my usual rounds. I asked MB if he wanted to have his own shower gel. At first he was reluctant because he says it will just add to our expenses. I insisted because of the great results he got from the L’oreal facial wash.

And like the facial wash, he was also excited to try this. He doesn’t use this for shaving nor shampooing though. He uses this plainly as a shower gel. Why not just buy a plain shower gel, you say? Well, at that time, this was the cheaper (cheapest?) among the shower gels. Also, there aren’t too many options in Watsons GB. I think this is about Php120. I’m not sure as we bought this in July but it’s definitely less than Php200.

This smells sooooo good on his skin. It’s almost the exact smell as when it’s in the bottle. Scents react differently on MB’s skin that’s why we chose the safest scent. I’m glad we picked the right one! The scent also lingers the whole day until he takes a bath again in the evening. It’s also great when layered with Penshoppe’s Boy in Love perfume.

As typical of any man, when asked how he finds this product, his answer was “okay”.  I prodded more and found out that he doesn’t get itchy, dry skin. He also doesn’t get sticky when it’s too hot and he’s sweating.

If you’re getting annoyed with the man in your life for using your stuff, I suggest you buy this as a present. You’ll both be thankful.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Pond’s

ponds pure white deep cleansing facial foam with activated carbon, by bitsandtreats Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon

After several days of apprehension, I finally had the courage to try the black Pond’s. I have to admit that this is one good product. It leaves the face really clean. But I think that it dries up my skin. Or it’s probably the weather. Any which way, I never saw peeling with my other facial washes, just with this one.

As with all Pond’s products that I’ve used, I get a little bit more oil than usual on my face when I wake up in the morning. Then during midday, my skin dries up.

Nonetheless, I was really enjoying this product until the 4th day of use. Alas, my love affair with Pond’s had to come to an abrupt end. My face broke out. Yes, it’s been almost a week and I’m still nursing a few pimples brought about by my usage of Pond’s. Haaayy…

Well, at least I was able to finish this sample pack from Cosmo. If you’re not sensitive to Pond’s, I really recommend that you try this product. It’s very affordable and it cleanses well.


I forgot to say, it's not dengue! Yay!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Magnum

Most of you are already familiar with this mascara. Perhaps you’ve already used it. But if you’re still contemplating on buying The Magnum, read on.

maybelline the magnum volum' express waterproof mascara, by bitsandtreatsMaybelline The Magnum Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara 

I bought this Maybelline mascara in June when it was on sale. As you can see, I only got it for Php343.20 whereas the original price is Php400+.

I didn’t immediately use it because I still had my Cat Eyes mascara.
So, what do I love about The Magnum? At the top of my list is it doesn’t hurt my eyes nor makes it itch unless I sweat a lot and it gets into my eyes along with dirt and pollution. That happens rarely.

the magnum mascara wand, by bitsandtreats

I like the fact that it doesn’t clump as much as other mascaras do. It clumps, but only a little and also very rarely. I love the curved head of the wand that makes application smooth and easy. I love how soft the bristles are that applying mascara feels like getting a mini massage. I love how intense the black is and that I only need one coat for everyday wear.

the magnum wand, by bitsandtreats

I love how easy it is to remove using the Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. If I’m staying in the office, I don’t need to re-apply. I only did that once when we had an evening event to go to. The mascara didn’t budge the whole night! And the setting was outdoors and it was a bit windy, a bit hot, a bit humid that night. It showed beautifully in the pictures. The rest of my makeup was gone but this mascara still made my eyes look all made up.

maybelline the magnum wand, by bitsandtreats

I think the only thing I don’t like about this product is it dries up so fast. I’m supposed to chuck this at the end of August but I’ve noticed some time in July that it’s starting to dry up. But I think I’ll have enough until Monday then I’m finally buying a new one. I don’t stock on mascaras. I need to get the most out of one before buying another.

So which is better, Cat Eyes or The Magnum? I’d say they are both good, high quality, affordable mascaras. If I want dramatic eye lashes/eye look, I’d go for the Cat Eyes. The Magnum is great for everyday wear. Easy to apply, easy to remove. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hi Ladies! I'm still here but I've been sick since last Sunday and I'm being monitored for dengue. I really pray I don't have dengue. I'll try and post some stuff when I feel a bit better. I've been keeping up with your blogs so keep 'em coming please as they keep me company.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Baller ID From Kotex

kotex baller id

I haven’t tried the other Kotex pads yet. I only use Kotex Luxe and Whisper. Can anybody comment on the other pads? Is it a GO or a NO?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Items for Sale on Street of Jewels!

Please visit Street of Jewels and take a look at our new items for sale. We have lip gloss and nail polish sets for as low as Php100. We also have 2 ALDO bags for sale which you can pay in cash, 2, 3 or 4 installments!

There is only 1 of each item so if you like something, buy it immediately!

Visit Street of Jewels now!

Forever21 Haul

I never got around to posting the rest of my Forever21 shopping trip finds. Finally kicked the lazy bug so here it is:

forever 21 haul, by bitsandtreats Forever 21 Haul

I bought a skirt, a gray shirt dress, a cerulean top and a pine green racerback top. I chose these pieces because I can mix and match them with what I have in my closet. I wouldn’t wear the shirt dress alone as it’s too body hugging and too showy in front (you know what I mean).I always wear it with something else. It’s very versatile though. I can wear it with jeans, as a dress, with a skirt, etc. I wanted to buy another one but they only had it in one color.

Here’s how I wore them:
Forever21 outfit, by bitsandtreats

I couldn’t fit my whole body inside the frame that’s why I’m headless here.
= ) The only thing that bugs me is the shirt dress keeps going up whenever I walk. It’s probably because it’s still new that’s why it’s still too tight at the bottom. I’m hoping to wear it out a little so it adjusts to my body.

What’s your favorite versatile piece of clothing?

Maybe it’s Maybelline

I’ve only been using the Etude House Tea Time Makeup Remover and it stings my eyes so bad that they tear up every time I remove makeup. So, I decided to try Maybelline’s Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.

maybelline eye & lip makeup remover, by bitsandtreats 
For Php99, this product is great! I just apply a small amount to a cotton pad, press it gently on my eyes and eye lashes then they’re all clean. It effectively removes my Magnum mascara (well, it should!) but it doesn’t do a very nice job of removing all traces of my Ever Bilena black eye liner. I don’t apply liner everyday and sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I can still see some very faded lines on my lids. That’s okay as my cleansers can remove the tiny leftover traces.

I’ve tried using this to remove the makeup on my face. It’s good but I think it’s just too wasteful. I still use my EH makeup remover on the rest of my face.

I like the fact that this product doesn’t sting my eyes. I’m so glad they thought about putting ‘opthalmologically and dermatologically tested’ on the bottle (which I’ve only seen now). It doesn’t sting but it does make my vision blurred and cloudy for a few minutes. When I first experienced this, I panicked and washed my eyes with running water to no avail. Since it didn’t hurt nor itch, I just continued to observe. I’ve learned to just wait it out and blink a lot when this happens.

I only have 1/4 left of this product. I’ve been using this for a month now. I wanted to buy the bigger bottle last Sunday but got the EH Lip & Eye Makeup Remover instead as I wanted to try it out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nature’s Gate: Fail!

You know that I like the Nature’s Gate line of shampoos and conditioner from Healthy Options. I thought it was really great that’s why I bought one for MB so that he can stop using Head and Shoulders which always gets mixed reviews in terms of the ingredients that they use. I tried it once and felt that it was too harsh.

I bought him this:

nature's gate tea tree calming shampoo. by bitsandtreats

Nature's Gate Tea Tree Calming Shampoo

It worked fine in the first couple of weeks but lately, I’ve been seeing flakes on MB’s shoulders. He says that he needs to go back to Head & Shoulders. He’s been using this shampoo for one month.

Shucks… I wanted to buy one for my Lola pa naman.  My grandma can’t use regular shampoos. She says that they make her scalp itch. I offered to buy her this as this is organic. I guess I’ll scrap that idea. For Php195, I’m really disappointed in this product. If you know of any dandruff shampoo that’s not too harsh (please exclude Clear, H&S, Nizoral) I’d appreciate your comments. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Color Me Nude

According to my records, I’ve had this product since June 27. I think that’s a sufficient amount of time to make a decent review.

etude house color me nude, by bitsandtreats Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

I bought this product because I have uneven toned lips. I also read somewhere that a lip concealer brings out the true shade of a lipstick. Well, in this case, it helps even out the lipstick color but it also makes the shade a little bit lighter.

color me nude lip concealer, by bitsandtreats

I love the packaging. It’s pink, it’s light and it looks like a mini face concealer. They tried to marry the look of a concealer and a lipstick and here’s the result:

color me nude, by bitsandtreats  
The cap locks in place so you don’t need to worry about it getting loose in your makeup kit. I don’t bring this with me when I go out. I just apply once at home. Staying power depends on the lipstick you are using.

One surprising thing about this concealer is how it effectively removed the dry skin on my lips. I wasn’t expecting that at all. But in the first few weeks of using this, I noticed that it “buffed” out the dry skin. I apply this using my Charm eye shadow brush (hate the lipstick brush) and all the dry skin just comes off. I apply this gently and carefully so I was really surprised with that effect. After about a month’s time, my lips no longer flake out. During the day, my lips still dry out (effect of polymyositis) but they don’t flake up anymore. I just need to apply lip balm and lipstick and they’re all set.

Here’s a swatch on my hand:

color me nude lip concealer swatch on hand, by bitsandtreats Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer Hand Swatch

Here it is on my lips:

etude house color me nude lip concealer lip swatch, by bitsandtreats

With my Nichido lipstick:

color me nude lip concealer with nichido lipstick, by bitsandtreats

With Etude House lipstick:

etude house lip concealer with etude house lipstick, by bitsandtreats

The photo with the EH lipstick was taken the same day I bought the concealer so you can still see the dry skin on my lower lip. The photo with the Nichido lipstick was taken just a couple of weeks ago.

I love how this lip concealer makes my Nichido lipstick so pretty and long lasting. It already lasts for a good amount of time but the concealer makes it last longer and makes it prettier. The real shade is actually bordering on brown but the concealer makes it pink. By the way, this Nichido lipstick is only Php80 but it’s my favorite lipstick nowadays. It has the best staying power among all my lipsticks and I can just wear it alone with foundation and still look dolled up. I use it on weekends when I don’t like wearing too much makeup. It just smells like clay though.

I can actually do without a lip concealer but I’m scared that my lips might dry up and end up flaking like before. The Etude House Lip Concealer costs only Php228 and lasts a long time so I guess it’s worth it. I’m planning to buy more cheap lipsticks so this will be very useful.

To read a review of my Nichido Juicy Lips, click here. To read a review about the Etude House Dear Darling Lipsticks, click here

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheap Chica Find

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Last week was very hectic in the office. Anyway, I hope this week will see a semblance of some normalcy. I was supposed to post this last week but better late than never.

cdr king mouse close up, by bitsandtreats

My mouse died.  I don’t know why they die so fast no matter what brand. I’ve had 2 mice die in a year. One is quite pricey at Php500 and the other one at Php350. So I decided to buy something cheaper. Their life expectancy is the same anyway.

cd-r king floral mouse, by bitsandtreats CD-R King Floral Mouse

Got this at CD-R King for only Php180. It’s like a toy and feels very plastic-y. It’s very light and I like the very long cord. I wasn’t able to do much shopping over the weekend. Just some groceries and basic necessities. I hope to get back to my normal shopping mode this week. = )

How about you girls? What have you been up to lately? I missed you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheap Chica Find

genevieve gozum bags, by bitsandtreats

I’ve been looking for a weekend bag for weeks now or was that 2 months already…? And when I say weekend bag, I mean a bag/purse that I use when I do my errands/malling on weekends. Not like an overnight bag or something. My F&H bag is near its breaking point (literally) and I don’t want to be caught with a broken handle in the mall while carrying a bunch of bags.

I had lost all hope until I saw these purses at The Ramp last Sunday.
gozum purses, by bitsandtreats

I like the print but the size is just too big for me. It was very light though, for a bag of that size. Definitely less than 2 pounds. Did you know that the average bag weighs 2 pounds when empty? Then you put in all your stuff and that makes the weight double or triple. No wonder women are prone to back and shoulder aches.

genevieve gozum bag lining, by bitsandtreats

I went to SM first to see if they had other bags. They didn’t so I made up my mind and went back to The Ramp and bought two. If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you’d know that I have a penchant for buying 2’s and hoarding. I just don’t like it when I can’t find something that I need like shoes and hair products. So I immediately buy them when they’re available.

I’m quite happy with my purchases because they only cost….Php299 each! That’s like USD6. How cheap is that??

What’s your cheap chica find of the week?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is what I’ve been meaning to buy for the past week now:

paul & joe autumn 2010 collection, by bitsandtreats Paul & Joe Autumn 2010 Collection
Photo from Paul & Joe Website

I’ve been having an argument with my practical self because of this. After a lot of deliberation, I don’t think I’ll be buying this because, come on! How am I supposed to use something that cute??? Unless I buy two sets… Hmmmm…

What about you cat lovers out there (hi kitten!)? Will you purchase this and have the heart to use it?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jurlique Greenbelt 5 – A Mini Tour

jurlique greenbelt 5, by bitsandtreats 
Sometimes, new, high-end shops can be quite intimidating to explore. Jurlique is an exception in my opinion because of the homey, simple design and structure of the store. Even back then when they first opened, I didn’t get any qualms about going inside the shop. The interiors are very relaxing and the sales attendants aren’t pushy. They also don’t hover. Don’t you just hate hovering SA’s that keep asking you what you’re looking for? With Jurlique, they give you space but the SA’s maintain a safe distance in case you have some questions about their products.

Here’s the Refresh and Recover stations. It’s on your left when you enter the store. Here, you can see all the varieties of cleansers and toning mists. I want the lavender mist! Teresa recommends the Citrus mist for oily, acne-prone skin.

refresh and recover sections of jurlique boutique, by bitsandtreats

Special Care section where the moisturizers and gels are:

jurlique special care section, by bitsandtreats
I think I’m going to buy the ones Teresa used on my face.

The Hair and Body Care section is on the right. I love the hand creams and will be buying one after I finish my hand creams. I still have 3. Hoo boy.. I guess another Project Pan is due…

body and hair care sections of jurlique, by bitsandtreats

Sitting area for your companions (or boyfriend). MB didn’t wait inside the boutique. He went all over Greenbelt instead while waiting for me. That’s the poster advertising the Free Anti-Stress Facial.

jurlique sink and sitting area, by bitsandtreats

Finally, behind that door is the treatment area. I don’t really know what video they’re playing on the TV but I guess it’s something about how their products are made. Senior people from Jurlique were talking on the TV when I arrived.

treatment area, sink and more jurlique products, by bitsandtreats

Soft music is always playing on the background and that helps one to relax while having the facial. If you meditate or know some breathing exercises, I recommend you practice them during the 10-minute alone time. You will feel refreshed and invigorated after the treatment.

I love the lighting and garden setting of this boutique. FYI, the plants are real. The leaves are so shiny that I kept touching them!

Jurlique may be inside Greenbelt 5 where it can be quite busy especially on a Saturday night but once you’re inside, you are transported to a place of peace and tranquility. And of course, beauty.

Visit Jurlique Greenbelt 5 and discover “Nature. Science. Innovation.”

Stressed? Experience Jurlique Now!

I received an invitation from Jurlique to try out their Anti-Stress Facial Treatment. I have not tried any facial treatments before (yeah, I know) and I thought that Jurlique would be a good first because the products are all natural so I had high expectations that the treatment would suit my sensitive skin.

I tried the Anti-Stress Facial last Saturday afternoon and I was impressed! I absolutely loved it! 

The treatment started off with some cleansing to remove my makeup. A hot towel sprayed with some lavender essence was then placed on the top half of my face, then the bottom part to open the pores and relax my facial muscles. Then a gentle scrub followed by a very relaxing massage were next. Towards the end of the treatment, a mask was left on my face for 10 minutes. Afterwards, a serum, gel and a loose powder were applied. The whole treatment lasted for 45 minutes. Now, my review.

If you are claustrophobic, I suggest you skip this treatment. Why?

jurlique treatment room, by bitsandtreats

That’s how big (or small) the treatment room is. I was lying down when I took this shot. That's the whole length of the room. On my left is a mirror and on my right is the screen covered by the same curtains. I’m already petite and I still had a hard time moving around inside.

jurlique ceiling, by bitsandtreats

This is the ceiling. Not really a very pretty sight when you’re having an anti-stress treatment but you’re supposed to close your eyes so I guess it’s not a big issue. Still, I couldn’t help but open my eyes during the 10 minutes that Teresa left me. If you don’t mind small spaces then I guess you’re good.

And speaking of the very pretty Teresa, here she is:

teresa at jurlique, by bitsandtreats

Oh my gosh. This lady has very soft, very gentle hands. She was very careful during the treatment. She’s also very attentive and very observant. I have Reynaud’s phenomenon/syndrome and the cold bothers my hands. When I slightly and discreetly rubbed them, she immediately asked if I was cold and if I wanted more towels. I told her that I’m okay but she asked again thinking that maybe I just didn’t want to bother her to go and get another set of towels. I didn’t want to explain the Reynaud’s thing to her and just said I’m okay. Instead of continuing with the treatment, she got up and covered my hands with the towel. She’s very sweet.

She also knows her products very well. After the treatment, we had a little Q&A and I was impressed with her knowledge about their products. She is also very well trained. She articulates and expresses herself very well. I told her she should be promoted. Seriously! If anyone from Luxasia is reading this, please consider a promotion for Teresa! She’s one of the very few sales attendants that I got impressed with. And I am not easily impressed.

Here are the products she used:

jurlique anti-stress facial products, by bitsandtreats
From left to right: Lavender Hydrating Mist, Soothing Cleansing Lotion, Daily Exfoliating Cream, Skin Balancing Face Oil, Recovery Mask, Age Defying Serum, Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel

According to Teresa, you can use the Lavender Mist for a quick pick me up for your skin during the day. You can use it even with makeup on. You can also spray this on a hot towel to cover your face and relax. I’m not sure if this is the same thing she used as a toner.  For the cleansing lotion, you can wipe it off with a cotton pad or rinse it off with water. Either way, it works.

I was very impressed with the Daily Exfoliating Cream. It’s a very gentle scrub that contains honey and oatmeal. Teresa says it’s so gentle that you can use it everyday! It may be gentle but it was able to  effectively clean the sides of my nose. They were so soft and smooth afterwards. And another thing, My skin reacts to products with oatmeal but I didn’t get any rashes from this product.

The face oil was wonderful. At first I thought that the oily feeling would be annoying but it was immediately absorbed by my skin. Teresa applied the oil on my face, neck, ears and the back of the ears. She doesn’t recommend this for oily skin though.

The mask made my skin taut. I immediately felt the difference after removal. I guess I need to use the Age Defying Serum and Herbal Recovery Gel regularly to see the results. All these products smelled so good but they were not annoying nor overpowering. They didn’t trigger my allergic rhinitis. The scents also blended well with each other creating a distinct scent that MB kept putting his nose on my face just to take a whiff.

Lastly, she applied this loose powder all over my face and neck:

jurlique loose powder, by bitsandtreats

This is perhaps my favorite among the lot. As you can see, the powder is white but it blends well with your skin tone. Teresa says you can apply this once and then you can forget about retouching. I agree. I only had this the whole night and I kept bugging MB if I was already shiny and he kept answering no, you’re not shiny. You’re glowing. = ) Other people noticed it too as I kept getting second looks from men while the ladies kept giving me scrutinizing looks as if trying to figure out what I put on my face.

The powder is finely milled and it’s so soft. It’s even better than baby powder, I swear!

According to Teresa, you should have this anti-stress facial treatment once every 2 months because constant facial massages can cause sagging. In between treatments, she says your best bet is a moisturizer. Of course, the products to use depend on your skin type so if you’re planning to try out their products, consult Teresa first.

I have to be honest. I felt some itching right after the treatment which lasted the whole night. It was tolerable but I asked her about it. She said that our skin normally reacts when we use a product (any product) for the first time. She recommends to try a product overnight and see the results. If the itching continues then you should stop. The itching stopped after I took a bath that night. I didn’t apply anything on my face, just water.

I asked her how/why they came up with this treatment. She says that Jurlique is best known for their hand creams. Only a few know about their other products, especially the ones for the face. She says this treatment is a good introduction to their wide range of products and I agree with her. When I visited their store when it first opened, I was turned off by the price. I did a little research and forgot about it. Then I saw Julia Roberts applying this Jurlique product on her face during a plane ride in the movie Valentine’s Day and I was intrigued. Of course, we have to factor in makeup and lighting but she only applied very little on her face and she looked ‘awake’. She didn’t look like a harassed soldier from Iraq enduring a long plane ride. After this experience, I really wouldn’t mind paying over a thousand pesos for their products. I can definitely see and feel results. I also only need to use a small amount so a little goes a long way. If you do the math, it’s actually sulit.

Here’s my face immediately after the treatment:

my after Jurlique facial face, by bitsandtreats

You can still see some rashes on my right cheek and chin. They usually pop up when it’s that time of the month. You can also notice some peeling on the same areas but it was minimal. I actually liked that as it left my face smooth afterwards.

Here’s my face (without makeup) after one day:

after one day face, by bitsandtreats

after one day face close up, by bitsandtreats

Until now, my skin still feels soft and smooth and the sides of my nose are still clean. There’s also less oil on my T-Zone.

All in all, I loved this treatment and I would absolutely do it again!

Would you like to try the Anti-Stress Facial for FREE? Head on over to Jurlique Greenbelt 5 and purchase any of their products and look for Teresa. This service is absolutely FREE no matter which product you buy. I definitely recommend this especially for all you working ladies out there.

A big thanks goes out to Teresa and Gian of Luxasia! Thank you for inviting me to try this wonderful treatment!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Wonderful Readers, Followers, Lurkers and Visitors,

Can somebody please tell me where (or what brand) to buy size 5 shoes that actually fit? And when I say shoes, I mean closed shoes where my toes cannot be seen. My shoe collection only contains sandals and flip flops. I have one closed shoe (size 5) but that's still a bit loose. No, I am not a size 4 nor a 4.5. These sizes are too small for my feet. The only perfectly fitting size 5 closed shoes I've ever had are my Ylla maryjanes. They are wonderful and fit perfectly. I love them so much that I wore them out already and they're not even 1 year old! So please, if you ever find shoes that are like Ylla's, I would be grateful. I would like to keep my feet dry in this wet season until December.

Thank you!

Lots of love,

Lady E

Cheap Cute Find!

This is a cheap, cheap find that I thought would just gather dust but deep inside I really wish would work .

cute tube squeezer, by bitsandtreatsCute Tube Squeezers 

I saw these animal head tube squeezers at the “Wasteland” section of Landmark Makati. I love exploring wastelands when I’m bored and don’t want to buy anything expensive. Examples of wastelands are Saizen, Japan Home Center, Clipper, etc. You get the idea right?

At first I wanted to buy these squeezers because they were cute. I wanted to buy the cat head but it was dirty and it was the last piece so I opted for the panda and monkey heads.

I immediately tried it on my TFS makeup base and I’m so glad it works! I bought one for my friend too. It doesn’t work on all kinds of tubes. I haven’t tried this with a toothpaste tube but for Php19.75, I guess I can always buy more. Happy Thursday everyone! Can’t wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Help for Pimples

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I’m very impressed with the results.

garnier SOS blemish clear pen, by bitsandtreats Garnier SOS Blemish Clear Pen

I keep having these stubborn pimples on my right cheek, near the jawline for months now. I’ve been using the Overnight Pimple Gel from Eskinol for years and have been satisfied with the results. It’s not really an overnight miracle gel and we (MB, friends) can attest to that. I’ve had enough and finally tried this blemish gel from Garnier.

I’m so glad I did! It’s more expensive than Eskinol (a little under Php200) but the results are totally worth the price. I applied this after washing my face then the next morning, my pimples were all dried up! I love it! When applied immediately to fresh pimples, I noticed that when the pimple heals, there is no dark spot left on my skin. There’s usually a dark spot left with Eskinol’s gel.

I get mixed results depending perhaps on the type of pimple/rash that pops up. Sometimes it takes only a few hours for it to heal and there are times when it takes about a day or two but it’s definitely faster than Eskinol.

This is a clear gel and the tube is better than Eskinol. With Eskinol, the gel just oozes out of control even when I just slightly pinch the tube. With Garnier, product dispensing is controlled. 

There is minimal peeling whereas with Eskinol, I look like I slathered Maxipeel on half my face. I can’t remember if there’s a scent but if it has then it doesn’t bother me. There’s a little stinging but it’s tolerable. Eskinol’s stinging is much worse. I also like the fact that it removes the dark spots left by the dried up pimple. I’ve been trying to erase the dark spots on my cheek for months now with Eskinol to no avail. I use Garnier for a week and voila! No more old dark spots.

MB still prefers Eskinol because he feels it’s much more effective because of the stinging and itching sensation after application. I didn’t feel like arguing and explaining and so I let him be. Besides, that’s a reason to finally use up the Eskinol gel. = )

This will be a staple in my vanity. Get this at Watsons, Landmark or Beauty by SM.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Squeaky Clean Face

I have a ton of products to feature here but it seems I lack the energy to write about them properly. I have to be in a certain mood, a certain vibe to be able to write a good review about a product. As you may have already noticed, I tend to write long posts. I just feel that I need to impart to you every single thing that I find good (or bad) about a particular product. I don’t like it when someone just says “this product is great, buy it!”. I’m like, huh?? What makes it great anyway?

This product is great. Buy one now!

the body shop facial brush with cover,  by bitsandtreats The Body Shop Facial Brush

I’ve seen this in TBS a hundred times but ignored it a hundred times as well until I read a review by Geli. She said that it’s Php299 but got it only for Php240. My budget was running pretty low one Sunday and I decided to skip buying this until the next pay day. I just wanted to check it out. Lo and behold, it was only Php150! I immediately grabbed one and headed to the cashier.

I ignored this before because I was scared that the nylon bristles would hurt my sensitive skin. Geli has sensitive skin but it worked great for her so I said it’s worth a shot.

The bristles are softer now than when I last inspected this brush (years ago). It’s also very easy to clean. I clean it the same way I clean my makeup brushes. The tag says to put the brush upside down (handle inside the cover) on its cover when drying. The only thing I don’t like about this is the bristles get stuck on the sides of the cover so I have to be very careful when covering the brush.

the body shop facial brush, by bitsandtreats
I use this with my Etude House Cleanser (which I need to feature here). I put the cleanser all over my face then massage with the brush in a circular motion. I do this very gently. I put extra attention on my nose and the sides of my nose where dirt usually hides.

Oh.my.gosh. I get radiant, squeaky clean skin every time! I apply either my HHN moisturizer or Celeteque moisturizer afterwards. I only use this at night (about twice a week) and get very supple, smooth skin without the oilies in the morning. MB uses it and he loves it too!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Foil Nails

I super love the color and texture of this nail polish! It looks like my nails are covered in foil!

The Face Shop Nail Polish GL112, by bitsandtreats The Face Shop Nail Polish GL112

TFS GL112 swatch, by bitsandtreats


It chips off easily. See here and photo above:

the face shop nail polish swatch
The edges were already chipped when I woke up. I applied nail polish the night before, had them dried then slept. This nail polish didn’t last the whole day! My nails were only half colored by the time I punched out of the office. They were literally chipping and peeling off all throughout the day!

This costs Php95 at your suking The Face Shop and I probably won’t buy this again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Items on ManilaThriftStyle and Street of Jewels Soon!

There will be new items on ManilaThriftStyle and Street of Jewels Soon. These are imported, BRAND NEW items. As you may already know, ManilaThriftStyle sells pre-loved clothes and accessories while Street of Jewels sells handmade, brand new jewelry and more upscale pieces. We are still staying true to the affordable fashion mantra of these blogs that is why you can pay for the products that you like in 2, 3 and 4 installments! How great is that? I will post the details in Street of Jewels and ManilaThriftStyle soon. I will make an announcement here when they're up. 


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