Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Squeaky Clean Face

I have a ton of products to feature here but it seems I lack the energy to write about them properly. I have to be in a certain mood, a certain vibe to be able to write a good review about a product. As you may have already noticed, I tend to write long posts. I just feel that I need to impart to you every single thing that I find good (or bad) about a particular product. I don’t like it when someone just says “this product is great, buy it!”. I’m like, huh?? What makes it great anyway?

This product is great. Buy one now!

the body shop facial brush with cover,  by bitsandtreats The Body Shop Facial Brush

I’ve seen this in TBS a hundred times but ignored it a hundred times as well until I read a review by Geli. She said that it’s Php299 but got it only for Php240. My budget was running pretty low one Sunday and I decided to skip buying this until the next pay day. I just wanted to check it out. Lo and behold, it was only Php150! I immediately grabbed one and headed to the cashier.

I ignored this before because I was scared that the nylon bristles would hurt my sensitive skin. Geli has sensitive skin but it worked great for her so I said it’s worth a shot.

The bristles are softer now than when I last inspected this brush (years ago). It’s also very easy to clean. I clean it the same way I clean my makeup brushes. The tag says to put the brush upside down (handle inside the cover) on its cover when drying. The only thing I don’t like about this is the bristles get stuck on the sides of the cover so I have to be very careful when covering the brush.

the body shop facial brush, by bitsandtreats
I use this with my Etude House Cleanser (which I need to feature here). I put the cleanser all over my face then massage with the brush in a circular motion. I do this very gently. I put extra attention on my nose and the sides of my nose where dirt usually hides.

Oh.my.gosh. I get radiant, squeaky clean skin every time! I apply either my HHN moisturizer or Celeteque moisturizer afterwards. I only use this at night (about twice a week) and get very supple, smooth skin without the oilies in the morning. MB uses it and he loves it too!


  1. Uuuuy I like! :) Will stalk TBS for this :) - Trace

  2. OH WOW! Lucky you!
    i got it for twice the price you got it!

    but you do learn to love the tiny thing :D

    i just feel cleaner with it... don't you!? :D

  3. But it was thanks to you that I discovered this product in the first place, Geli! So thank you!

    Yes, definitely cleaner and smoother!



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