Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Globe at SM MOA

I think when it comes to malls, we Filipinos do it right.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rant, rant, rant

Let me interrupt normal programming for a few minutes of my rants. I am having a shitty day. A very shitty day at that. People are making an issue of my "professionalism". I may always be out of the office, but I can proudly say that I beat all my deadlines and I finish and submit work when I'm supposed to. Even earlier.

So what do you do to blow off steam? I tried splashing my face with cold water for several minutes, listening to very loud music, writing. And I'm still feeling like I'm going to blow up any second now...

Any suggestions? And while we're at it, be creative!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Miracle Cat Lauren

Lauren is about 6 years old in human years. He's the second eldest among the siblings. A few years back he was diagnosed with a liver problem. We didn't know exactly what kind because back then we didn't have the money to get a blood test for him. So what the doctor did was assume he was having liver problems and gave him meds for that. His whole body turned yellow that time and he was so weak.
Treatment included everyday trips to the vet to have him dextrosed. I insisted on taking him everyday instead of confining him because I wanted to be the one to take care of him. This was a hard task. My first cat, Tammy, is a street cat. Almost all my cats came from her. Yes, she was that fertile! Almost all my cats were born in the house so they are domesticated. They might not have a proper breed but they are good, smart and loving. Most of my cats don't like going out. They prefer to stay inside the house, playing, eating and sleeping. They're happy viewing the outside world through the windows in the hallway.

So now comes the problem when I have to take them out to go to the vet.

Most pets, especially dogs are okay to bring anywhere. You can just carry them or put them on a leash. My cats, you'd have to put inside a cage and cover that cage with a cloth while you transport them. I have a tricycle driver friend and he volunteered to take us to the vet everyday for a week. On our third day Lauren wasn't at all bothered by all the noise and the movement so we removed the cover. He happily watched the world go by.

It was also around this time that he knew he was really sick and that we had to take him to the doctor. He would willingly go inside the cage whenever I put it in front of him. Before, I had to chase him around the house and force him to go inside the cage.
The doctor told us that Lauren might die. He said that almost all his patients died when they turned yellow. He only had one survivor, a dog, which also died after a few months. Lauren was really yellow that time. His fur was the shade of yellow because of his skin. In the doctor's office, while taking his IV, I talked to him a lot. Being a new pet owner, thinking about the loss of a pet was too much for me to bear. I'd often cry whenever I looked at him. During all this time he was sick, I talked to him a lot, telling him not to give up and that he should fight this. A few years after, I would use the same words to my mom on our way to the hospital. She, fighting a heart attack. According to Dr. Weiss, a guest in Oprah, the subconscious is a very powerful thing. I used this knowledge to speak to the subconscious minds of both my mom and Lauren. It helped. Dr. Weiss said that whatever the subconscious mind hears, it manifests in our conscious hours. There was a patient who went under the knife and the doctors talked about him being a goner. He survived the operation but felt "dead" inside. He said he doesn't feel alive. He went to Dr. Weiss and he regressed him and found out what happened.
I researched about Lauren's sickness a lot. I gave him proper food and a lot of liquids. I also gave him vitamin E. His meds were bitter aside from the vitamins which he really, really loved. If you're a pet owner, you'd know how I feel every time I would give him meds. And you'd understand why every single day, I was late for work because I had to take him to the doctor and I had to go home at lunch time just to check on him even though my mom was with him.

On his fourth day, he showed signs of improvement. His skin was returning to normal. His doctor was so proud of him that he took videos and pictures of him everyday to show to his other patients. On the last day of his dextrose, he was released by the doctor. He would just be on meds but he said not to keep our hopes up because he might still not survive the coming months. Well, we kept the faith and we took care of him and believed in him that he will survive.

4 years later, he's still alive and kicking (and complaining). He doesn't live in our house everyday anymore. About two years ago, he decided he wanted to live outside, be a street cat like his mom and brothers. He comes home after a few months then leaves again. There was a time when he didn't come home for 6 months. We thought he will no longer come home. But he did.

He's been coming and going for the past couple of weeks now. My mom is keeping him inside the house, not letting him out. He's actually pretty heavy and big now compared to his siblings who are constantly in the house. He has another brother, Midnight, who is also a street cat. He comes home only to eat and to rest for a while or when it's raining outside.

I have other cats but Lauren holds a special spot in my heart because of what we've gone through together. He gave me more faith. He gave me strength which I use to fight my own illness. And he taught me how to love his kind and gave me unconditional love in return.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ellips Hair Vitamins

If I could afford it, I would use this product every other day. But I can't so I use this about 3x a week. It smells nice and doesn't leave my hair greasy. It actually makes my hair soft and more manageable. It's around 4o pesos per pack. I use one capsule for my hair. MB uses it too and makes his hair moisturized. I'll be using this product more because the cold makes my hair and scalp dry. This is for normal hair. The pink one is for color treated hair.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Gown ng KSP

Would you like to top this 200.8 meter-long wedding gown which debuted in China in 2007?

Dalaga Na Si Suri

I love looking at little girls in little girl dresses. I like kids to be kids as long as they can. I hate it when I see little girls wearing backless blouses, high heeled boots, short skirts, mini skirts - you get the idea. I like looking at little girls like Daphne's.

Here's Suri Cruise with mommy Katie. She's 3 and personally, I don't like her shoes although she is quite the little fashionista. It's okay for them to wear shoes like this when they're playing dress up but not when they're out shopping.

Here's a closer look at the shoes. These are sparkly D'orsay pumps. After much walking, lunch and a trip to a kid's store, Suri decided to change into sneakers.Now that's much better. The rest of her outfit is okay with me. I just didn't like the pumps.

*Photos from Glamour

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ivanka Trump's Beautiful Wedding Dress

This stunning wedding gown was custom made by Vera Wang. Ivanka glammed it up with jewelry from her own collection worth $220,000. I really like her dress. Very simple, a far cry from the world her surname suggests and of course, Melania's . Here too.

I find it funny that the daughter opted for a simple gown and the stepmom had a lavish one. hmmm...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Watson's Nose Pore Tape

I am loyal to this brand because it's cheap and it works. One box costs P119 and includes 10 pieces. Just remember, to be effective, you have to thoroughly wet it and leave it on until it's super dry. It will hurt a little when you peel but it's definitely worth it. You will really see all those buggers outta your nose and onto the tape. And your nose will feel smooth and clean afterwards. Use regularly. And no, this is not a paid endorsement. I will be featuring more Watson's brand products in the future. I love Watson's and I love my BDO Rewards Card. = )

An Inconvenient Truth

I would like to encourage everyone to watch An Inconvenient Truth. It's a documentary about the climate crisis. The speaker is Al Gore. If you watched it already, I suggest you watch it again. This was filmed in 2005 and you can really see and feel now what he's talking about back then. It's not a joke. What is happening to us right now is scary but I think we can still stop that or change that. We have started doing small steps to help. For example, we used to leave the lights on in our room when we go down to take a bath. Now, we turn it off. We often use 2 fans. Now, whenever I have the chance, I turn one off.

When I cook, I put out a trash bowl wherein I put all the vegetable tops, peels, etc. which I then throw to the soil to serve as compost. Believe, we now have a budding papaya tree planted in an old plastic water container. If you were born in the '80's here, you'd remember those black plastic containers with a handle which almost everybody used to fill up with water from the poso. I believe my grandmother just dumped a bunch of papaya seeds in that container and kept filling it with vegetable peels. Now the tree is taller than me.

Also, and this is very important, limit your plastic bag use as much as you can. I am guilty of forgetting my tote bags when we go shopping. Yesterday was an example. I completely forgot to bring my eco bags so what I did was I refused several plastic bags. I asked for one big bag from Watson's and put everything in there. I gave back the plastic bag for the vitamins I bought. I also gave back the plastic bag from Mercury. We do all our shopping during the weekends and believe me, that's a lot of of plastic bags. Imagine if I use 15 plastic bags during my shopping trips. That's 4x a month. That's 60 plastic bags in a month times 12. That's 720 plastic bags in one year! If I don't use plastic bags, imagine how much space in the environment I'm saving. And that's just me, one. Think about what will happen if 2 families did that, or 10 or 20!

I'm saving up for a reliable set of bags which are heavy duty for the groceries but light enough (and foldable) to keep in my weekend bag. I have my heart set on 2 brands which offer beautiful designs. My weekend bag is like a quarter of my office bag. I don't like lugging too much stuff when I'm in the mall. It's bad for my back and my shoulders.

Well, I think you get the picture. Let's do our share in saving our home. Our children are worth it.


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