Monday, November 2, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

I would like to encourage everyone to watch An Inconvenient Truth. It's a documentary about the climate crisis. The speaker is Al Gore. If you watched it already, I suggest you watch it again. This was filmed in 2005 and you can really see and feel now what he's talking about back then. It's not a joke. What is happening to us right now is scary but I think we can still stop that or change that. We have started doing small steps to help. For example, we used to leave the lights on in our room when we go down to take a bath. Now, we turn it off. We often use 2 fans. Now, whenever I have the chance, I turn one off.

When I cook, I put out a trash bowl wherein I put all the vegetable tops, peels, etc. which I then throw to the soil to serve as compost. Believe, we now have a budding papaya tree planted in an old plastic water container. If you were born in the '80's here, you'd remember those black plastic containers with a handle which almost everybody used to fill up with water from the poso. I believe my grandmother just dumped a bunch of papaya seeds in that container and kept filling it with vegetable peels. Now the tree is taller than me.

Also, and this is very important, limit your plastic bag use as much as you can. I am guilty of forgetting my tote bags when we go shopping. Yesterday was an example. I completely forgot to bring my eco bags so what I did was I refused several plastic bags. I asked for one big bag from Watson's and put everything in there. I gave back the plastic bag for the vitamins I bought. I also gave back the plastic bag from Mercury. We do all our shopping during the weekends and believe me, that's a lot of of plastic bags. Imagine if I use 15 plastic bags during my shopping trips. That's 4x a month. That's 60 plastic bags in a month times 12. That's 720 plastic bags in one year! If I don't use plastic bags, imagine how much space in the environment I'm saving. And that's just me, one. Think about what will happen if 2 families did that, or 10 or 20!

I'm saving up for a reliable set of bags which are heavy duty for the groceries but light enough (and foldable) to keep in my weekend bag. I have my heart set on 2 brands which offer beautiful designs. My weekend bag is like a quarter of my office bag. I don't like lugging too much stuff when I'm in the mall. It's bad for my back and my shoulders.

Well, I think you get the picture. Let's do our share in saving our home. Our children are worth it.

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