Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alone Time

My good friend Kitten and I were supposed to go out yesterday but she had some unexpected things come up. I needed to buy some stuff as I am packing for a trip and so I went alone.

I actually enjoy going out alone as much as going out with girlfriends or MB. It gives me a chance to eat whatever I like to eat and explore new restos. It’s also nice to take my time when shopping.

After paying my bills, I had a late lunch at Toast Box:

hainanese chicken at toastbox

I love Hainanese Chicken. I sometimes cook this dish but it’s too tedious so I settle for eating out. I’m so happy that there are now restaurants that serve proper Hainanese Chicken. Well, except that one above was sooooo bloody. It was swimming in blood when I pulled the meat apart so I had it changed. You know what Gordon Ramsay says, bloody chicken is poisonous. This is the second time I ate at Toast Box and in both times, the chicken was so bloody.

After lunch, I started shopping. First stop was Beabi where I bought these:

beabi stuff and starbucks thermos, by btisandtreats

The Sakura thermos on the far right is from Starbucks where I had a snack while waiting for the church service to start.  There were a lot of pretty Sakura tumblers too:

starbucks sakura tumblers, by bitsandtreats

Starbucks was my last stop for the night. I took a photo of these because I know Kitten loves Sakuras.

After Beabi, I also went to Watsons to get some toiletries. It’s so much fun to shop when you’re paying in points! I was able to buy a lot using my BDO rewards points. Now I know what my friend Ahne feels.

For the past few days, I’ve been going back and forth to Beauty Bar because I wanted to buy these hair accessories:

beauty bar hair accessories, neutrogena fine fairness sunblock and in2it brow powder, by bitsandtreats

The thing is, they’re too expensive. The big one costs Php150 while the small one costs Php95 but I couldn’t find them anywhere else so I bought them. When I got home, I tried them on and I’m glad I purchased them.

At Beauty by SM, I got this Neutrogena Facial Sunblock. I feel like the Clinique Sunblock is giving me a white cast so I’m going to try this. This costs around 600+ pesos. I was shocked when I heard the price from the SA but Neutrogena is one of those few brands that work for my skin well so I went ahead and bought it. And finally, I bought the infamous in2it brow kit. My Fanny Serrano kit has hit pan. Well, the shade that I’m using anyway. I also needed a small brow kit for my trip so this is perfect.

I had fun in spite of being alone. When I was younger, I was scared to eat alone, go out alone, shop alone. I guess confidence also comes with age. Hey Kitten, don’t feel bad okay? We have a lot more days to spend together. We’ll go out some time. I still owe you your presents.

How about you ladies, have you spent some alone time lately?


  1. Hainanese Chicken!!! 0___0

    actually E, i'm pretty much of a loner hahaha! i always need my ME time. ^__^ i do have friends and we go out and all but i enjoy exploring and doing things on my own.

  2. ang cute ng thermos ng starbucks ;)

  3. bought the tumblers din! the starbucks here doesnt have the pink one, so I only got the one on the left and the right. supercute!

  4. I have never heard of Hainanese Chicken!! :))

    I looooove shopping alone! You can do/buy/eat/look at anything you want at your own pace! <3

  5. boo to restos serving bloody chicken. i mean, if they were to eat those things themselves would they? and they would notice naman if they slice the thing right?

  6. @Sugar: wow! I learned something new about you!

    @Lelila: I wasn't planning on buying nga but it's sooo cute!

    @Michelle: You should try it! Good for you, when I was your age I was too shy and too scared. By the way, your package left na!

    @Salmoncat: Absolutely! They definitely sliced the chicken through the bone and the bones were bright red! Your package left na rin!

  7. @Charry: Bakit walang mga ganito when we were kids no? We got stuck with cartoon characters...

  8. I was gonna email you again! Cause I thought that I gave incomplete information!

    Guess not!

    Thank you!!! I'm super excited to get it!! :D

  9. So sorry for sending it so late Michelle. I'm just really busy. Expect it to be at your doorstep tomorrow.

  10. It's okay, I hope to go out with you next time, eat out tayo at luk yuen and have dumplings (your fault)

    hey get well~

    As for the chicken, that is gross, at least you can have it changed.

    I don't mind going out alone as I've done it many times already, what's good about it is that you can choose a place to eat and try something what you really want.

  11. @Kitten: Nahawa ka na rin sa siomai bug???

  12. the package is with me na. thanks lady e! me extra pa. :) di ba I mentioned that my sister gets the night surge and clarifying lotion? she want the lipstick too. hehe.

  13. You're welcome salmoncat! Glad your sister likes it! Sana may matira sa iyo!

  14. she can't have the makeup kit, that's for sure.

  15. How much is the sakura tumbler?the one with pink and white.. and where is that starbucks branch> im dying to have one of their pink tumbler. thanks!

  16. sometimes having a ME time is wonderful ^_^

  17. @salmoncat: dapat lang! ikaw naman ang umeffort! hahaha!

    @Anonymous: I didn't look at the price of that one. That's at Fully Booked Greenbelt

  18. hi ma'am E, can you also do a review on Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum?

  19. Will try sir John. I have the fine fairness sunblock. Will check that out soon



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