Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Face Shop Herb Day Acerola Facial Wash, by bitsandtreats

I got intrigued with The Face Shop line of facial washes after using the Mung Bean facial wash. This Acerola facial wash is also a keeper. I started using this in December and stopped in January just because I switched to the Clinique 3-Step System but in the duration of my usage of this product, I was very satisfied.

What are its merits? Number one, the price. It’s very affordable at only Php200+ at any TFS store.  It also lasts a long time so your 200 pesos goes a long, long way.

The scent is lovely. At first I thought Acerola is aratilis but a quick Googling proved me wrong. Acerola is actually like a cherry. It is native in the Americas but is also cultivated in some of our Asian neighbors. So why would  they use acerola in a facial wash? Acerola has very high vitamin C content and other nutrients. And we all know that vitamin C is good for our bodies in and out. It’s a very good anti-oxidant.

After using this, I am left with a brighter face. My cheeks are also softer and I can definitely feel that my face is clean. It doesn’t make my skin oily after several hours. When used with a good moisturizer, the effects can be long-lasting.

After several weeks of using the Clinique 3-Step System, I tried using this facial wash again. Sadly, I ended up with rashes as my skin dried up. I think I developed sensitivity to this product. My skin is really like that. Now, I’m scared to use any other facial wash aside from Clinique.

For ladies who are looking for a good, affordable facial wash, I recommend you try either the Mung Bean or Acerola TFS facial wash. While you’re at it, why not try both and see what works best for your skin.


  1. the clinique 3 step is good! it worked for me, this product looks interesting though, will add this one in my list.

  2. Last year nagtake ako ng Acerola Vit C from AMWAY and I thought it's aratilis hehehe...

  3. Oooohhh.. This is next on my list after I finish my other facial washes. :)

  4. @Kitten: I think this is good for oily skin too. Try mo then let me know.

  5. @Ahne: Eh mukha naman talaga siyang aratilis di ba?

  6. @Michelle: If you do try this out, blog about it okay?

  7. i was half-shocked, iba yung pagbasa ko sa title ng blog na to.

  8. isn't that alatiris is also a kind of cherry?

  9. @cafemobility: parang alam ko kung pano mo binasa!

    aratilis. buloy! no idea. basta alam ko masarap siya



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