Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Sulit Purchase!

This was supposed to be one of my birthday gifts for myself but it arrived more than a month later. I’m not complaining because it’s soooo sulit!

I bought these two:

estee lauder lippies, by bitsandtreats

And got this bag:

estee lauder dream bag, by bitsandtreats

And these:

estee lauder freebies, by bitsandtreats
(pot of moisturizer missing as I gave it to mum)


Isn’t that amazing? I originally bought 3 lippies but the other shade was out of stock and they couldn’t replace it anymore so I told them that I will just change my order but they said they can’t tinker with the system anymore but they will still include the gift with purchase. Yay!

What’s your recent so sulit purchase?


  1. ooops.. i miss reading your posts for 4 days!!!

  2. Cool new stuff :D Can't wait for your swatches (if you're going to post em) Haha

  3. congrats! looking forward to see you wearing those lippies

  4. Wow, where?? So awesome!

    My most recent so sulit purchase was just today. My friend & I braved the LRTs (Line 1 & 2 haha) to get to Robinsons Ermita, where we found a multi-way dress for *dun dun dun* 100 pesos! She got the blue and I the red, and we're planning to surprise our friends on our next outing :))

  5. @Aya: I will blog about them soon!

  6. @Kate: I wore the coral one today and it was lovely. It stayed put too!

  7. @Kari: Can we see that dress? = )

  8. I haven't made any fashion-related posts on my blog, but maybe that could be the first! We'll see :D



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