Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gommage What?

I have no idea why Korean (and Japanese) brands are so enamored with the French. You see the Eiffel Tower in most stationeries, anime characters usually inject French words into their conversations and now I see beauty products with French words on them. Take this for example:

etude house black head gommage and finger gloves, by bitsandtreats

I’ve been lemming for these products since Etude House opened but unfortunately, it was always out of stock when I visit Megamall. There was one time that it was there but I didn’t have the budget to buy it. So finally, last January, I was on perfect timing.

Let’s start with the gommage first:

black head gommage, by bitsandtreats

I certainly did not know how to use this so I used it as I would a regular scrub – on a wet face then I scrubbed gently with the finger gloves then rinsed. I’ve been doing this for months until I finally decided to do some research on it. Turns out, you need to use this on dry skin. It’s like applying a mask. You slather this all over your nose then wait for it to dry a bit then you rub. The rubbing causes the dirt to stick to the gommage. I’ll be honest. I was scared of this rubbing part as my nose might develop pimples because of sensitivity. Nevertheless, all in the name of beauty, I did it. My nose was red afterwards even after careful and gentle rubbing. I used the finger gloves to remove most of the product as I was having a hard time removing it from my nose. I also rinsed my nose with water afterwards.

A few days later, I saw the tip of my nose red. It was starting to develop a zit. I did all preventive measures (as the SuperSale Bazaar was coming). I didn’t want to face my clients looking like Rudolph. Luckily it didn’t develop.

black head off finger tip silicon, by bitsandtreats 
The silicone finger gloves have 2 sides – one is that ridged side you can see on the left and the other side has small bristles. They are both gentle on my skin. For wet application, I use the bristles to clean my nose and gently rub the product around then I use the ridged one to remove the remaining product then I rinse. For dry application, I just use the ridged side to remove the gommage.

I find that wet application suits me best. With the dry application, I could still see some leftover dirt and whiteheads on my nose. With using it wet, I can really see and feel that my nose and the surrounding areas clean. Does that defeat the purpose of the gommage in the first place? Well, maybe yes but I will not use a product and follow its rules even though it’s not working for me. I’d rather use it in its full potential that benefits me. I’m very satisfied with this product. I will not go back to using blackhead masks just because this gommage saves me a lot of time and doesn’t make my nose itchy after application (masks make my nose itchy).

I think the gommage retails for Php300+ while the gloves are less than Php200.

Have you tried this product yet? How do you find it?


  1. I've seen the gloves before but didn't buy them coz I didn't know what they are for exactly. Hahaha

  2. @Aya: I just looked at the pictures. LOL...

  3. haha, me too, pag foreign directions pictures are the safest bet.

  4. I might actually look into purchasing the gloves! :)

  5. i have the silicone gloves and haven't gotten around to using them LOL! x)

  6. @Michelle and Sugar: I look forward to your reviews then. = )

  7. what are those two toys that look like a....

  8. finger gloves john, finger gloves to get rid of dirt, black and whiteheads



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