Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Eyes

One of the best things of being at home is playing with my makeup. I had some errands to run today but decided to just stay home and rest. I was getting bored so I decided to get my Nichido Stardust Palette in Blue Lagoon and make an EOTD that’s great for parties and nights out. I still have to brave up to wearing this kind of makeup. Well, maybe when the occasion calls for it.
blue eyes, by bitsandtreats

blue party eotd, by bitsandtreats

blue party look, by bitsandtreats

Please forgive the crooked line on the other eye. I was too lazy to fix it.

nichido blue lagoon eotd, by bitsandtreats

nichido blue lagoon party eotd, by bitsandtreats

I used the bright blue all over my lid then on my crease, I used the purple shadow. To soften the look, I applied the lavender shade on top of the purple. I used the Maybelline Gel liner and Maybelline Falsies as mascara. The colors are much more intense in reality. The lighting in the room is weird as it was almost dusk when I took photos.
 blue party eyes by nichido stardust, by bitsandtreats

So, how do you like this look? Is it party-ready? Would you wear this look?


  1. I agree. I don't have enough courage to sport this look as of yet. But it is a good party look! :)

    I wouldn't wear this to a party. I'm that shy with makeup! Maybe to a themed party. :))

    Great look nonetheless. I looove the blending. :)

  2. i'm not into blue eyeshadow and never pulled it off~

    great work~

  3. @Michelle: Thanks! You shouldn't be shy about makeup. Full on makeup is bagay sa iyo. I saw the pics in the event you hosted.

    @Kitten: one day... I'll paint your eyes blue!

  4. love mo ang blue ^_^ i'll wait for green smokey look ^_^

  5. Hi rhain! I don't love blue. As a matter of fact, I'm scared to wear this color. And because of that, this is the color palette that gets left out of my makeup and so this is the color that I play around with the most when I'm in the house. Sayang naman pag di nagamit.

  6. Nice! Ako naman i love blue on my lids ;)

  7. hay nako Charry, lahat naman ng kulay bagay sa iyo! hahaha! All your EOTD's are pretty!

  8. then let's go party! i'm a boring person so i prefer neutral colors..hehe

  9. hi dear.. ah.. ako hindi rin masyado sa blue shades ^_^ i prefer black and silver shades.. and at the moment im into greens ^_^



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