Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girl Bonding

After a very tiring and disappointing week at the Ateneo Great Escape Bazaar, I was able to get some needed R&R with my best friend C at the Ayala Malls.

This is C (in a goofy mode). She has been my best friend for 25 years.

c, by bitsandtreats

She was not able to come to my Clinique Birthday Party because she wasn't well that time. So she said that she'll make it up to me somehow. It's very fortunate that our schedules matched and so we went out today.

First off, we went to SM to look for luggage. I am planning a trip and I need one as my luggage here is about 14 years old already. I'm scared that it will just fall apart while I'm wheeling it around. = )

Then we had lunch at Sentro. We had:

sentro garlicky adobo, vegetable kare kare and bagoong
Garlicky adobo and Vegetable kare-kare

I also ordered my favorite mango shake (only from Sentro and Fish Out of Water) while she ordered dalanghita juice.

After an hour of lunch and chit chat, we went to Michael Kors to buy MB's birthday gift:

michael kors heart manila tote, by bitsandtreats
Thank you MB!

I've wanted this tote ever since it first came out. Unfortunately, we didn't have the budget back then as my medical bills were sky high. Thank God that it's no longer like that.

We went inside a few boutiques and looked around. Isn't it great to window shop with your girlfriends? You don't feel pressured to hurry up nor worry that your boyfriend might be getting bored already. Your girlfriends won't bat an eyelash when they see a 10,000-peso purse whereas your boyfriend would flip over a 3,000-peso wallet. We were at Tory Burch when I saw a beautiful purse. If I can remember correctly, it was priced at 10,ooo++ pesos. I told C to think that it's just like a cellphone. Hahaha!

Then we went to Bayo and went crazy fitting clothes! We ended up buying a lot:

bayo clothes, by bitsandtreats
Her clothes are not yet included here!

I enjoy my shopping trips the most when I go with C. She knows my taste, body, size, even feet size (we're both a weird size 5!). She has this uncanny ability to spot clothes that would surprisingly look good on me  that I would otherwise ignore when I'm shopping alone. Almost all the pieces above were her choices. She just went through the racks of clothes and kept yelling for me to try this and try that on. So, I got stuck in the dressing room for a good 45 minutes or more.

I wanted to buy a pair of sandals from Grendha but Bambu at Glorietta didn't have the style that I was looking for so we went back to Landmark and finally agreed to buy:

grendha sandals, by bitsandtreats

This pair also fits her nicely. I think she will also buy one for herself. C is one of the very rare people that I'm comfortable having duplicate clothing/shoes/accessories with. I really don't mind. And she feels the same way too. She's also not stingy with clothes that look good (or don't look good) on her. She got this beautiful white top earlier and she was asking me if she should get another one for me. It was beautiful but I couldn't think of anything to pair it with so I told her to just go solo but the gesture was very endearing. She had clothes that didn't suit her body type that she passed on to me such as the gray and green tops in the photo above.  We're so well-attuned to each other's wavelength that there is no need to ask questions or give answers to each other. I think that's what 25 years do to you.

I really enjoyed my day with her. We both got take away food for our respective families and went home with a smile on our faces. We rarely see each other because she lives in Antipolo. In a year, the average is about 10 times or less so I'm really grateful for the time we spent together no matter how long or short.

How about you? Have you been out girl bonding lately? Isn't it just lovely every single time?


  1. my younger sister's my shopping buddy, she knows what i like and what i don't like..haha

  2. That is so sweet!!

    And as for the boyfriend getting impatient, I'm super super super thankful that I found a boyfriend that loves to shop as well! Every time I go to places like Forever21, he even HELPS me look for clothes that will look nice on me.

    BUT the downside is that when a top is a touch too low or a tad too sheer, he'll automatically be like, , "kailangan may suot ka sa loob nyan ah!"


  3. we both went out the same day to spend some bonding time with our girl friend, M went with us too.

    I love your fashion sense. I've yet to try that mango shake next time. Same with that garlicky adobo and veggie kare kare.

    I have to agree girl bonding is great! Along with some shopping and eat out too.

  4. Aww I want some girl time toooooo. I haven't been out with my girl friends for quite a while :[

  5. @Camgaga: Lucky you, you have a sister who likes fashion and shopping! My sister is a book/school worm. 2 PhD's and she still wants to study!

    @Michelle: I think boyfriends are naturally protective so sometimes I shop alone! hehe

    MB also likes shopping but there are times when he's just plain bored.

  6. @Kitten: Girl bonding! Thanks! The adobo was too sour for my taste. And as you can see, this is the second time I ordered the veggie kare-kare.

    Girl bonding + shopping + eating out = a fabulous, de-stressed and recharged you!

    @aya: you must! it really makes you look at things differently after. You're happier, more relaxed and more creative!



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