Friday, November 30, 2012

Amazonian Wild Lily

the body shop amazonian wild lily fragrance mist, bitsandtreats

I have a good collection of perfumes and it is running low. I tend to buy several bottles at the start or end of the year or whenever they are on sale. I make sure that they last me a year or two then I buy again. Perfumes are one of those beauty products that I don’t regularly buy so I stock up on them. I invest once and that’s it until the supplies last. I also don’t buy retail. I wait for sales and I never buy cheap knock offs such as those labeled “Original from Singapore, Buy 1 Take 1”.  I always go to my trusted Rustan’s sales attendants. Authentic perfumes last longer plus you also get GWP’s from the brands.

Anyway, my stock is running low and as I am getting addicted to The Body Shop, I purchased this bottle of Amazonian Wild Lily Fragrance Mist. It is not a perfume so the scent does not last very long. I don’t like bringing perfumes in my purse (well, except for that tiny bottle of Elizabeth Arden Pretty for days when I forget to spritz some before I leave the house) so I spray a lot of this mist before I go. I love the light scent of Lily but it actually smells citrusy to me. Or maybe I’m just used to citrus scents. LOL..

I got this on sale at Php995 during one of my TBS shopping trips. If you are allergic to perfume and you prefer light scents, I recommend getting TBS fragrance mists.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Watsons Haul

watsons shopping bags, bitsandtreats

I thought my stockpile would last me until the end of the year but it’s only November and we are using the last bottle of body wash. Our stock would have lasted but I forgot to take into account my sister. She uses our body wash when hers run out. So I went to Watsons with mom to get some more stocks.

watsons november haul, bitsandtreats

Aside from the BOGO offer, I used my coupon to get further savings. I just bought a bunch of necessities – shower gels, wet wipes, Charmee feminine wipes, hand sanitizers, toothbrushes and foot scrub. I couldn’t resist the new Hello Kitty products so I got the lip balms and the hand lotion. If you look closely, the hand lotion includes a Hello Kitty charm that can be removed and used for your phone or purse. The best part is they are all just 99 pesos each!

In this transaction, I saved Php418! I love shopping at Watsons because I not only satisfy my need to shop, I also save money in the process. I’ll post a separate review of the Hello Kitty items so watch out for that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

bobbi brown pot rouge, bitsandtreats

This is one of those products that has been in my vanity for so long that I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about yet.

bobbi brown pale pink pot rouge, bitsandtreats

The shade is Pale Pink. It’s a great lip and cheek color.

bobbi brown pale pink pot rouge swatch, bitsandtreats

It’s a good every day shade that is also office-friendly. I use it more on the lips than on the cheeks but it works nicely on my cheeks too.

The price is a bit expensive but you have to remember that this is a product that does double duty so it’s worth it. Also, one pot will last you a long time. In my opinion, it is better to invest in this product than buy several cheap ones that don’t last. You get good quality and good quantity.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Urban Decay Feminine Palette

Urban decay feminine palette, bitsandtreats

One of the perks of having your own beauty store is you get to try different beauty products at no cost. And being a beauty junkie, nothing goes to waste. This is the old version of the Urban Decay Feminine palette.

the urban decay feminine palette, bitsandtreats

I think the only difference with the new version is the case. What I love about palettes is the value for money that I get. With this palette, I got the 24/7 liner which I probably can’t live without. It’s my every day liner. I already finished my duo which came with the NAKED palette so I’m using this liner now.

Here are swatches:

urban decay feminine palette swatches, bitsandtreats

Most of my clients prefer the Dangerous palette over this one. I think it’s because of the pastel colors. Filipinas like either neutral colors or dark colors for smokey eyes to wear at night functions.
If you’ve been a long-time follower of this blog, you’d know that I love color. I don’t mind donning different colored eye shadows every day. I am just not a neutral girl.

From left to right is Ecstacy, Darkhorse, Aquarius, Midnight Cowboy, SWF and Stray Dog.

I have used all of the shades. I normally use Midnight Cowboy as a base but it has big glitters that tend to fall out so they go all over my face. It’s such a hassle to remove them so I sometimes go out looking like a Christmas tree. LOL… = )

Ecstacy goes wonderfully well with Aquarius. Then you can contour with Stray Dog or Darkhorse. I love this palette and I’m glad I’m giving it some attention this month.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Heroine Make Liquid Liner

heroine make liquid liner, bitsandtreats

I haven’t been well the past few weeks that is why I’ve been absent from blogging. Heck, I couldn’t even prepare my own meals so I ask whoever is available at home to get me some food. I woke up feeling better this morning so I got up and fixed myself some breakfast which you will be able to read about here.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this product yet. This was the last stock from Hyphen so I got it for myself. This is the best liquid liner I’ve ever tried.

kiss me heroine make liquid liner tip, bitsandtreats

The tip is sturdy yet flexible when you need to do a cat eye. I also love the fact that the liquid liner itself is not runny so it does not get all over my eye lid. It’s very easy to apply and dries up pretty quickly.


It does not smudge and lasts the whole day. Actually, the packaging has a photo of the heroine crying showing that the liquid liner will last even with a drum of tears. You know how exaggerated anime/manga characters cry. So that’s how strong this product is.

Even though it lasts a long time, it does not hurt my sensitive eyes. No allergies, itchiness, redness whatsoever. I remove this using my Etude House Liquid Mascara Remover which also doubles as my overall makeup remover. It’s very easy to remove using this makeup remover.

I will try to blog more this week. I know I still have a ton of products to blog. I just need to find the strength to take photos of them. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Too Faced Leopard Love

too faced leopard love, bitsandtreats

This product has been around for a while now but I have only recently tried it. This is the last of my Leopard Love stock from Hyphen so I got it for myself.

too faced leopard love palette, bitsandtreats

I don’t regret getting this last palette. I should have done it sooner! As you can see, the bronzer is the most used in the bunch. Here are swatches:

too faced leopard love swatches, bitsandtreats

From left to right: highlighter, blush, bronzer. You can barely see the bronzer but it’s perfect for every day use. I was actually worried about the colors – brown and orange; purple, brown and champagne. Well, who wouldn’t be, right? I didn’t know how it would look like on my face but once I applied it, I was surprised. I only need a small amount for the blush and highlighter but I really have to layer the bronzer to contour my face.

This is great to pack in your bag when you travel. I will definitely bring this next year when I go out of town. I love this product but I can’t wait to finish it. Why? Because there are tons of products out there that I’m excited to try!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Watsons FootEase Cooling Leg Gel

watsons footease cooling leg gel, bitsandtreats

I don’t spend a lot on foot and leg products but I try to take care of my legs and feet by regularly using products that will help soften or moisturize them. I saw this tube of cooling leg gel at Watsons one shopping day. I decided to get it as it was 20% off. It costs a little over Php100.

Watsons products continue to amaze me. This one works like a charm. The gel is really cool. Actually, if I put too much and sit in front of the fan, my legs get too cold and I need to put them under a blanket.

I’ve recently noticed dark veins on the back of my knees and I am concerned about developing varicose veins. I hope by continued usage, this product will relax my legs and my veins. I apply this after I take a bath at night on days when I go out during the day to help soothe my tired legs. My legs instantly feel relaxed after a quick application and light massage. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can really feel the stress on my legs slowly melt away. I either lie still or prop my legs up on the wall or a pillow to further relax them.

I am halfway through the tube and I have a spare tube in my stockpile. I will definitely get one more tube before the second one runs out and before the sale ends.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ELF Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter

This is still a continuation of the reviews of my ELF Haul.

elf under eye concealer and highlighter, bitsandtreats

I have been intrigued by this product from the very first time I saw it. I just didn’t purchase right away because I have a love-hate relationship with ELF products. It was on sale at only Php224.80 so I finally got one.

Some of the reviews I read did not like the concealer as they said it didn’t do a good job of hiding their dark circles. I don’t have dark under eyes so this product works for me. I love the fact that it’s light and doesn’t make that area look too cakey. I love that it’s in liquid form. I think liquid concealers are great especially for my under eye area as I can easily blend it. I make sure to wipe the applicator first before inserting it back into the tube to keep it clean.

As for the highlighter, if you are looking for a cheap, everyday highlighter, I would recommend this. It does what it says on the box. It brightens the area where you apply it. I think I’m not used to liquid highlighters (except for High Beam) that I clumsily apply this on my face. It dries up quickly so blend quickly. It’s good for day wear but I would recommend a more dramatic highlighter for day events, special occasions and night wear.

For the price, it’s a good product especially for budget-conscious girls. If ELF had a separate concealer only then I would buy that. I’m not really thrilled with the highlighter plus I have a lot of highlighters that will last me for years. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ELF Eyelid Primer

What’s your favorite primer? Mine is Too Faced. Urban Decay comes second. I don’t like UD that much because the product dries up. It does not matter if it comes in the potion bottle or the tube. They dry up pretty quickly whereas the Too Faced primers last a long time without drying up.

I have a lot of primers on stock but I was curious about the ELF Eyelid Primer. I thought I can use this for my budget clients.

elf eyelid primer, bitsandtreats

I got this on sale at Landmark for only Php116.80. If you need an everyday cheap primer, I recommend this. It’s a great product! I was even surprised by how well it performed. Some of the eyeshadows crease but I think that’s because I applied the shadows too soon. Let this dry first before applying. Or maybe it depends on the brand.

The staying power is comparable to my UD and Too Faced primers but don’t expect the color to be that radiant by the end of the day. If you want your makeup to go from day to night then I suggest that you layer it and blend thoroughly. You might still need to retouch before you go to your night event.

When all my primers run out, I’ll probably just stick to this. Who needs a thousand peso primer when you’ve got one that works just as well for only a little over a hundred bucks? I think I’ll just save the big name primers for special occasions.

Friday, November 9, 2012

ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder

elf HD underye setting powder, bitsandtreats

Landmark had a cosmetics sale last month and I took advantage of it. I got some ELF products that I’ve been wanting to try. This is one of them.

This costs around Php250 but I got it when it was 10% off. This is good value for your money even if it’s not on sale.

The powder is supposedly translucent but it makes my undereyes too white. At first I was worried that with my acidic skin, this will turn out to be useless. Turns out, my acidic skin won’t affect it all. The trick is to apply just the right amount of powder, pat it and blend it. I also use this on other areas of my face to make my concealer last longer. I think if you put too much and you get your photo taken, the whites will really show so have a light hand when applying.

Also, experiment with different concealers as some concealers when used with this product seeped into my fine lines and after a few hours, the lines were really visible so you have to do a bit of trial and error. This works best with my Benefit concealers.

A small jar will last you a long time. I use a flat brush to apply this product under my eyes, on the sides of my nose and on blemishes. The pack comes with its own brush but I find that too small.

This is a great product for its price and I would buy it again when the jar runs out.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 2012 Vanity Cosmetics

I am still so excited with this project of mine. These are my choices for November.

nov 2012 face products, bitsandtreats

These are the face products – Etude House BB Cream, ELF HD Transparent Setting Powder, Palgantong Powder, Too Faced Leopard Love palette. I forgot to include Benefit That Gal and Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic in the photo.

nov 2012 palettes, bitsandtreats

These are the palettes that I am using – UD Feminine Palette, Stila Adventurous in Aspen and Wet n Wild Lust palette.

nov 2012 blushes, bitsandtreats

Blushes – Maybelline Wooden Rose and Stila Custom Color Blush.

nov 2012 eye products, bitsandtreats

Eye products – same from last month with the addition of the Etude House eye shadow.

nov 2012 lip products

Lip products – EOS lemon, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, Avon Purple Hazed, NARS Sex Machine, NARS Angelika, Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss, Lip Ice, NARS Schiap.

nov 2012 nail products, bitsandtreats

Finally, nail products – OPI Not Like the Movies, NARS Schiap, Etude House LuciDarling, OPI purple, magenta and blue.

This is how I store them for easy access:

nov 2012 cosmetics, bitsandtreats

I can’t wait to finish more products this month. Sooner than later I hope. I am thinking of doing a blog sale soon in time for our move. What do you think? Will you ladies be interested in buying some of my makeup?

Friday, November 2, 2012

What’s in my pouch–November 2012

I am bogged down with work and blogging seems to be a refreshing break. Just looking at my makeup collection makes me feel relaxed. My project seems to be working as I am almost hitting pan on some of the cosmetics that I grouped last October so I am continuing that project. We will be moving out in a few weeks and I really need to purge a lot of my cosmetics, clothes and accessories as we will be moving to a shoebox house. Anyway, here’s what’s inside my pouch for this month.

avon makeup pouch, bitsandtreats

This is an Avon pouch that I got as a GWP. This is the first time that I will be using it. I can’t use this as a purse because it’s too tiny. It doesn’t fit half my room. I like bringing big bags and big purses.

november 2012 makeup in pouch, bitsandtreats

The regulars are my Paul and Joe compact, Aranaz mirror, Kleenex Oil Blotting Film, ELF concealer, Carmex lip balm. The new items are Benefit Bella Bamba, Clinique Happy lip gloss and perfume duo, Avon lipstick in M200, Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls Tropical Pink, Revlon Cupcake and Too Faced Luster Liner.

Next up is my Vanity Cosmetics November 2012 set.


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