Thursday, November 15, 2012

Watsons FootEase Cooling Leg Gel

watsons footease cooling leg gel, bitsandtreats

I don’t spend a lot on foot and leg products but I try to take care of my legs and feet by regularly using products that will help soften or moisturize them. I saw this tube of cooling leg gel at Watsons one shopping day. I decided to get it as it was 20% off. It costs a little over Php100.

Watsons products continue to amaze me. This one works like a charm. The gel is really cool. Actually, if I put too much and sit in front of the fan, my legs get too cold and I need to put them under a blanket.

I’ve recently noticed dark veins on the back of my knees and I am concerned about developing varicose veins. I hope by continued usage, this product will relax my legs and my veins. I apply this after I take a bath at night on days when I go out during the day to help soothe my tired legs. My legs instantly feel relaxed after a quick application and light massage. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can really feel the stress on my legs slowly melt away. I either lie still or prop my legs up on the wall or a pillow to further relax them.

I am halfway through the tube and I have a spare tube in my stockpile. I will definitely get one more tube before the second one runs out and before the sale ends.


  1. ool i like the sound of this xx

  2. oh cool, glad to know that stuff works. will look for that on my next watsons visit. hehe



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