Monday, November 19, 2012

Too Faced Leopard Love

too faced leopard love, bitsandtreats

This product has been around for a while now but I have only recently tried it. This is the last of my Leopard Love stock from Hyphen so I got it for myself.

too faced leopard love palette, bitsandtreats

I don’t regret getting this last palette. I should have done it sooner! As you can see, the bronzer is the most used in the bunch. Here are swatches:

too faced leopard love swatches, bitsandtreats

From left to right: highlighter, blush, bronzer. You can barely see the bronzer but it’s perfect for every day use. I was actually worried about the colors – brown and orange; purple, brown and champagne. Well, who wouldn’t be, right? I didn’t know how it would look like on my face but once I applied it, I was surprised. I only need a small amount for the blush and highlighter but I really have to layer the bronzer to contour my face.

This is great to pack in your bag when you travel. I will definitely bring this next year when I go out of town. I love this product but I can’t wait to finish it. Why? Because there are tons of products out there that I’m excited to try!

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