Monday, February 28, 2011

My Fabulous Clinique Birthday! Part 2

Here’s my best friend M with Prin. You might recognize her from my Clinique Makeover Workshop. She had the party look back then.

mich with prin, by bitsandtreats

Aside from the cupcakes, I also gave away these bangles to all my guests:

tomato bangles, by bitsandtreats

The Clinique ladies got to choose theirs as well:

my girls with their bangles, by bitsandtreats

Aside from the cupcakes and bangles, Clinique gave each and every one of my guests a Clinique Gift Bag. Even the guys received gifts. Here’s Lyn, that special girl who made the magical cupcakes, with her Gift Bag. I guess you can tell that she’s very happy.

lyn with her clinique gift bag, by bitsandtreats

Each of the Gift Bags contains a personalized item. So if the guest has Type 2 skin, then she gets Type 2 skin products. Thank you Clinique for being so generous to my guests!

Even my grandma (she’s 82 and celebrated her birthday just 17 days ago) got to take home Clinique stuff! I bought her a lipstick, toner and moisturizer.

mama with her clinique item, by bitsandtreats

Now, my grandma is the original shopaholic. I got the shopaholic gene from her. She’s the one I was talking about in my previous posts about the fashionista sisters.  I was so glad that she visited us during the party. Well, actually, she wanted to get her skin profiled as she suddenly developed these itchy bumps. Ms. Baby said that it’s because she has very dry skin (oh my, me too) that’s why she’s developing those nasty bumps. So, I bought her some products to relieve the itching and rashes.

My college friends had loads of fun trying out the makeup at the counter:

my girls enjoying the makeup, by bitsandtreats

Kulit stolen shot taken while Ms. Budit was doing her talk. Oooops!:

baby and ruth, by bitsandtreats
Sorry Ms. Budit! My cuz is such a camwhore.

Before the party ended, we had a raffle. I raffled off 5 Clinique products to my guests. Since the men can’t join, Ahne decided to let them pick the winners instead:

martin picking a winner, by bitsandtreats

That’s M picking out the first winner. Those are my fists saying Go, M, Go! I told him not to pick Kitten (his girlfriend). NO favoritisms please! But in my heart I knew he was going to pick her. AND HE DID!

I also wanted Lyn to win so I asked M to pick again and urging The Secret to let Lyn win. And guess what, M picked Lyn! Yay!

my raffle winners, by bitsandtreats

These are all the winners. They got to take home the new Clinique Chubby Stick and the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss.

I gave cupcakes to all my friends at Rustan’s. Aside from the Clinique ladies, almost all the Perfume Specialists are also my friends. I asked them for a photo and was wondering where JM was when Michelle said that he was just out doing something. I asked her if it was his break then she said yes. Little did I know that they sent off JM to buy me flowers!

my rmk family, by bitsandtreats

I was so touched. I didn’t expect them to do this. I just wanted everybody to have a “piece” of my birthday and seeing them smile upon receiving the lovely cupcakes was enough to make me happy. This was the cherry on top. = )

But a funny thing happened. I caught JM holding the bouquet so he gave it to Michelle who gave it to me immediately. Then JM suddenly said that they haven’t written on the card yet so I gave them the flowers back and told them that I will just pretend to be surprised (again) later. Hahaha!

Here are more photos:
avelino ladies

bagong apo

My newfound friends! M, Kitten, Lyn and Edwin:
me, godfather, kate, lyn, edwin

College girls P and J:

moi, jean, precious

After all the guests have gone, I finally had a chance to take a photo with the ladies:

ladies of clinique, by bitsandtreats

Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo with Ms. Budit as she left early. It was only later that I found out that it was actually her rest day and she still came and did all that for me. I was so touched! So thank you so much Ms. Budit! I really, really appreciate it.

My favorite (and best) Beauty Specialists forever and ever:

the best clinique beauty specialists ever, by bitsandtreats

As this is still my online Journal of sorts, I’d like to thank Clinique for hosting this wonderful party. I haven’t celebrated my birthday in years, much more have a party so I am very grateful that you did this for me. Thank you Ms. Budit and Ms. Malou for suggesting that I celebrate my birthday at the Clinique counter. Thank you for all your great ideas and being so supportive. Thank you Ms. Dindin for making sure that all my guests are well taken cared of and thank you for taking photos of this event for Clinique! And Ms. Baby, I wouldn’t have discovered that magic that is Clinique had it not been for you. Thank you for approaching a very shy (and intimidated) me back then. Thank you for always looking out for my skin and my makeup routine and thank you for always taking care of me whenever I’m at Rustan’s.

To all my friends who I have not seen in a very long time (P and J), thanks for coming. I hope to hang out with you again soon!

To my newfound friends, Kitten, M, Lyn and Ed – thank you for taking the time off to attend this party. Thank you Kitten because I know you still had to go to work the night of the party and you stayed until the party was over! Thank you M for attending in spite of you not feeling well the day before.  Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes Lyn and Ed! Sa uulitin! And thanks for deciding to stay and join the fun!

Thank you to my cousins R and C for being there and bringing Mama to the event. Special thanks to R for being my photographer of the day and to her boyfriend J who helped with arranging stuff and cleaning up.

Thank you Ahne for being such a good sport and being my model for the day. Thank you for all the support that you’re giving me and always coming to my rescue whenever I need you. I so love you!

Thank you M and sister P for coming over in spite of the very long commute. I‘m glad that you had fun!

I just wished that my best friend C and G were able to come but they had emergencies as well as the girls from my former office. Oh well, there’s still a next time.

Thank you to all my guests who attended the event.

I always thought that I had very few friends. I’m very picky when it comes to choosing people whom I can consider friends. But during this party, seeing all these people surrounding me,  my heart said that I have more than enough. I knew that these people will be with me through thick and thin.

Above all, I thank God for blessing me with 29 years that are filled with joy, love, friends, family, challenges and experiences that continue to shape me and mold me to become His perfect servant. This one’s for you, DAD, my Heavenly Father.

My Fabulous Clinique Birthday!

I celebrated my 29th birthday at Clinique Rustan’s Makati last Saturday (my real birthday is the 27th). As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Clinique products. My skin regimen consists mostly of Clinique products. That is why, I was so touched and honored that Clinique offered to throw me a birthday party at the Makati counter.

This is going to be a 2-part post as there are tons of photos!

Let’s check out my birthday cupcakes first:

captain's mix magic cupcakes, by bitsandtreats

my birthday cupcakes, by bitsandtreats

lyn's cupcake, by bitsandtreats

These are from Captain’s Mix and Magic. You can email them at or phone them at 0926 7450638. Look for Lyn. 

Green is my favorite color and it also happens to be Clinique’s color so this cupcake is perrrrfect!

Before the guests arrived, I had my makeup done by Prin, the makeup artist hired by Ms. Budit especially for the event. (Thank you Ms. Budit!!)

getting dolled up, by bitsandtreats

Of course, you all know that my skin was prepped with Clinique’s 3-Step System, right?

Choosing the right foundation shade:

foundation swatches, by bitsandtreats

My guest and best friend Ahne, was the chosen sacrificial lamb, I mean model of the day! = )

Here, Ms. Malou is prepping her skin:

prepping ahne's face, by bitsandtreats

Choosing the right foundation:

swatching foundation on ahne, by bitsandtreats

This is me thanking everybody for coming and telling them what’s in store for the day.

opening remarks, by bitsandtreats

Turning you over to Ms. Budit:
ms budit giving a lecture, by bitsandtreats

She’s great. She’s the one in-charge of training all the Clinique Beauty Specialists. Yep, she’s right on top of the food chain. What’s special about Ms. Budit is that, her talks are never boring. They’re very educational, she uses simple language and gives relevant examples.

After the talk, each of my guests had a personal consultation and makeover from the beauty specialists.

This party ain’t complete without my blogger best friend, Kitten. She also blogged about this so check out her post as well.

Here, Ms. Malou is prepping her face:

kitten getting prepped, by bitsandtreats

…and fixing her brows. Ms. Malou is the expert when it comes to brow shaping and grooming!

ms. malou fixing kitten's brows, by bitsandtreats

Here’s my friend J, having her skin profiled by Ms. Budit:

jean getting profiled, by bitsandtreats

This is a test that shows how your skin reacts after the 3-Step System. One side absorbs the moisturizer while the other side that has not been prepped doesn’t.

skin test, by bitsandtreats

See the difference? You can easily tell that the skin on the right is smoother.

see the difference, by bitsandtreats

To be continued…

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ladies, Your Attention Please!

Please choose a third prize as some of you have duplicates. Just leave a comment below what your preferred third prize is. = ) Tomorrow's the day! Who will win what?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tomato is Good For You

So I decided that I wanted to detox last night. I went to Rustan’s to hang out and check out what’s new with my favorite brands. I got lucky because the Clinique Chubby Stick has just arrived. Will do a review on that soon. Oh, and if you’re a MAC fan, the Peacocky Collection is out now.

clinique chubby stick in woppin' watermelon

Let’s focus on my Tomato haul. I was looking for a nice giveaway for my party on Saturday and I’ve been wracking my brains and annoying my friends since last week to no avail. When I was on my way to MB’s office, I saw the display at the Tomato boutique and found bangles! Yes! Problem solved! I won’t show the pics as some readers will be at the party. I want it to be a surprise of some sort.

Tomato is having a promo and I was Php500 away from it so I bought a few things but went overboard (again, as usual).

tomato bag, by bitsandtreats

I like the camel and gray combination. I got this bag for Php750. I love Tomato bags as they last a very long time. All my Tomato bags (bought in college) are still in good condition. I’ve given most to my cousins and they’re still okay.

I also bought this:

tomato blue purse, by bitsandtreats

I don’t have a purse in this color and thought it would punch up my wardrobe. It’s a wallet/purse:

tomato purse, by bitsandtreats

This is great for lazy days. I can put my money, cards, lipstick and compact here. It also has a chain for the uber lazy (me).

tomato studded purse, by bitsandtreats

This purse is only Php450.

And because I reached the Php2,000 minimum promo amount, I got these for FREE:

tomato couples watch, by bitsandtreats

MB doesn’t like leather watches. He’s more of a sporty watch type but he likes the idea of a couples watch. We’ve been looking for a pair since forever. I don’t think he will wear this though. I asked him if I should just give this away. He said to keep it. Maybe he’ll wear this one of these days.  Maybe.

black leather couples watch, by bitsandtreats

Today, I need to run a few more errands and maybe do a bit more shopping. hehe..

Hope you all have a great Friday in spite of the terrible traffic!

Strawberry Sorbet

I made this EOTD when I was feeling all sweet and pretty. Haha! Actually, this was after the Clinique Mini Makeover Workshop and I thought I'd fool around with my peach/pink/orange eyeshadows and came up with this:

eotd strawberry sorbet, by bitsandtreats

I used my Fashion 21 palette to create this look.

Base: E/S #3
Crease and outer V: E/S#15
Outer V over E/S#15: E/S #27
Highlight: E/S #12

Sometimes unexpected color combinations turn out pretty. I'm going to experiment with more colors...and that's the reason why I want more palettes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wishing for a Grand Prize?

Because I’m all out for granting wishes, especially on my birthday month, HYPHEN will sponsor the grand prize:

maybelline eye studio pedal to the medal, by thehyphenstore
Maybelline EyeStudio Pedal to the Medal Cream Eyeshadow
worth Php550

maybelline twilight palette, by thehyphenstore
Maybelline Twilight Palette worth Php650

maybelline colorsensational lip stain, by thehyphenstore
(1) Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Stain worth Php550 in the shade of your choice

(All the prizes above are not available locally. Well, you can only get them at Hyphen)

What do you need to do? Get as many of your Facebook friends to repost this giveaway on their walls. Make them tag you back so that it will show up in your own wall.  Send me a screencap(s) then we will decide the winner!

Be creative about your message but you should include this in your shoutout:

(Blah, blah, giveaway, link to my giveaway) Discover hard to find makeup brands only at HYPHEN. (If you don't include that last line, your entry will be disqualified). All your friends' shoutouts must also contain this line.

Contest ends at 12 mn, February 27. Send me the screencaps on February 28, until 10 am at Emails that will register at 10:01 on my gmail will be disqualified.

Lady E’s Favorite Things–Recap

Update: Ladies, in your FINAL BLOG POST, please write why you deserve to win the prizes that you want.

Prize 1
clinique all about eyes rich and 7-day scrub cleanser, by bitsandtreats

Prize 2
blue bag organizer, by bitsandtreats

pamper pack 1, by bitsandtreats

Prize 3
pamper pack 2, by bitsandtreats

kenzo power, by bitsandtreats

Prize 4
etude house happy tea time facial wash and makeup remover, by bitsandtreats

red polka dot bag organizer, by bitsandtreats

Prize 5
be givenchy, by bitsandtreats

l'eau par kenzo, by bitsandtreats

Prize 6
etude house mini size u gift pack, by bitsandtreats

etude house mini size u, by bitsandtreats

Prize 7
green things, by bitsandtreats

Prize 8
clinique samples, by bitsandtreats

Prize 9
clinique lipstick, by bitsandtreats

Prize 10
clinique makeup kit, by bitsandtreats

clinique goodies, by bitsandtreats

Whew! Have you made up your minds yet?


1.Open to Philippine readers only.
2. This giveaway will end on February 27, 12mn
3. You must be a follower of this blog.
4.  Blog about this giveaway and send me the link. If you don’t have a blog, post in your FB or tweet it. Just send me the link.
5.  All entries from the previous giveaways are included in this giveaway. BUT, if you like a  prize and you don’t blog about it, you don’t get an entry and you’re not qualified to win that prize.

6. One person can win up to 2 prizes so there will be several winners. Just put in your FINAL blog entry (after all the giveaways have been announced) what prizes you want to win and why. I will judge based on creativity of blog post.

6. Each blog post is equivalent to one point. Each tweet or FB shoutout is also equal to one point.  Highest score for the blog post is 5 (which I will judge based on creativity). So you get 8 points in total for one giveaway. You can blog about any (or all) of the giveaways to earn points. The participant with the highest points gets the 2 prizes on her wish list.


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