Friday, February 25, 2011

Strawberry Sorbet

I made this EOTD when I was feeling all sweet and pretty. Haha! Actually, this was after the Clinique Mini Makeover Workshop and I thought I'd fool around with my peach/pink/orange eyeshadows and came up with this:

eotd strawberry sorbet, by bitsandtreats

I used my Fashion 21 palette to create this look.

Base: E/S #3
Crease and outer V: E/S#15
Outer V over E/S#15: E/S #27
Highlight: E/S #12

Sometimes unexpected color combinations turn out pretty. I'm going to experiment with more colors...and that's the reason why I want more palettes!


  1. I call this pose, an awkward pose, I also do this when I do an EOTD.

    Lucky you, you don't have oily lids. Sana may ellana eye primer sa sm tomorrow, bibili ako.

    I call this EOTD, perfect for dates~ romantic EOTD. Ikaw na ang magaling! ikaw na, haha.

  2. hindi bagay sakin ang pink color or baka i don't know how to apply eyeshadows..haha

  3. @Camgaga: if you're not a pink girl, i'm not a blue girl!

    Buti pa si sugar, lahat ng colors bagay!

  4. HI. Nice post. I'm kinda starting to collect my kikay kit and I wonder if you could help me out on what to have and what not. I'd love to know your view about this item Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! Anyways, I'm not a pink girl either. Haha. :)



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