Monday, February 14, 2011

Sorry, I’m Very Busy!

Sorry, if you’ve missed me in the last coupla days. I’m very busy with our DLSUnite Bazaar at the Yuchengco Hall in DLSU Taft. It will go on until Friday, Feb 18 when DLSU will be open to the public. Hyphen and The Emporium are there. If you fancy something at Hyphen, you might want to visit us there.  But you might want to hurry as the LaSallians have their eyes already set on some of the items. The others are on reserve already.

In the meantime, please amuse yourselves with this giveaway:

l'eau par kenzo, by bitsandtreats
L’eau Par Kenzo for Men

be givenchy, by bitsandtreats
Be Givenchy For Women

1. Same rules as the last giveaway
2. Blog about this giveaway and answer this question in your blog: What perfume are you planning to buy for you (and/or your man) this summer and why?

Sorry for this very hurried post. I’m quite exhausted from today’s events.

*Thank you MB for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. 1. I'm a follower

    2. Blogged about it:

    3. Tweeted it:!/Kitten_03

    4. What perfume are you planning to buy for you (and/or your man) this summer and why?

    For myself, I still have my Burberry Summer but if it runs out when summer arrives, I’d prefer body sprays or something light. I expect we would have another awful summer, when it comes to temperature that is, so I would buy my all time favorite bench so in love body spray~ LOTS of it!

    For my man, for some reason, I just love the smell of old spice body spray on him. It smells so manly, I love it! and just because I find it sexy~

    And thank you to MB for sponsoring your giveaway, ang sweet naman ^_^

  2. ♥ im a follower via GFC: rhaindropz

    ♥ spread the word here:

    ♥ twit:!/rhaindropz

    ♥ perfume im going to buy for us ^_^ (rhain and mike) --> on sale sya kaya have to grab it up.. Reg Price of 800 ea.. Sale sya 399php ea..

    His and Hers fragrance called Simply Because. This pair of fragrances inspires the romantic in each one of us to make everyday extraordinary! Valentine's Day may be over but I believe everyday can be Valentine's Day with your loved ones! --> me and mike wanted to try this out ^_^ and this will be my gift to him this coming 19th of March ^_^ for our 15th monthsary.. he really loves perfume and im hopign he'll gonna love this (kasi nga type nya yung Givenchy Play for men ^_^ thanks Lady E for letting us to try them out ^_^)

    hi MB thanks for sponsoring this giveaway ^_^

  3. I'm a follower..and here's the blog link:

    thank you..(",)

  4. hi again lady e, here's my blog post entry for this part of your giveaway:
    FB post:



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