Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet Chacha!

me and chacha, by bitsandtreats

She’s one of my most malambing cats. She’s Chanel’s mom. The moment I carry her, she automatically embraces me. She puts her legs on either side of my neck and snuggles her head into my neck/hair. In this photo, she wanted to try something different. She just lied down and I carried her like I would a baby. Her hind legs were resting on my left arm. She also likes sliding her head down the length of my shoulder and arm then bringing her head back to my neck then slide down again. My mom worries that she might bite me or something. When Chacha gets so gigil with me, she sometimes bites my leg or foot. But not hard, just baby bites. Other times she thinks I’m one of her babies. I just talk to her a lot reminding her that I’m not a cat.

chacha and me, by bitsandtreats

She can stay like this for 10-20 minutes or until she finds something interesting. Sometimes she forgets that she's a mom already and fools around. When I tell her, "ChaCha stop" and she ignores me then I call her again and she still ignores me then I tell her, "Kate, stop it!" then she knows that this time I mean business, she stops and comes to me. All my cats have pet/endearment names and when I call them on their real name, they know that I'm mad already and they behave. But most of the time they're sweet except for the boys who like to fight a lot. Well, boys will be boys.

ChaCha is also the mom of those cute babies that you’ve been seeing .


  1. i was wondering. mas matured ba mag isip ang pusa kesa sa aso?

  2. I don't have a dog but my Godfather has one. And it's a huge dog (forgot the breed)and I try to communicate with him. He follows my orders but not as fast as my cats would. Maybe he's not yet used to me. They're both smart and I guess it depends on the owners how they treat/teach their pets. Another thing that I've noticed is that cats tend to look at you longer when you're talking to them. It's like talking to a person. My godfather's dog doesn't make eye contact for long. Or maybe that's a good thing, I dunno.

  3. kyut kyut! mukhang malinis pa. Si tabby hindi ko ma shower, takot talaga sa tubig.

  4. si cha cha kasi gustong naliligo. but since she's a nursing mom and it's cold, sponge bath lang muna.

  5. She's so sweet. Not all of my cats want to be picked up.



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