Monday, February 28, 2011

My Fabulous Clinique Birthday!

I celebrated my 29th birthday at Clinique Rustan’s Makati last Saturday (my real birthday is the 27th). As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Clinique products. My skin regimen consists mostly of Clinique products. That is why, I was so touched and honored that Clinique offered to throw me a birthday party at the Makati counter.

This is going to be a 2-part post as there are tons of photos!

Let’s check out my birthday cupcakes first:

captain's mix magic cupcakes, by bitsandtreats

my birthday cupcakes, by bitsandtreats

lyn's cupcake, by bitsandtreats

These are from Captain’s Mix and Magic. You can email them at or phone them at 0926 7450638. Look for Lyn. 

Green is my favorite color and it also happens to be Clinique’s color so this cupcake is perrrrfect!

Before the guests arrived, I had my makeup done by Prin, the makeup artist hired by Ms. Budit especially for the event. (Thank you Ms. Budit!!)

getting dolled up, by bitsandtreats

Of course, you all know that my skin was prepped with Clinique’s 3-Step System, right?

Choosing the right foundation shade:

foundation swatches, by bitsandtreats

My guest and best friend Ahne, was the chosen sacrificial lamb, I mean model of the day! = )

Here, Ms. Malou is prepping her skin:

prepping ahne's face, by bitsandtreats

Choosing the right foundation:

swatching foundation on ahne, by bitsandtreats

This is me thanking everybody for coming and telling them what’s in store for the day.

opening remarks, by bitsandtreats

Turning you over to Ms. Budit:
ms budit giving a lecture, by bitsandtreats

She’s great. She’s the one in-charge of training all the Clinique Beauty Specialists. Yep, she’s right on top of the food chain. What’s special about Ms. Budit is that, her talks are never boring. They’re very educational, she uses simple language and gives relevant examples.

After the talk, each of my guests had a personal consultation and makeover from the beauty specialists.

This party ain’t complete without my blogger best friend, Kitten. She also blogged about this so check out her post as well.

Here, Ms. Malou is prepping her face:

kitten getting prepped, by bitsandtreats

…and fixing her brows. Ms. Malou is the expert when it comes to brow shaping and grooming!

ms. malou fixing kitten's brows, by bitsandtreats

Here’s my friend J, having her skin profiled by Ms. Budit:

jean getting profiled, by bitsandtreats

This is a test that shows how your skin reacts after the 3-Step System. One side absorbs the moisturizer while the other side that has not been prepped doesn’t.

skin test, by bitsandtreats

See the difference? You can easily tell that the skin on the right is smoother.

see the difference, by bitsandtreats

To be continued…


  1. Belated happy birthday! It's so cool that you got to spend your bday there! :D

  2. looks like you ladies had fun. belated happy birthday E! =)

  3. What a fabulous way to spend a birthday. Belated Happy Birthday! :) I hope you have a great year! :D

  4. belated happy sure had fun, no doubt..hehe

  5. is she(Ms Baudit) a dermatologist? parang gusto ko tuloy dumalaw and consult with her. alone, para hindi nakakahiya.

  6. Gusto ko kumuha ng picture up close pero ayaw mo naman eh, at nahiya rin ako sa bisita mo. hehehe

    2nd, wala na bang cupcake? hihingi kami ni john eh. hehehe

    3rd, pwede ko ba i-grab ang photos mo?

    Thanks for inviting us, it was a one of a kind experience for me and Lyn. Something new. Love love you friend~

  7. @Kitten: oh my gosh! hindi ba kayo nakakuha ng cupcakes??? kaya pala ang daming natira! tapos pinamigay ko na lang sa rustan's. ang daming guests na hindi nakakuha ng cupcakes. ung mga "others" na hindi invited nakakuha! kami ngang apat dito, maghahati sa 2! hindi ko pa rin natikman!

    pagawa kaya ako ulit kay Lyn? hehe. i'm serious!

    sure, grab the photos.

    i hope to hang out with you guys soon. Love you too!

  8. Thank you Sugar, Michelle and Camgaga!

    @John: Ms. Budit is their trainer. She's usually in the head office. She visits the counter sometimes. If you just want a simple consultation, the ladies at Rustan's can accommodate you. Or I can go with you. = )

  9. naka tikim naman kami, pero di ko lang naubos sa akin kasi nag dinner kaming apat sa kaya after.

    teka, pano naka kuha ang hindi guests? ayus ah... haha

    yeah, till our next meet up

  10. wow! ang bongga ng bday celeb ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  11. @Kitten: eh di kumuha!

    @Hazel: Thank you!

  12. @Katey: Kaya is a japo retso right? parang Kimpura?

  13. ay ganun ganun lang? bongga! hahaha...

    @john: it's korean at marami ring koreanong kumakain. hehehe.



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