Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Want it Pink!

So while we’re in the subject of makeup removal, let me share another one of my Etude House finds:

etude house mascara remover, by bitsandtreats

I already have the Eye and Lip makeup remover (the blue one) but I find that it’s not effective in removing mascara. So I trooped to EH SM Makati and bought this Mascara Remover for Php198.

I like the oil/solution combo. It makes the overall look very pretty. Very princessy indeed. The smell is much like the blue one. Effectiveness is very good. I just dab a cotton pad on my eyelashes then I’m left with clean lashes and lids. Yes, it also removes eye makeup! Don’t forget to shake the product first before applying!

The only thing I don’t like about this is it stings my eye like crazy whenever I accidentally put some in. It hurts so bad that one day I swore never to buy this again. But honestly, it’s more economical to buy this than the Eye and Lip makeup remover unless of course, you use lipstick that’s hard to remove. I think I will buy this again and just be careful every time I remove my eye makeup.

Up next: Another makeup remover to complete this subject.


  1. I love the packaging! 2nd, i need a mascara remover alone. The maybelline eye and lip make up remover does not do anything for my mascara.

    I'm loving your finds. can you please tell me where is etude at SM Makati? I didn't see it when we were there. thanks

  2. It's near ELF and in front of wet n wild. oo, Maybelline's eye and lip makeup remover is not so great with mascara.

  3. sounds good. and a good price tag to boot, too!



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