Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working Gal Face

I think a lot of girls are faced with the everyday dilemma of what to wear and what makeup to apply. My cousin, R, is no exception so I dragged her to the Clinique Makeover Workshop.

First, Baby taught her the basics of skin problems and skin care.

baby showing skin chart, by bitsandtreats

Then, she proceeded to test the Clinique 3-Step System on the back of R’s hand. R is type 3, by the way.

clinique type 3 products, by bitsandtreats

They also did a skin tape test:

clinique tape test, by bitsandtreats
This was before the 3-Step System was applied

tape test before, by bitsandtreats
See all those dead skin cells?

tape test after, by bitsandtreats
See how clear that tape is after?

This shows you effective the 3-Step System is. By the way, Clinique did not give me free 3-Step System products. I bought them myself and I can attest to how effective they are. Read about my review here.

Then Baby prepped R’s face.

baby prepping r's face, by bitsandtreats
Gotta remove all those EDSA pollution

The 3-Step system was applied then makeup. She also taught R how to apply foundation properly.

applying mascara on r, by bitsandtreats

Finished product:

baby and r, by bitsandtreats

What’s a Clinique event without a fun, Asian signature pose?

fun pose baby and r, by bitsandtreats

r's after face, by bitsandtreats
Pang FB Profile pic!

Next is a close up of her eye makeup. Don't forget to join my giveaway!


  1. She's so pretty! I love her eyes. :)

  2. Now I'm scared to find out what's my skin result, haha.

    Anyway, as for make-up, I sometimes have a dilemma, thinking of what kind of make-up to wear the next day. Sometimes naman, I make it terno with the color of outfit I'm wearing.

  3. @Kitten: Ako rin. I watched somewhere na you shouldn't match your makeup with your outfit daw. pero i find it weird pag iba ung kulay. that's why i use complementary shades na lang.

  4. @michelle: thank you :) I'm wearing gray contact lenses here which, btw, I also sell :)

    Thanks for featuring this Lady E. I really should wax my upper lip. :))

    Can't wait for the next blog :)

    Love you much :)

  5. @ruth: thanks for coming to the event! I keep forgetting to give you the strips. Love you more!

  6. I see, it's the eye shadow i match with the outfit. haha! hmm, thanks for telling me that.



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