Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sakura Bella

watsons sakura bella shower gel and body scrub, by bitsandtreats

I finally finished my Dove Pomegranate Body Wash. I still have one more bottle but I decided to try Sakura Bella first so that I have back up in case I’m allergic to Sakura Bella.

The flyer says that Sakuras contain phenolics which are powerful anti-oxidants responsible for maintaining skin's youthful glow. The product promises to aid in combating the signs of aging (fine lines, dullness).

The lotion contains Vitamin E and olive oil. The body scrub has finely ground walnut shells.I hope it's not too harsh.

First of all, the smell is absolutely wonderful. I keep sniffing whenever I lather this on. It’s not too strong but it’s not too faint either. It’s just right.

Grape Bella is thicker in consistency that’s why I need 5 pumps to get a good lather using my bath lily so now I’ve already used up a lot and the week’s not yet over.

The scent stays on after I take a bath but disappears after a couple of hours. Also, you have to really smell your skin up close in order to get a good whiff of the sakuras.

I didn’t have any allergies to this (thank God!) but it didn’t moisturize my skin. I think this is a great summer body wash as it’s very light and the smell is so light and fresh. I’d recommend this if you’re planning a trip to the beach. They have it in a convenient travel pack (that contains shower gel, body scrub, body lotion). I haven’t tried the body scrub yet but I will tomorrow and give you an update. I will also buy the body lotion as I'm running out of lotions. 

Oh, before I forget, you might want to have someone with strong hands when you first open this product. I couldn’t make the top pop up. Even MB had a hard time lifting the pump.

Will I repurchase? No, I’m going to HOARD! I’m saving this for hot, humid, sticky days.


  1. waaaa, i want. bibili rin ako nito soon!

  2. wala nang matitira! uubusin ko na!

  3. wag kang ganyan, pag mag hoard ka pa naman, parang wala ng bukasssss~ wag poooo. hehe

  4. -images of Lip Ice come to mind....-

  5. parang gusto ko yung sephora palette mo, yun na lang kaya?

  6. wait ka lang. marami pa kong darating na palettes. baka may mas magustuhan ka dun

  7. aww, sige, nag message tuloy ako sa fb about the sephora. sige i'll wait. thanks

  8. your post seriously convinced me to try this out. hahaha. to watsons i shall go!

  9. Go Meedge Go! Hahaha! Thanks Meedge!

  10. oo, kasi mag hhoard ka eh, hirap na~ hehe



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