Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lady E’s Favorite Things

February is my birthday month and with that I’m doing several giveaways! I have always loved the Oprah Show and I especially love the Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes. Giving is just so natural to me. I think God blessed me with this gift. Giving makes me happy. Every time I watch that episode I always say a little prayer to God that one day I may be able to do that and bless so many people. I’m not quite there yet so I’m doing a mini version of it starting today!

Watsons is my favorite beauty hangout. I get most of my beauty stuff there. Here are some of them:

my favorite beauty stuff from watsons, by bitsandtreats

At Watsons, I discovered the new Kotex, Lip Ice, Charmee and these L’oreal 1-minute hair masks. I also get my favorite soap and my HG oil blotting paper there.

Another thing that I like is getting freebies and samples from magazine and stores. So in this giveaway, I’m including the samples from the last giveaway (which was unsuccessful).

samples and my favorite beauty stuff, by bitsandtreats

Everything will be housed here:

bag full of goodies, by bitsandtreats

House Rules:

1. I need at least 5 participants for each giveaway to push through. If there are not enough participants, the prize will be put in the next giveaway’s pot. There will only be 1 winner for each giveaway unless otherwise stated. So for example, if there are not enough interested girls in the above prize then I’ll include this in the next giveaway. The winner of that giveaway will win both the above prize and the featured prize of that giveaway.  If that giveaway still does not push through then the third giveaway winner will win 3 prizes and so on. 

2. Be a follower. If you already are, state in the comments section.

3. Blog about this giveaway or place in your sidebar. If you don’t have a blog, you can tweet it or put it in Facebook. Send me the link.

4. Answer this question: What is your favorite blog post in bits + treats and why?

5. State all your answers in the comments section. Example:
Lady E. I’m a follower. I blogged about this giveaway here (link). I also tweeted about this here (link) and you can find it in my FB here (link). My favorite blog post is the Clinique Makeover Workshop because I learned a lot of makeup tricks.

6. This first giveaway is until Thursday, February 3 only. This is open to Philippine readers only.


  1. hi dear.. im a follower via GFC: rhaindropz
    my email address: rescueta@gmail.com
    and i blab here:

    my fave post in your blog is:
    "Incompetency is Disease"

    nakakarelate kasi ako, like you.. whenever im sad and i feel anger.. i cry.. na pakiramdam ko yun lang ang kaya kong gawin.. hindi ko din kasi gawain ang mageskandalo.. basta.. dun sa write-up mo na yun.. nakarelate ako.. hehehe.. lalo na sa trabaho..

    well keep on posting dear.. and ooops Im a cat lover too ^_^ i have, batik, puti and kulasa =^o^=

    i tweet about it here:

    hugs and kisses

  2. Hi rhaindropz! Thanks for being the first to comment. I have a question though. Where exactly in your blog did you post about this giveaway? I can't seem to find it. lolz. = )

    I also couldn't access your twitter.

    That actually happened at work and it caused quite a stir in the office. Even my boss read that post. I almost got in trouble by writing it but you know, freedom of speech and all that jazz. I didn't name names and it was a personal blog.

    More often than not, I cry just to let out steam instead of getting angry. I don't want to say something that I might regret later on so I cry.

  3. Clicked the google friend connect tab just last week. :)

    blogged about your giveaway here: here:http://salmoncat.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/lady-es-favorite-things-giveaway/

    I like your posts about cats and cat-themed stuff - lipstick, mascara, coin bank because I really love cats.

  4. Thank you salmoncat! I need 2 more entries then this is good to go! Otherwise, swerte naman ng susunod na winner! dami nyang prizes!

  5. I want to join, but give chance to others, haha!

  6. wait ka na lang ng ibang giveaways. mukhang ilalagay ko rin ung prizes sa susunod na pot.

  7. hi dear.. joined in to your birthday giveaway ^_^ image posted on my sidebar ^_^


    bakit kaya? di mo po maaccess twitter ko?

  8. @rhain: ang nakalagay, this person has protected her tweets



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