Friday, February 4, 2011

All About Eyes

Lately I’m finding myself obsessed with skin care products, prevention in particular. I'm not getting younger and nobody likes lines and wrinkles, right? I should have done this in my early twenties but those were hard times and we didn’t have enough to support our daily lives, let alone vanity splurges. So now, I’m on hyper mode.

I did not place any expectations on this product. I’ve had it with products claiming they can do this and that. I just tried the product thinking that if it works then great, if not then I’ll just find a new one.

clinique all about eyes rich, by bitsandtreats

I wasn’t expecting a dramatic change but 2 weeks into using this product, I noticed that my under eye area has become lighter. The lines are also not as deep as they were before I used this product.

I stopped using the Garnier eye products because I’m allergic to them so that means I’m not using any whitening products for that area. I am truly impressed with this product. I didn’t take a before and after photo as I wasn’t expecting this at all. But if you browse through the archives of EOTD’s, you will see the difference.

This product does not smell wonderful, if I may say so but it certainly works. I am also not allergic to it but my eyes do itch if it comes into contact. It’s something tolerable and goes away after a few minutes.

It’s quite pricey at Php2,050 but you only need a very tiny amount for your eyes. What I do is I swipe my pinkie ever so lightly on it and then apply on my under eye and lids in the morning. In the evening, I just apply under the eyes.

It’s safe to use for all skin types 1-4. It’s moisture rich and has botanical soothers including eyebright that ensures skin feels calmed, nourished and revitalized.

After MB finishes the Garnier products, I will give him one pot to try. Stay tuned for another giveaway!


  1. you deserve everything you are enjoying at the moment...sometimes you need to look at the quality than the price tag...lolz

  2. uy i want, pero yeah pricey nga. It would probably be the last thing I'll buy.

    I'm also planning on investing on skin care too, ang dami ko ng nakikitang signs of aging.

  3. @Ahne: Ssshhhh. Minsan takas kay MB ang pagbili nun. Nasstress kasi pag nakita ung price tag! hahaha! That's why I shop alone na.

    @Kitten: I regret not starting on an effective skin regimen when I was younger. But then again, we couldn't afford it back then. Sana makahabol ung regimen ko ngayon.

  4. magkasing tanda lang tayo, it's never too late *i hope* hehe

  5. di ba I'm older than you Kitten? I'm turning 29 na!

  6. ay di nga? I thought mag 28 ka pa lang. hehe. Edi dapat pala ate esther tawag ko sayo? hehehe

  7. alam ko kitten mahal kita pero parang gusto mong masaktan. = P

  8. ay joke lang. hehehe. peace tayo

    btw, do you know where dermalogica sells? do they have it in rustan's? if you have an idea lang. thanks e! ;)

  9. i forgot i have this eye cream till i read your post LOL! will try to use it regularly, thanks for reminding me haha



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