Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take the Day Off

This is my first cleansing oil and I can say that I’m fairly satisfied with it.

clinique take the day off cleansing oil, by bitsandtreats
Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil

I really can’t compare this to the Shu Uemura cleansing oils as I haven’t tried them yet. I’m not even sure if I’m going to try them as they are very expensive. This, however, is more affordable at only Php1,200-1500 per 200 ml bottle.

I said that I’m fairly satisfied with this product because it’s great for removing face and eye makeup but not waterproof mascara. It will probably remove regular mascara without a problem but I don’t use them. I always use waterproof mascara.

I bought this in spite of having several makeup removers (please refer to previous posts) for days when I’m not feeling well (suddenly have an attack) or when I’m too tired to remove my makeup and just want to take a bath straight when I get home then go to bed. I pump about 3x worth of product on my palm and apply as I would a facial wash. I make sure to gently but thoroughly rub the parts where there are the most makeup i.e. eyes. I then use my Clinique Facial Wash. Afterwards, my face feels clean and fresh.

The smell is like all Clinique products that I’m using. It doesn’t feel like oil but more of a liquid facial wash so I have to be very careful when applying on my face as the liquid spills.

I know it’s quite pricey for a makeup remover but I only use this about 4-6x a month and it allows me to rest as soon as possible so the price is justified. Time and rest are very valuable to me and this product gives them when needed. I bought this in December and I still have more than 75% left.

I recommend this for all you busy girls out there. I know there are times when you’re really, really tired but that’s not an excuse to go to bed with an icky face. This product will get rid of the day’s dirt in no time and will allow you to get your R&R fast.


  1. Well what do you know... are we blog topic twins? I also posted about my fave Clinique prods today, hehe. I'm glad you're liking this makeup remover.

    I used to like this makeup remover a few years back but I'm now more in love with my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Shu's a runaway winner, in my honest opinion. You get more than just having a clean face with it, may glow na kasama after rinsing. :)

    Shu's tad pricey but only a few hundred pesos. I bought my first 150mL bottle @duty free for 1250 lang. yun nga lang it's at DF so if it aint really accessible. you'll be pushed to get it from local Shu counters na super laki ng mark-up.

  2. I read that post! Most of your faves are mine too!

  3. :) eeee! halos same faves pala with clinique products.

  4. havent tried any clinigue product.. and this sounds great



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