Friday, February 25, 2011

Tomato is Good For You

So I decided that I wanted to detox last night. I went to Rustan’s to hang out and check out what’s new with my favorite brands. I got lucky because the Clinique Chubby Stick has just arrived. Will do a review on that soon. Oh, and if you’re a MAC fan, the Peacocky Collection is out now.

clinique chubby stick in woppin' watermelon

Let’s focus on my Tomato haul. I was looking for a nice giveaway for my party on Saturday and I’ve been wracking my brains and annoying my friends since last week to no avail. When I was on my way to MB’s office, I saw the display at the Tomato boutique and found bangles! Yes! Problem solved! I won’t show the pics as some readers will be at the party. I want it to be a surprise of some sort.

Tomato is having a promo and I was Php500 away from it so I bought a few things but went overboard (again, as usual).

tomato bag, by bitsandtreats

I like the camel and gray combination. I got this bag for Php750. I love Tomato bags as they last a very long time. All my Tomato bags (bought in college) are still in good condition. I’ve given most to my cousins and they’re still okay.

I also bought this:

tomato blue purse, by bitsandtreats

I don’t have a purse in this color and thought it would punch up my wardrobe. It’s a wallet/purse:

tomato purse, by bitsandtreats

This is great for lazy days. I can put my money, cards, lipstick and compact here. It also has a chain for the uber lazy (me).

tomato studded purse, by bitsandtreats

This purse is only Php450.

And because I reached the Php2,000 minimum promo amount, I got these for FREE:

tomato couples watch, by bitsandtreats

MB doesn’t like leather watches. He’s more of a sporty watch type but he likes the idea of a couples watch. We’ve been looking for a pair since forever. I don’t think he will wear this though. I asked him if I should just give this away. He said to keep it. Maybe he’ll wear this one of these days.  Maybe.

black leather couples watch, by bitsandtreats

Today, I need to run a few more errands and maybe do a bit more shopping. hehe..

Hope you all have a great Friday in spite of the terrible traffic!


  1. Those are great Tomato treats. I never knew their bags are sturdy. Will that refer to leather ones? Might check the store out soon.

    And on the chubby sticks! It's so cute! Onr of my int'l blogger friends is encouraging me to check those lippies out. Your post actually kicked my butt to do so!

  2. The wallet-purse is lovely! :D

  3. wow!!!! love the wallet/purse ^_^ lucky girl ang cute ng couple watches WOOOT!!!

  4. @herroyalbleakness: Yes, they are. Although of course, if you don't use the leather bag for a long time, the leather chips off.

    Yes, check out the Chubby Sticks!

    @Aya & Rhain: You think so? I think the color is really nice!

  5. I love the brown bag, I associate the brown bag for travel or when in a hurry, the stuff all your junk now because you're late.

    Bibili rin ako ng brown bag~

  6. Actually, the brown bag is for "work" use. Hehe. I need to buy luggage pa Kitten!

    Pwede sumama pagbili ng brown bag?

  7. hope you had fun on your party..i like the studded purse...hehe

  8. hi camgaga! I did! I'll blog about it when I'm back to normal. Still too tired.

  9. oo, lapit na rin ang travel mo sa SG. Samahan kita bumili ng luggage mo pag wala kang kasama.

    Sureness, hanap tayo ng brown bag ko pag may moolah na for that.

  10. i love couple's watch, couple's shirt, couple's pillow, couple's undergarment. i just didn't like couple's jacket kase mukhang factory worker lang na magkasama umuwi.



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