Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I found this in one of my magazines. I think the makeup used was Shu Uemura. I don’t have any Shu palettes that’s why I used my Fashion 21 palette. The colors don’t exactly match the original but this will suffice. It’s always fun to do my eyes whenever I’m sick. = )

shu uemura eyes, by bitsandtreats

inspiration, by bitsandtreats

I already tried 3 purple shades but I still can’t match the original. Oh, well. At least I had fun!

By the way, did you notice that the lines on my eyes have diminished? That's because of my Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream which is also included in my giveaway. Don't forget to join!


  1. Great job! When I work with shimmers, all I get is muddy colors! :)

  2. this looks fab E! :) i think it's a good remake of the shu poster. :3

  3. @Michelle: Most of the colors I used are matte. For the shimmers I just used my Etude House shimmer eye shadow over the matte ones. pang daya!

    @Sugar: Thank you sugar! you're so sweet!

  4. speaking of shu, i remember buying a shu eyelash curler and a p red 19d blush to a then gf(now an ex). oh well.... haaayyyyy....

  5. ang galing galing! *clap clap*

    im having 2nd thoughts tuloy sa dollface palette. sigh



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