Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lady E’s Favorite Things–Recap

Update: Ladies, in your FINAL BLOG POST, please write why you deserve to win the prizes that you want.

Prize 1
clinique all about eyes rich and 7-day scrub cleanser, by bitsandtreats

Prize 2
blue bag organizer, by bitsandtreats

pamper pack 1, by bitsandtreats

Prize 3
pamper pack 2, by bitsandtreats

kenzo power, by bitsandtreats

Prize 4
etude house happy tea time facial wash and makeup remover, by bitsandtreats

red polka dot bag organizer, by bitsandtreats

Prize 5
be givenchy, by bitsandtreats

l'eau par kenzo, by bitsandtreats

Prize 6
etude house mini size u gift pack, by bitsandtreats

etude house mini size u, by bitsandtreats

Prize 7
green things, by bitsandtreats

Prize 8
clinique samples, by bitsandtreats

Prize 9
clinique lipstick, by bitsandtreats

Prize 10
clinique makeup kit, by bitsandtreats

clinique goodies, by bitsandtreats

Whew! Have you made up your minds yet?


1.Open to Philippine readers only.
2. This giveaway will end on February 27, 12mn
3. You must be a follower of this blog.
4.  Blog about this giveaway and send me the link. If you don’t have a blog, post in your FB or tweet it. Just send me the link.
5.  All entries from the previous giveaways are included in this giveaway. BUT, if you like a  prize and you don’t blog about it, you don’t get an entry and you’re not qualified to win that prize.

6. One person can win up to 2 prizes so there will be several winners. Just put in your FINAL blog entry (after all the giveaways have been announced) what prizes you want to win and why. I will judge based on creativity of blog post.

6. Each blog post is equivalent to one point. Each tweet or FB shoutout is also equal to one point.  Highest score for the blog post is 5 (which I will judge based on creativity). So you get 8 points in total for one giveaway. You can blog about any (or all) of the giveaways to earn points. The participant with the highest points gets the 2 prizes on her wish list.


  1. 1. follower: Kitten

    2. blogged about it:

  2. hi pretty ^_^ im joining ulit *wink*

    ♥ im gfc follower via rhaindropz

    ♥ spread the final post here:

    ♥ tweet about it:!/rhaindropz

    ♥ on my sidebar:

    I have a great time joining your contests!!! Hugs and kisses ~ rhaindropz

  3. i would love to join..hehe do i have to make a separate blog posts on all of your giveaway??


  5. Hi Camgaga! So sorry for the late reply. You only need to make a post about the prizes that you like (you have to answer a question in each of them, that's why the separate post) then another final post on the top 2 products that you want to win and why you deserve them. Join na!

  6. I'm a follower..and i also blogged about your

    thanks for the reply po..(",)

  7. follower :)

    blogged about it:

  8. Happy Birthday Lady E! For your giveaway, here's my final blogpost:
    my tweet:
    fb post:



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