Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My New 3-Step Skin Care Routine

I have tried many products to cleanse, protect and maintain/improve my skin. When I was a teen, I was very loyal to Pond’s. When I took steroids, my skin became very sensitive to products. I suddenly  became allergic to products that I’ve been using for years. So, my quest for a new skin care line has begun.

From Pond’s, I went to Celeteque then to Etude House then to The Face Shop Cleanser. Celeteque was okay but I felt that it wasn’t enough. Etude House was better than Celeteque but I felt that there is still something better out there. I tried the TFS facial wash and I was very satisfied. I thought it couldn’t be better until I found this:

clinique 3 step system, by bitsandtreats

(Prior to this, I used Garnier moisturizer and Nivea Sparkling White Toner.)

I am Skin Type 2 on the Clinique 3-Step System. I will not sugar coat this. These products do not smell nice. They smell like something a doctor would give you but in saying that, they also work like something a doctor would give you.

I saw results immediately. My right cheek is always filled with rashes. They’re not visible from afar but when you look closely, there are bumps. I have been bothered by this for a very long time and I just completely resigned to the fact that steroids changed my life, or in this case, my face forever. I didn’t have high hopes for the Clinique Facial Wash but lo and behold. After washing, the rashes diminished. They were not completely gone but they were lesser, thinner.

I then used the toner. Apply on a cotton pad and apply in one sweeping motion to the cheeks and t-zone area. Apply on the cheeks first then the t-zone. Do not rub the product in. I also apply this to my neck as I always follow the rule – do to your neck what you do to your face. On my first use, it stung. It was really mahapdi. I asked Baby (from Clinique) if that was normal. She said if it’s not tolerable then stop. I told her I can take it so I continued. After several days, the stinging diminished. I still feel it sting from time to time but not as painful as before.

Lastly, I applied the moisturizer. Then I forgot all about it until I woke up the next morning. My skin was not flaky. It was not itchy and the rashes were GONE! All completely gone. I was in shock. It was my first use and it worked this good. So I thought that it was beginner’s luck, like gambling. I gambled with the product and got lucky the first time. So I used it again and again and again. The results are great. My skin is better. It’s not that dry anymore. I’ve been using these for approximately 2 weeks now and I’m very satisfied. I still have some TFS Facial wash left (review coming soon) and I used it last night. My face was very itchy afterwards. I didn’t experience that before using Clinique. I guess my face now likes Clinique better.

With continued use, I’ve noticed that the dark spots left by pimples are becoming lighter. I think this is because of the toner that has exfoliating properties. Makeup application, specifically liquid foundation, make up base and regular foundation, has become a breeze.

And you know that area on my cheek where a zit always pops up during that time of the month? Surprisingly, there wasn’t any this time. A zit popped up but on my hairline and  it went away in a day. I think that area on my cheek has now completely healed.

Other girls spend a lot on makeup. I invest more on the canvass. I want good, healthy, beautiful looking skin to start with. Makeup should bring out the most beautiful in you and not just hide your flaws or whatever it is that you want to hide. Makeup should complement you and not hide you. That is why I believe that skin care is more important.

I bought this trial set for Php1,500 at the Clinique counter in Rustan’s Makati. I will definitely buy the full size bottles next time. They’re actually sulit  as you only need a small amount for each product every time you use them.

Have you found your HG skin care routine yet?


  1. My mom uses these products and swears by them but my sister is allergic to anything Clinique. So, I thought I'd just put it out there that some people may be allergic to these products! :)

  2. wow, buti ka pa. Ako rin, I don't have good skin really, most of the time I'm too oily or both oily and flaking a bit. Also when I look closer I can see the signs of aging na. I need to invest on a good anti aging cream. and something good for oily skin :(

  3. Please go to Clinique. Promise. Ipa-assess mo lang ung skin mo. Ako rin dati parang okay na tong product na to. Then nagpa-assess ako. I'm very happy with my skin improvements na. I can go with you if you like. Or just wait for February. I'm cooking up something special for readers/followers/friends. Can't wait!

  4. @Michelle: Thanks for that. Of course, different people have different needs and conditions. Like me, for example, a lot of people swear by organic products such as Human Heart Nature but I'm allergic to most of their products. I have no idea why my skin likes chemical-laden stuff and breaks out on all natural stuff. What works for me may not work on other people.

  5. Thanks for sharing! i've been a loyal ponds user ever since.. but you mentioned that it diminished little rashes on your face.. and that's the kind of product i'm searching!

    <3 hazel

  6. Hi Hazel! You're welcome! I've tried a lot of products to get rid of my rashes. This is the only one that worked.

  7. free assesment ba? wow, looks like your up to something huh?

    My sched will be fixed na, so my rest days now, starting feb is Tues-wed.



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