Thursday, January 20, 2011

Purederm Hydro Soothing Aloe Pack

purederm hydro soothing aloe pack, by bitsandtreats

I was finally able to try this out last Saturday night. It was good timing as I was feeling hot and sticky and my face badly needed something to cool it off. As my toiletry basket is high, I just reached up and took the first mask that I got my hands on and I was fortunate enough to get this.

It goes on clear:

purederm soothing aloe face mask, bitsandtreats

One pack is enough to cover your whole face and neck. I didn’t put any on my  neck, just until my jaws.

I was surprised that it had a cooling fun. I enjoyed that very much. I was doing my sister’s nails while waiting for the 10 minutes to elapse. It was a very soothing 10 minutes indeed.

Now comes the hard part. I already fell in love with this mask the moment I slathered it on but when I rinsed it off, my face suddenly started to itch! First it was just on the side of my nose then my cheek then the other cheek. I thought that my face was just dry because it was cold so I put some moisturizer. I always apply moisturizer at night to lessen the dryness on my face because of the cold. I wasn’t planning on applying moisturizer after the mask because I wanted to observe its full effect.

After application, the itchiness subsided but there were still some occasional itchy spots. When I woke up the next morning, my jaw was itchy. So I guess I’m allergic to this product. Sayang, it was very promising pa naman!

Ignoring the itch, my face was very smooth and bright. It wasn’t oily (well, probably because it was cold). But my face felt well rested. It was a nice feeling, like I was able to relax in spite of the allergic reaction. I wasn’t red or blotchy nor did I have rashes. My face was just itchy.

I’d recommend this product if you have normal skin. Oily skinned ladies, please take caution as this is supposed to be a moisturizing face mask.

I think this retails for Php29.75 and is available at Watsons.

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  1. The first part of the post, I was all for this product, now it seems sketchy to me. :-/ But if I do try, I'll try it on my hand first just in case I'm allergic also. :)

    Thanks for the heads up on this product! :D



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