Saturday, January 1, 2011


I finally gave up on my ELF foundation. Sure, it has its benefits but I wanted more out of my foundation. I finally had the guts to shell out more than 500 bucks, one day in October, and never looked back.

maybelline angelfit foundation, by bitsandtreats

I’m glad I bought a higher priced foundation. I am now slowly experiencing and learning about the differences in makeup brands and prices. You are really paying for quality.

I was a bit apprehensive with this purchase as the SA’s in both SM and Landmark seem to not know what shade to give me. I told them I was acidic so naturally, I needed the lighter shade. The one at SM said that I should use the light beige ochre shade, which is the natural shade, so that I wouldn’t get dark. She said that if I use the lighter shade then I would get dark. This is the first time I’ve heard this. Is is really like that?  I repeated this to the Landmark SA and she agreed but after a few minutes, she asked me again what the other SA said. Then, she said that I should use what the other SA said. I was like, whatever… let’s get this over with.

maybelline angelfit compact, by bitsandtreats

On my first day of use, I immediately saw the difference. This foundation looked really nice on my skin. It also didn’t give me any breakouts and doesn’t have a funny smell like the other Maybelline face powders.  Fast forward to present, I am now thinking twice about this particular shade. Sometimes I think I look dark but when I ask MB, he says I still look the same. But you know, you can’t really trust guys when it comes to makeup. I bought a refill of this during the sale and if it doesn’t work out then I’ll try a different brand.

I wanted the limited edition compact with the origami design but they sold out on my shade. Anyway, this one still looks pretty.

angelfit foundation, by bitsandtreats

The sponge is good but I still need to replace it every now and then so I bought a whole pack of sponges at Beauty Bar.

This foundation stays on for a good amount of time as long as you don’t get stuck in traffic or aren’t in the field for so long. You’d have to retouch when you get to the office or wherever you’re going. For me, when I get to my destination, I just use an oil blotting sheet to remove the excess oil on my nose and forehead then I’m good to go.  The leftover foundation is still good enough to last a couple of hours or so. If you really want this to last, start with a fresh, clean face then when you’re going to retouch, remove all the excess  oil on your face first then apply. This trick also makes your sponge last longer as some of the dirt is removed by the blotting sheet.

Will I repurchase? I’m still hoping that this will work out but I’m also itching to try the NARS foundation. So, we will see. What’s your favorite foundation?

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. The SA's told me the same thing and yes you can't trust guys when it comes to make-up, haha.

    Weird, pareho tayo E, sometimes I think I look dark with this foundation.

    My favorite now would be my in2it oil control foundie, I used to have a shu uemura, pero bigay lang sa akin, and of course ang ganda ng coverage, i don't even need a concealer, but too pricey. Right now I'm eyeing on the neutrogena foundation

  2. I think I want to try Shu Uemura. Siguro when I pay, I'll close my eyes and tell the cashier, please make it quick. Hahaha!

    Yung in2it kasi is always out of stock (for my shade). Thanks for the Shu tip Kitten!

  3. haha, same here, ako I'll save for it. I think it's 2,500 or baka mas mataas na now. Still, I won't be using it everyday naman.



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