Thursday, January 13, 2011


These are my latest Avon trinkets:

avon trinkets, by bitsandtreats

I just love Avon jewelry to bits! They’re so affordable and I can wear them everyday without worrying if they will tarnish or fade.

And just because I love bags:

avon tokyo allure bag, by bitsandtreats
Avon Tokyo Allure Bag

I was totally smitten with this beautiful coral shade. I was also secretly hoping that this will fit Madison. Well, it does! So I’m very happy with my Avon hauls this month.

Before I end, let me just warn you of another Avon bag. I forgot what it’s called but it’s the gold bag with the gold rhinestones in front. I bought one for my mom. She used it for the first time last Sunday. While she was transferring her things, she noticed that the faux leather was already chipping off! There were 2-3 balding spots already. She asked me if I can have them replaced. I told her I doubt it. Yesterday my friend went to Avon to inquire and they said that they will not replace it. Boo!

I felt really bad about it. I’m hoping that my sister will not have any problems with her Tokyo Allure wallet (also from me). I’ll just make it up to mom when the new Avon brochure comes.


  1. you know after all these good reviews about AVON accessories, I'm thinking of buying myself na.

  2. Go, buy na! The silver set is for my mom sana but I tried it on and I didn't want to let go!! Ssshhh!

  3. Yeah, i'm thinking of buying na, pag dumating ulit manicurista namin, she's an AVON lady.



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