Friday, January 28, 2011

Partying the Night Away

Meet M. She’s a reader/follower of this blog and she’s a very good friend of mine. I invited her to the Clinique Mini Makeover Workshop. She came wearing this maxi blouse/mini dress that I really like and she looked like she was going on a date. Well, she wasn’t but she was meeting a girlfriend later on. Malou, her beauty consultant asked if she wanted a natural or a party look. M and I both agreed – Party!!! You only get a few makeover’s in your life so why not glam it up, right?

M's before face, by bitsandtreats

Before that, she was given a skin assessment.

m's skin assessment, by bitsandtreats

She’s lucky.  She only has a few complaints.

Her skin type is:

m's skin type, by bitsandtreats

Her face was prepped using the toner and moisturizer from the 3-Step System.

m's face prepping, by bitsandtreats

malou and m, by bitsandtreats

Like with the other girls, Malou also taught M some tips on how to care for her skin and how to apply makeup.

One of the things she taught was putting loose powder on your hand then rubbing it with the other to warm it up. Then you press your hand again on your palm and pat the same hand on your face to apply the powder. This results to a smoother finish. The powder also adheres to your skin better.

malou demonstrating the loose powder technique, by bitsandtreats

Another technique (that I’ve also learned from Estee Lauder before) was mixing concealer and black eye liner to make a great base for smoky eyes or if you just want your eyeshadow to be bolder and more vibrant.

Here’s the final look:

m's after face with malou, by bitsandtreats 

Isn’t she stunning?
m's final look, by bitsandtreats
Ready to party the night away!

Stay tuned for her EOTD!


  1. I agree, PARRTEEEY!

    Inggit ako, mukhang maganda nga talaga yung consultation. Imma try that eyeliner and concealer trick next time.

  2. Next time sama ka naman please?



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