Monday, January 17, 2011

Minty Nails

So I had a hand/foot spa at Nail Tropics Greenbelt 2 Saturdays ago. It was wonderful to say the least. I also had an extended back massage as my scolio is acting up pretty bad these days. There are only 3 people there that I trust – Rosel, Melai and Carol. These ladies are wonderful. They are very professional, polite and nice. Sometimes funny even. It’s nice to chat with them while I’m having a treatment. I’ve been observing the others and I’m convinced that I have the best 3. One time, one of my best friends and I got a pedi. The nail artisan that she got was very lousy. She was on fast forward mode. Both M and I thought that she did a bad job. Sure she did the job but not at the level and quality that we were hoping to get. This nail artisan even got annoyed that my friend fell asleep for a while. That’s supposed to be the whole point! She needed to relax and nap a little. She woke up when the treatment was done but she still couldn’t leave as the polish was still wet and my pedi was not done yet. So why was the artisan making faces? Haayy..

I’ve been meaning to share this nail polish color but I just keep forgetting to take a photo. I was only able to remember when I saw that the  nail polish was already chipping off!

notd minty nails, by bitsandtreats
Apologies for the not so perfect nails

I soooo love this color! It makes me feel relaxed and when my eyes are tired, I just stare at my nails. They say that looking at blues and greens helps tired eyes relax.

the face shop nail polish in mint, by bitsandtreats

Here’s the exact shade:

tfs nail polish in gr503, by bitsandtreats

I love TFS polish! They’re affordable and they last for years!

*Manicure courtesy of Melai from Nail Tropics GB


  1. Great color!! I will definitely consider buying that! I have a ton of doubles in my nail polish collection and I'm thinking of having a blog sale of the TFS nail polishes that I have duplicates of. :))



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