Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauty Report: Clinique Mini Makeover Workshop

So, today was a blast! The girls in our family had a lunch date then we went for mani-pedis at Nail Tropics. As always, my choice nail artisans did a wonderful job. My cousin C had a bad experience though. Her nail artisan cut off a piece of her skin on her right ring finger. The nail artisan said that the nipper was too sharp. Duh?? That it was newly sharpened. So why wasn’t she more careful? What the…. My cousin’s finger kept bleeding. She was already a bit dizzy because of the blood. Yes, the wound was that big! We both hate the sight of blood.  Anyway, they made up for it by giving her a GC but still.

After that, we headed for some drinks at Starbucks to kill some time before the main event of the day – Clinique’s Mini Makeover Workshop!

This report will be divided into 5 posts as it’s going to be very long. I will discuss different age groups and different looks  in each post. For this report, we will start with yours truly.

I’m turning 29 in a month. My skin type is 2 which is combination skin. I have a bit of oil on my T-Zone and my cheeks are dry. Baby is my beauty consultant at Clinique and she recommended the 3-Step System. I’ve been using this system since Wednesday night and it has done miracles on my face. I will post a different review on that.

The products that she used on me are the makeup remover, then the clarifying lotion followed by the moisturizing lotion. After these have been absorbed by my skin, she also applied a brightening lotion on the spots on my face caused by pimples. She also applied an eye cream (separate review soon). After that, she proceeded to apply makeup.

cleansing my face, by bitsandtreats

The liquid foundation was applied first. Now what I like with Baby’s technique is that she teaches you how to apply the different products and then she will ask you to do it yourself. For example, she taught me how to apply foundation properly. She did half my face then gave me the brush so that she can check if I learned something.

applying foundation, by bitsandtreats

Next, she applied concealer on my eye area. This also served as an eyeshadow base. She then applied a strawberry/golden hue on my lids and a brown eyeshadow on the crease. Oh, before I forget, she also touched up my brows.

applying eyeshadow, by bitsandtreats

Next came the brown liquid liner.

baby applying liquid liner, by bitsandtreats

Then lining my waterline using a pencil liner.

baby applying eye liner, by bitsandtreats

My eyes are super sensitive that’s why she had to stop applying eye liner on my waterline every now and then. They were tearing up and becoming red really fast!

After that, she concealed some more spots and swept off the fallouts. When doing makeup, we do our eyes first so that we can remove the eyeshadow fallouts before applying blush and lipstick.

She applied some blush and a moisturizing product on my lips as my lips were all chappy because of the cold! I forgot to ask the name of the product but it really works. That was just a few hours ago but my lips are already soft. A lipstick was layered on.

Here’s the final look:

my after face, by bitsandtreats

This look is perfect for date weekends. It’s not too loud nor dark, the colors are sweet and they give the face (especially the eyes) an extra oomph.

Here’s my favorite Beauty Expert from Clinique:

me and baby, by bitsandtreats
Moi and Baby

dindi and me, by bitsandtreats
With Dindi

me and my girls, by bitsandtreats
My girls

gift pack from clinique, by bitsandtreats

Thank you Clinique for the Mini Makeover and the Gift Pack! Each participant got to take home some lovely goodies from Clinique! The gift pack included the clarifying lotion and moisturizer from the 3-Step System, of course according to each girl's skin type, and a mascara.

And to end this post, here are my superstar girls from Clinique:

baby and dindi, by bitsandtreats

Stay tuned for an evening/night out in the town with the girls (or with the boy) look!

*I was not paid for any of the above and the succeeding posts about Clinique.


  1. Wow! That sounded like a fun event! :)

  2. I LOVE ET!! I Agree, perfect for date with the BF, you look more stunning.

  3. Had a blast. The consultants knew what they were doing. Learned a thing or two from them as well :)

    Clinique's products are quite a find. With their demonstration, I can actually say for myself that they indeed work. Though their products aren't that affordable to everyone, they serve their purpose. You just use a pea-size so the products are good for a number of months. It's a good investment :)

    BTW, thanks cuz for dragging me to this makeover session :) Loved every second of it.

    PS. I love your final look :))

  4. @Michelle: Yes, we had a lot of fun! A lot of girls were able to get a makeover and a lot of clients purchased the 3-Step system.

    @Kitten: Thank youuuu!

  5. @Ruth: It was my pleasure! I'm dragging you to more events in the future!

    I'm happy that you were able to learn some things and you were able to appreciate their products.

    Watch out for my feature on you!

  6. @lady e ako din hehehe.. ^_^ love your blog ^_^

  7. @rhaindropz: thanks rhain! please watch out for my birthday giveaway!



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