Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ME Time

With all the things that I have do - balancing work, family, learning, creating, etc. I find ‘ME Time’ very essential to keep me sane. ME Time usually happens in the afternoon when I get home from shopping, appointments or working. It’s the two-hour window before MB and the rest of the family gets home. In these two hours, I am completely in my element, enjoying every blissful minute of doing everything and nothing.

What do I usually do?

assorted magazines, by bitsandtreats

1.Catch up on my reading, whether it be books or magazines but I usually reserve the books for before going to bed. I like reading magazines when I’m alone. I am able to digest information better. It also helps that I am not distracted by MB checking out the magazine  the same time I’m reading them. Hmmm… MB likes flipping through my magazines and asking me questions about the models, products and articles. He also asks what things I like in them then tells me that he’s going to buy them for me. So being alone is the perfect time to gawk at the latest in fashion and beauty, at the same time, learning a few tricks to prettify oneself.

purederm products, by bitsandtreats

2. DIY Home Treatments. There are some things that are better left unsaid…and unseen by the men in our lives. These treatments are best done when you are relaxed and not worried about anything. With everybody out, I can simply close my eyes, feel the masks working and drift off to lala land.

makeup palettes, by bitsandtreats

3. Play dress up or in this case, makeup! It’s kinda hard to really concentrate on making creative (and sometimes goofy) looks when there are people watching you color your face and then pose for the camera.

madison, by bitsandtreats

4. Bond with Madison. I haven’t formally introduced Madison to you yet. Here she is. At first glance, she looks like Coco but I can assure you that Madison is Coco 2.0. She’s also from Acer. She’s an Aspire 1825 PTZ. She’s a tablet so that means she has touch screen capability.

acer aspire 1825PTZ, by bitsandtreats

You can flip her like so but only in one direction. She’s multitouch and is great for games and browsing the internet or playing Café World in a rush. All you need to do is tap, tap, tap.

So what happened to Coco? I gave her to my mom and she’s also having fun with her (so is my sister). You can tell that I have an affinity to red laptops.

During ME Time, I browse the internet, read blogs, look at some clothes, shoes, bags and of course, makeup. I also blog a lot so you can tell that right now is ME Time. But alas, there goes the doorbell. MB is home. I look forward to the next ME Time but for now, I have to go back to reality and cook dinner.

Do you have a ME Time? What do you do? Spill!


  1. Guess you'll have more 'ME time' when MB starts doing more OT work. Glad you're enjoying your vacation hehehehe

  2. Dear Madison,

    Please be good to your dear Master. :) Your color is so captivating.

  3. @I Am Ahne: I actually have a lot of Me Time in the morning but I spend it all on sleeping! Haha!

    @Cafemobility: Sabi na magccomment ka eh!

  4. Dear Madison,


    envy kitty (haha)

    Ang daming palettes!

  5. Ang daming fan letters ni Madison!

    I'm obsessed with palettes!



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