Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buddha Kitty

I took these shots just a few minutes ago. Dana just reminds me of that Buddha with the children around it.

dana with the kids

winking dana

That white kitten always runs to me whenever he sees me or wakes up whenever he hears my voice.

kitty buddha

At first they were game to pose.

bored kitties

But alas, no matter how curious they are, they get bored pretty fast.

How’s your Wednesday coming along?


  1. just got better after seeing your kitties. :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww, I WANT! they sure are so cute

  3. @salmoncat: feeling a little bit under the weather?

    @Kitten: i know! parang gusto ko nga silang panggigilan pag nakikita ko sila! i just have to stop myself kasi baka mapisa.

  4. @salmoncat: hope you are well

    haha! pareho tayo, kulang na lang mapisa mga boys ko sa sobrang gigil! ang daming kitties

  5. just a stiff neck. yung cat ko kasi, wants half the bed. (yeah, blame the kitty)

  6. eh buti nga ung bed ang gusto. ung mga babies ko dinadaganan pa ko!



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