Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something great: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

After the disappointment that is Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara, let’s talk about something that is definitely a great buy:

maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner, by bitsandtreats
Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Brown

This is my first gel eyeliner and I'm very glad that it didn’t disappoint. I’ve read good reviews about this product but it was a bit pricey for me so I waited for it to go on sale. The original price is Php449 but I only got it for Php314.30. I got the brown one because both Landmark and SM ran out of black.

It comes with a brush.

maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner set, by bitsandtreats

At first, I thought the brush is going to be blah but I was really surprised that it was soft (non-scratchy) and was perfect for lining the eyes. Here’s another shot:

maybelline eyestudio gel eyeliner brush, by bitsandtreats

The gel is very fine. It glides on smoothly on my lids. It didn’t give me any allergies and it lasted the whole day. It says on the box that it’s smudge and water proof and is long lasting. Check for all three but I find that the line I draw on my inner lid to almost the center of my eye disappears in the afternoon. Maybe because I draw the line too thin? I don’t retouch anymore as a) I find no need to and b) I’m too lazy to bring the set along with me. It also promises not to crease. True, true. And, it promises to dry quickly after application. This was what won me over. Liquid eyeliner is such a bother for me to apply as I have to close my eyes and wait in front of the fan for the eyeliner to dry. Sometimes, pencils also smudge and I have to use a brush to fix it but this eyeliner, made me a believer.

It also says on the box that it resists sweat, tears and water. Yes, yes, yes! When I get home, I usually splash water on my face and wipe it off with a facial tissue. My eyeshadow comes off but this one stays put as long as you don’t rub it.

Here is an EOTD using this gel eyeliner:

EOTD using maybelline gel eyeliner in brown, by bitsandtreats

maybelline gel eyeliner in brown swatch, by bitsandtreats

maybelline brown gel eyeliner EOTD, by bitsandtreats

maybelline gel eyeliner and nichido stardust EOTD, by bitsandtreats

I keep putting off buying the black one because I reason to myself that I still have the black Ever Bilena pencil and the Fashion 21 liquid liner but the pencil smudges like crazy so I think I’ll purchase the black gel eyeliner this weekend.


  1. It does look promising, sayang, yan na lang sana binili ko instead of the felt tip, it smudges crazy.

    I hope may black when I buy one. LOVE yer EOTD

  2. Go get the black liner! You know you want to. :P LOL! Mine's almost empty. It's really a good buy.

    By the way E, I am having a giveaway. Please join if you are interested. Thanks! :)

  3. @Kitten: I hope for you and me both. Thanks!

    @Sugar sugar:Yes, I want to!!!!

  4. i debated between getting this or ELF's... i ended up getting ELF's. i bought too many lipsticks last december from Maybelline anyway :P

  5. @Geli: I've read good reviews about the ELF gel liner. I'm going to buy that next time.

  6. Hi! Thanks for the review. I linked this post in my blog here:



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