Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let’s Talk Whitening

I’m not a huge fan of whitening products but I use them occasionally especially if a product has good reviews. One such product is the Belo Whitening Soap.

watsons haul 2, by bitsandtreats

There are two variants. I chose the blue one because it says nourishing on the label. I have dry skin and I need moisture and nourishment.

This soap is effective. After about a couple of weeks of usage (once, every night), I noticed that my thighs were whiter. I don’t know why it’s my thighs that I’ve noticed but they did whiten. Kitten also said that I look whiter in one of my photos. I’m not using any whitening lotions so I guess the soap really is effective. But it didn’t cure my dryness so the moisture is not enough. I experienced some itching on my first and second use but my skin got used to it quite fast so it dissipated.

The soap is very effective that when I told my sister about it, she bought a ton! There is a steady supply of Belo soap in our bathroom.

I stopped using the soap after I used up the bar and my color is back to original. I just need a moisturizing soap that’s why I stopped. If I need some whitening again, I’ll definitely use this.

On the other hand, there is the Nivea Sparkling White Facial Toner. If you want fast whitening, this is not the product for you. It took more than a month for me to notice any difference on my face. And even so, it wasn’t that pronounced. The blemishes are still there but they are lighter. I’m already using this with the Garnier whitening moisturizer but still with very little effect.

This toner did not give me any allergies nor rashes. But I think it makes my skin a bit dry especially if I use it on cold days. I don’t know if this has a peeling effect as my skin is always peeling. Either that or the cold.

The Belo Whitening Soap retails for around Php35 while the Nivea Sparkling White Toner costs under Php200, both bought from Watsons.


  1. I usually steer clear of whitening products 'cause I want to get a tan. But I never knew that any of these whitening products actually work! Good review! And it's nice to know that you actually USED the products to give a credible review. :)

  2. Hi Michelle! Yes, I use all the products featured in my blog before I publish a review. Sometimes it takes even months before I write about it because I want it to be as accurate as possible.

  3. I notice the almost instant sparkling whitening effect of the nivea too. i am using it.

  4. @cafemobility: I gave my bottle to MB. I think it's more hiyang to him.

  5. my HG whitening product is koji san soap and lotion.



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