Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nifty Find–NARS Sharpener

Sorry for this post. It may seem too obvious for makeup enthusiasts but when I bought the NARS Love Thrill set, I was stumped on how to sharpen the matte lip pencil so after a few days, I went back to the NARS counter and asked if they had a special sharpener for that. Here it is:

nars sharpener, by bitsandtreats

I just need to pull out that ring on the right and my matte lip pencil will fit! I haven’t tried this yet though. I get all giddy when I find cute little (useful) things from my favorite makeup brands.

What are your favorite cute finds from your favorite makeup brands?


  1. what do you use more? pencil or cream liner?

    can you recommend a good pencil liner?

  2. I try to avoid pencils now. I used Ever Bilena before. It's good but it smudges. I do not recommend EB for oily skinned ladies. Cream is better for me. I have the Urban Decay pencils with the Naked Palette. I'll try that soon and post it here.



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