Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seeing Red

red lipsticks, by bitsandtreats

maybelline colorsensational lipstick in wine, by bitsandtreats
Maybelline Colorsensational in Wine

maybelline colorsensational lipstick in brick rose, by bitsandtreats
Maybelline Colorsensational in Brick Rose

maybelline watershine pure lipstick in r22, by bitsandtreats
Maybelline Water Shine Pure in R22

avon ultra moisture lipstick in rose gold, by bitsandtreats
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich  in Rose Gold

clinique long last lipstick in berry freeze, by bitsandtreats
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze

I have no idea why red lipsticks look somewhat pink on my lips.

Wine and Brick Rose are kinda tricky to apply. I didn’t swatch them when I bought them because at that time I just wanted to buy red lipsticks, period. I sometimes layer these with other shades. I think Wine is very pretty on very fair girls.

R22 is a very pretty shade. It’s also easy to apply and it stays true to its water shine name.

I love Rose Gold because it has tiny gold specks that make my lips oh so pretty.

This is the first time I’ve swiped Berry Freeze and I was surprised that  it complements my natural lip color very well. I think I’ll be using this more often.

If you like wearing red lipstick, here are a few tips that might come in handy. This is what I do. It may or may not work for you.

Start with smooth lips. Be sure to slough off all those annoying dry skin cells as they will definitely show up when you apply red lipstick.

Apply lip balm. Allow this to set a little or you can just blot.

Apply some lip concealer or liquid foundation using your finger. Make sure that it’s an even application

Line your lips with lip liner. You can use a red or a pink shade that is close to your lipstick. I only have one lip liner from Avon and that’s what I used for all the swatches. Line your lips with feather like strokes. Fill in the lips and blend, blend, blend. You don’t want to end up with outlined lips once your lipstick fades.

Swipe some of the lipstick in the middle. Do not let the lipstick touch the edges of your lips.

Use a lip brush to fill in other areas and to clearly define your lip shape. Now you’re ready to show off your beautiful red lips!

What’s your favorite red lipstick?


  1. doesn't putting concealer on the lips makes the lip color appear lighter sa lips?

    the maybelline color scensational in wine looks much more red on you.

    As for me, the maybelline scensational soft azallea.

  2. i wonder if this is the same material used by the bank tellers? :)

  3. @cafemobility: hindi, mas red ung sa knila!

  4. @Kitten: uhm... for me the shade was more of a match to its original color. if I apply it without concealer, it's too pink. i guess it depends on your lip shade?



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