Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Failed Perfection

I had very high hopes for this mascara, what for its price and all but it turned out to be a complete disaster.

maybelline pulse perfection vibrating mascara, by bitsandtreats

I thought that since almost all the Maybelline mascaras that I’ve tried rocked, this one will surpass them all. After all, it’s the most expensive at Php699.

maybelline pulse perfection waterproof vibrating mascara, by bitsandtreats

I love the packaging. Black and gold always looks sleek and sexy in my book.  Here’s the wand:

maybelline pulse perfection vibrating mascara wand, by bitsandtreats

There’s nothing special there except for the vibrating effect. The neck is made of flimsy material. I thought it would break the first time I used it. I accidentally struck the case with the head of the wand and the neck bended a little.

You just push a button at the end of the cap to make it vibrate. It’s not a big vibration. I almost feel that the vibration is useless as the mascara still clumps up on my lashes. Those are the most clumps that I’ve ever experienced with a mascara. Even the ELF mascara didn’t clump like that. This is the reason why I didn’t take a photo. Even after blotting with a tissue, there were still some visible clumps.

I also don’t know how long the battery will last. I only used this twice. Why? Because my lashes started falling off! Since Kitten complimented me on my long lashes, I’ve been giving them extra care. I didn’t bother with my lashes before but when Kitten pointed that out, I became very conscious of them, applying mascara and eye products with extra care to maintain them.  On my first use, one lash fell. I don’t know if it’s the vibrating effect or the product itself is too strong for my sensitive eyes/skin/(possibly lashes). I shrugged it off thinking that it’s nothing. Throughout the day, I’ve experienced some itching and more falling lashes. When I finally removed it in the afternoon, about 2 more lashes fell. It took some effort to remove the mascara so I thought that I just pulled my lashes. I also thought that my constant rubbing did it.

On my second day, 2 lashes immediately fell about a couple of minutes after application. That’s when I got concerned. This time, I observed what will happen. My eyes became itchy because the lashes at the edge keep poking them. Sometimes there’s this feeling that there’s something in my eye but when I check, it’s all clear. In the afternoon, I was extra careful in removing my eye makeup but darn it! More lashes fell! So that was it. I gave the tube to my mom this morning, telling her of my experience and hoping that the mascara works out nicely for her.

Good thing I bought it on sale otherwise I would really be heartbroken. So, the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara was a big failure for me. Have you tried this mascara yet?


  1. errmmm... >o<" that's scary e. it's a good thing you decided to stop using the mascara. will definitely be staying away from it. :/ scurrryyyyy #___#

  2. that's one weird effect for a mascara, thanks for the review.

  3. @Kitten: Maybe the formula is just really strong. Haay... Sayang.



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