Friday, November 2, 2012

What’s in my pouch–November 2012

I am bogged down with work and blogging seems to be a refreshing break. Just looking at my makeup collection makes me feel relaxed. My project seems to be working as I am almost hitting pan on some of the cosmetics that I grouped last October so I am continuing that project. We will be moving out in a few weeks and I really need to purge a lot of my cosmetics, clothes and accessories as we will be moving to a shoebox house. Anyway, here’s what’s inside my pouch for this month.

avon makeup pouch, bitsandtreats

This is an Avon pouch that I got as a GWP. This is the first time that I will be using it. I can’t use this as a purse because it’s too tiny. It doesn’t fit half my room. I like bringing big bags and big purses.

november 2012 makeup in pouch, bitsandtreats

The regulars are my Paul and Joe compact, Aranaz mirror, Kleenex Oil Blotting Film, ELF concealer, Carmex lip balm. The new items are Benefit Bella Bamba, Clinique Happy lip gloss and perfume duo, Avon lipstick in M200, Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls Tropical Pink, Revlon Cupcake and Too Faced Luster Liner.

Next up is my Vanity Cosmetics November 2012 set.

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