Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gifts Galore!

I’d like to share with you MB’s gifts. They’re not necessarily birthday gifts as he still owes me a few occasions. It’s not that he forgets or anything. It’s just that, I couldn’t decide what I want so what he does is he leaves some money for me and when I see something I like for him to give me, I just get some then show them to him when he gets home. I know it’s a kinda weird system but MB isn’t necessarily great with gifts. This works perfectly fine with me.

Jostein Gaarder is one of my favorite authors. These are the only two books that I’m missing in my collection. Well, books that have been released here anyway.

maya and the solitaire mystery, by bitsandtreats

MB bought these last Sunday at 20% off as Powerbooks was on sale.

bobbi brown makeup manual, by bitsandtreats

He also got me this book from Fully Booked. I absolutely need to read faster!

Today at the bazaar, I found these pretty rings and decided that they will be added to MB’s gifts:
pretty rings, by bitsandtreats

These earrings are also gifts:
pretty earrings, by bitsandtreats

Finally, I’d like to thank Ms. Baby, Ms. Malou and Ms. Dindin for these fab birthday gifts:

clinique gifts, by btisandtreats

How about you? Does your guy surprise you with gifts? Do you give him a wish list? Or are you like me?


  1. great gifts E! =) the accessories are so cute! i also want to get the bobby brown makeup manual.

  2. I love love looooveee those earrings, is that the bazaar at ateneo?

    Im jealous you have time to read books, I'll try to find time.

    I think if MB is okay with that set up, then you're one lucky girl, you get to choose your own gift pa.

    Occasions like birthdays are important, dapat laging may gift, so far It's me whose been asking him.

  3. my bf usually asked me what i like but i kept him guessing..haha nice birthday gifts..(",)

  4. This is really it...you got your Bobbi Brown book and I know it won't take long before you surpass her 'talents'...

  5. @Sugar: di mo na kailangan no! super galing mo na kayang mag makeup!

    @Kitten: ikaw ba naman ang magbazaar na puro purita ang customer hindi ka magkakaron ng time magbasa?

    Si MB nga ang nagsuggest nun!

    @Camgaga: thanks! i can't make MB guess otherwise I'll end up with something i don't like!

  6. Kate, yes, the earrings and rings are from ateneo

  7. aba, nagsusulat na pala si bobbi brown? or was it written by a pool of writers commissioned by bobbi brown. i have bobbi brown creamy con kit.

  8. @Ahne: I know, right? MB insisted that I buy that kasi mas marami pa raw siyang alam kay da who! hahaha!

    @JOhn: taray mo! kami nga ni kitten walang bobbi brown!

  9. ibang level talaga si john! amen! haha~

  10. oh! solitaire mystery by Jostein gaarder! I've been looking for that book! :)



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