Monday, March 7, 2011

Makeup for the Teenager

If you’re a long-time follower of this blog, you’d know that I did my cousin C’s prom makeup last year. It wasn’t any different this year.

cat pa rin, by bitsandtreats

cat face, by bitsandtreats

cahty's prom eyes

prom eyes

Last year, I decided on a whimsical fairy theme that’s why she had blue, green pink and purple in her eyes. This year, now that she’s a bit older, I concentrated on the pinks and browns that will complement her dress. I did more mature makeup on her but still keeping with the sweet pinks associated with teenagers.
I used the Naked Palette for this look.
1. Pat SIN all over the lid.
2. On the crease, I applied HUSTLE
3.On the outer v, I applied TOASTED
4. Next, I put SIDECAR on the center of each lid. Just light feathery strokes from the bottom, to the right and up will do.
5. For the highlight, I used VIRGIN
6. Finally, I lightly patted HALF BAKED all over her lids (not including crease) for the golden shimmery effect. This last step was perfect. It made all the colors shine.
C was also with me during the Clinique Mini Makeover Workshop.


Ms. Dindin was her consultant and MUA of the day.


With the Clinique ladies, there always has to be a wacky pose!

Cat na pang fhm kuno

And of course, Dindin taught C this pose.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t like makeup. I only had face powder and lip balm and I was happy with that. I was a late bloomer when it comes to makeup. It was only when I first started this blog that I became serious in studying, collecting and writing about it.
I like kids to be kids. I like to see them wear appropriate clothes. I cringe whenever I see a 5-year old kid wearing boots and halter/backless tops. What ever happened to sailor dresses and maryjanes and fairy/princess outfits? The same goes for teenagers. I don’t like seeing teenagers (high schoolers) in their school uniform wearing too much gunk on their faces. I think that a face powder, a subtle blush and tinted lip balm is enough for everyday use for a high school student. C is starting to develop a love for makeup so I guess she will be exploring this world more when she goes to college this June.
What about you, what is your take on makeup for teenagers?


  1. You did a good job with her makeup E! =)

    I think there are people who can pull off wearing makeup and those who can't. ;)

  2. Thanks sugar! Come to think about it, yes, you are absolutely right!

  3. naked palette~ DROOL~

    Oi, make apan mo naman ako ng eyeshadow sa wedding na aattendan ko. hehehe. Ang galing galing, when I do my own, di kita ang difference ng colors.

  4. @Kitten: Teka lang ha.... HYPERVENTILATING. *paypay, paypay* i would be honored! kelangan magpractice na tayo! anong palette mo ang gagamitin natin? bibii na ba ko ng train case? kukuha na ba ko ng stocks sa hyphen at magkukunwaring MUA? meron an kong bagong misyon...

  5. oo naman, bibili muna ako sa payday ng eye primer sa etude siguro. Mag practice ka na, hehe. I'm thinking of either pink. Work clothes lang naman suot ko hindi dress. I'll bring all my palettes and eyeshadows, NAKS! haha. Oi, serious ako ha? hehehe.

    After nun, picturan mo para ma blog. San tayo though? 2pm ang wedding so dapat maaga. hehehehe.

  6. anywhere but in my house. soo kalat my house. hahahah! and so amoy pusa! teka lang ha? kelan ang wedding? at bakit work clothes ka lang?

  7. I love the liner and how natural yet pretty it looks! :)



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