Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hi Ladies! I'm still here but I've been sick since last Sunday and I'm being monitored for dengue. I really pray I don't have dengue. I'll try and post some stuff when I feel a bit better. I've been keeping up with your blogs so keep 'em coming please as they keep me company.


  1. I hope you'll be well soon! Pray a lot dear, i know you'll get better!

    take care,

  2. Awwww, no wonder why. Hope you'll get well and hope it's not dengue, take care.

  3. i read that you're battling an autoimmune disease. what type? i wish you well!

  4. @kitten - thanks Kitten. I sure hope to be back in no time!

    @meedge - it's called polymyositis. it's quite debilitating. most people who have this lose the use of their arms and legs after some time. they also have difficulty breathing, swallowing, etc. Some people who have this abroad, advised me through their blogs, to buy an electric toothbrush and forego brushing my hair as these will be impossible to do eventually. Of course, I ignored them. = ) I do have an electric toothbrush though as it helps with my sensitive gums and I have curly hair so I only need to comb it when it's wet. thank you so much for your concern meedge!



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